18 June 2021
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Information about the training by Kirill Doronin. Questions and answers
Information about the training by Kirill Doronin. Questions and answers
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Anastasia: How many people are watching us at the moment? Two? 200? Very good. This is a large audience. Let me know if you can hear and see me well, please. If everything is cool, then we will begin our explanation about the event that will take place on March 23 at Crocus City Hall in Moscow. Let me first tell you what it will be. We are speaking about the business training of Kirill Doronin called “Business development through the development of your potential”. Our program will consist of two blocks: the first one will last two hours, then there will be a lunch break, and the second block will run for another three hours. Therefore, you will have to be ready for continuous work and arm yourself with patience and strength. Those who have already attended such events know that Kirill focuses precisely on skills development so that you get the base for further growth. Those who have already bought tickets have already seen our schedule. We kindly ask you not to come earlier, because we simply will not be able to open the doors for you as we will be busy with preparations. From 8 to 10 am there will be snacks and drinks, a photo zone, and a large space for networking. The first block will run until one o’clock, and then there will be lunch provided by the organizers. Then we will have the second block: feedback and answers to questions. Now, let’s see how to purchase tickets for this event. There are two ways to obtain tickets. I’ll tell you about the Promo category at the end of the presentation.

The first way is to follow the TIMEPAD link. I think you are already familiar with it. You will need to select the ticket type and enter the data without errors. Otherwise, some problems may occur later, and it will take time to resolve them. It is better to take a minute and check everything twice. Then, you will have to choose a payment method and pay. You will receive a confirmation. If you do not get it, you will have to contact them, not us.

The next option is to purchase a ticket on our website. To do this, you should go to the “Tickets” section. You can see it below. Here you will see information about the training straight away. Next, we see the information that is available and buy. We will contact you within 1-2 days to send you all the details.

Now, I will tell you a little about the entrances through which we will be letting the guests in. In the diagram, you can see that there is an entrance number 13. If you arrive by car, you can leave it in the parking lot in front of this entrance and go through it. You will find the navigation inside. If you come by subway, it is better to enter through entrance number 12. Each participant who has registered in either way will receive an e-ticket. The same applies to the Promo category. So, about the Promo category. Those are the participants who have performed a certain amount of sales in a certain period and won a ticket. You do not have to buy anything because you have been registered with the Promo Department. You will receive a ticket to your email. Just in case, I will show you the contacts of the Promo department in the end. You will need to print out your ticket to attach the barcode to the equipment. If you are the winner of the Promo but have not seen the information, then you can contact us. I think that’s all with the presentation. I would like to answer your questions now. What is there? I can’t see them. You can write your questions in the chat while I am setting everything up. Ask questions specifically about the event, please.

For those who are buying through TIMEPAD, as I have said, there will be a unified database of barcodes. You will receive an email.

Question 1: What will there be at the training?

Anastasia: There will be two blocks from Kirill at the training: the first one – about business, and the second one – about speech strategies. There will partly be what he gives during his Clubs, but you will

have the opportunity to get it by spending fewer resources. And you will also understand for yourself whether you need to attend Clubs later or not. Kirill has also held a live stream on Instagram, during which he has told about what will be at the training. Take a look if you want.

Question 2: At what time will the event be over?

Anastasia: If you have already participated in our events, then you probably know that we have a floating timing. Thus, we are planning to finish at 19:30, but it may also happen so that the conversation with Kirill will last longer than expected or there will be some interesting discussion. Therefore, I would count on 19:30-20:00.

Question 3: I have bought a ticket for $650. How is it different from the ticket for $460?

Anastasia: As I understand, you are talking about the price of the Standard ticket for $460. Firstly, the Business ticket for $650 includes a small souvenir gift, and secondly – the seats. If the Standard ticket offers seats further from the stage, with the Business ticket you can sit closer. You will have a very convenient location.

Question 4: My email address has changed.

Anastasia: If your email has changed but you have indicated a different one when purchasing a ticket, you can contact our support team. This was the last slide. If the email has changed, and you are the winner of the Promo, then you can write to the Promo email. Scroll and see everything.

Question 5: How often Club 100s are held?

Anastasia: This is not Club 100. Kirill has no special Club schedules. I think that if it is really important for you to participate in it, then it is better to follow the news. If something occurs, you will be able to buy a ticket.

Question 6: Will there be a barcode control at the entrance?

Anastasia: Yes, exactly. No passports, no names. A badge is only issued by the barcode. The registration time is from 8 to 10. From 11 to 13 there will be the first block. Time may vary.

Question 7: You have scheduled about 6 hours. Where are the other 4?

Anastasia: Look, we have an event for 5,000 people. That is, all these people should gather in the hall, then gather for lunch. We distribute these 4 hours between two hours of registration, and then two hours of lunch.

Question 8: The seat is not indicated on the ticket.

Anastasia: You will have a ticket in your package with products. You will be able to use it. We are checking all the data now. The codes will be sent within 3 days. We are currently collecting data to avoid mistakes.

I think everyone has already understood that I am the organizer. I haven’t introduced myself, sorry. My name is Anastasia. Nice to meet you. It is better to send your questions about the platform to technical support.

Question 9: Is everything fair?

Anastasia: Yes, everything I say is absolutely honest.
Question 10: Is it possible not to print out the ticket?
Anastasia: You don’t have to print it out, but it is easier to scan the code on paper.

So, I’ll tell you about food. There are shopping centers nearby, but we, as organizers, provide you with a welcome and lunch. If the information available on the Internet is enough for you, then you may not attend such events. But some people are ready to learn something new, make new contacts, and meet Kirill.

Question 11: How much will lunch cost?

Anastasia: Lunch will be free. It is included in your ticket.

Anastasia: So, let’s spend another two minutes on questions. If you have problems contacting the Promo department, you can rewind the video and check the contacts which were indicated on the screen. There are many instructions. I think that’s all. We are looking forward to seeing you at our event on the 23rd of March. Goodbye.

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