18 June 2021
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Index CTI. How to purchase and tips for beginners
Index CTI. How to purchase and tips for beginners
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Nikita: Hello, everyone. In this video, we will focus on Index CTI. We will introduce a person whose partnership with Finiko started with this Index. And now, she is the head of one of the offices in Moscow. Elvira, hello.

Elvira: Hello.
Nikita: You found out about Finiko a little over a year ago. How did it start?

Elvira: My friend told me that there was a company that allowed partners to receive passive income based on the amount invested. It was interesting and new to me. I wanted to learn about everything in more detail. I went to a conference in St. Petersburg and got to know the company and Kirill Doronin. This is how my acquaintance happened.

Nikita: So, you went and watched. And when did it happen so that you entered?
Elvira: In July 2020. I decided to become a partner of the company and bought Indexes. Nikita: Did you start with one Index?
Elvira: Yes, with one.
Nikita: What is currently needed to buy it?

Elvira: Register on the platform, of course. Then purchase CFR – this is the internal currency of Finiko. Any country has a currency. In the same way, you have to buy their currency in Finiko in order to use the products. You need to deposit bitcoins to purchase CFR.

Nikita: How much does one CFR cost?

Elvira: $1. It seems to be difficult. But usually, the partner who has invited you can help. But in general, it is very easy to figure everything out yourself.

Nikita: What’s next?

Elvira: When the Indexes are acquired, the company takes three days to place them on the exchanges. On the 4th business day, payments in the form of 1% appear in the account.

Nikita: I think now not everyone can afford to buy Indexes because the amount is quite large. What should a person who wants to buy them begin with?

Elvira: Use the Product program where you double your amount in 4 months. Thus, you can increase the amount.

Nikita: If you advise those who are just starting to study the information, would you say that the easiest way is to find a partner who would help them?

Elvira: Yes, of course. They will always help. And then, a person can figure it out without any problems. Nikita: In your office also anyone can come and get assistance, right?

Elvira: Yes, of course. I personally work with partners and new people. I speak very simply and in plain language.

Nikita: What did people say when you just entered Finiko?
Elvira: Is that possible? It was easier for me just to demonstrate the results. They trust and invest too.

Nikita: Elvira, as you are an experienced person, I would also like to hear some wishes and advice for those who are just starting their journey.

Elvira: I would recommend studying the company and listening to those who have been there for a long time. Listen to yourself and trust only what is true for you.

Nikita: Thank you very much. It was a very pleasant conversation. Hope we have answered all your questions. We did our best. Thank you for being with us. Subscribe to our channel and see you soon.

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