24 July 2021
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Index CTI $3,000
Index CTI $3,000
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Good afternoon, everyone! Today we will discuss two topics in one broadcast. The first is the promo, the second is the Index. The minimum entry to the index will be $3,000 from July 15th. You will have to buy three Indexes in bulk. One index will still cost 1,000 CFR, but the minimum purchase will be 3,000 CFR. The minimum withdrawal will be 300 CFR. Some people are wondering what if they have already bought only one Index. Then everything continues to work for you according to our old conditions. For your 1,000 CFR, that is, for one index, the profit will continue to come to your wallet. If I have 2-3-4 indexes there, then everything works exactly the same as before.

How many indexes can I reinvest?
The step will be 3,000 CFR. If earlier it was 1,000, now it is 3,000. When will there be an increase of $5,000-10,000?

We have it in plans, but there are no deadlines so far. Kirill Doronin has his own vision on this matter, and I am simply implementing it, based on his strategy. I can’t say anything about the timing. As soon as we decided on the dates of raising the indexes to 3,000, we notified you a month prior.

How will the marketing plan change?

The plan will not change. You must have at least 1,000 CFR, i.e. if a new person starts building a team, then at least 1,000 CFR is required as well.

I have already bought one index. After the 15th, I won’t be able to buy one index. Will I have to purchase three?

Yes, that’s right. If you currently have one index, then after the 15th the minimum purchase will be 3,000 CFR.

If I am a partner of the company and want to buy an index, will I have to take 3,000 already? The minimum purchase will be 3 indexes.
And if I have 2,000 CFR, will it be possible to make an additional payment to reach 3,000?

No, you already have two Indexes. If this money was on your free balance, then there would be no problems. You would be able to add 1,000 and buy three Indexes. And since you have already bought two Indexes, you need to add three more, if you want of course.

Will one CTI be available until the 15th? Yes, that is correct.
Will it be possible to buy for 4,000?

No, because the step will be three thousand. It will be possible to purchase for 3,000, 6,000, 9,000, and so on.

When does the 3,000 CFR entry begin?

From 15 July.

And if I have one Index, will withdrawal also be 100 CFR or 300?

Very good question but I have no answer. I’ll give you the answer today or tomorrow. If you purchased before July 15, then we will make a withdrawal of 100 CFR.

Let’s talk about the promo for July. It will be valid from the 1st till the 31st of July. If you make personal sales for 10,000 CFR, then you can get AirPods Pro as a gift. If your turnover will be 30,000 CFR, then you can get an iPhone 11 for 128GB. If you will have made 50,000, then you will be able to get a MacBook Pro 13. If your sales will be for 150,000 CFR, then we have decided to make something like a gift of emotions. We have decided to renew the tradition of traveling with the company. Before it was Turkey, Thailand, but since the borders are now closed, we will arrange internal tourism. You can get a trip to Altai for 3 days. But most likely it will be 5 days. On the first day, you will arrive, check-in, and rest. The first day is the program, the second day is the program, and the third day. And on the fifth day, you will check out and fly back home. Thus, you will be able to relax for three whole days, plus the day of arrival and day of departure. It will be a trip with the company. We have a partner who says that in Altai he can organize ATV tours, river rafting, and we decided to try to collaborate. So, for 150,000 CFR of personal sales, you can get a trip to Altai. For making personal sales for 300,000 CFR, you will receive a Rolex gift certificate for $15,000. Well, the next is what I enjoy myself: for 500,000 CFR sales in the first line, the company will make an initial deposit for the Porsche Macan. So, the mechanics are the following – you make sales for 500,000 CFR in the first line, and the company deposits 28,000 CFR to your personal account. And after 120 days, you pick up the car from the company. That is about $65,000. What products are eligible for the promo? The first is the CTI index, i.e. all calculations for the CTI index are taken into account. The second is all ZKZ programs, namely “Pay off a loan for 35%”, “Buy a car for 35%”, and “Buy an apartment for 35%”. Finiko Life and Finiko Product are also included.

Now let’s move on to the questions.
When will the withdrawal “who is better” appear?

Approximately in 1.5 weeks. My focus has slightly shifted to collaboration with other companies. We will soon have a joint TOTHEMOON token and another one, but I can’t tell you about it yet.

Kirill Doronin warned back in January that Index is an investment product for which he wants to set a price of $100,000. This was the original plan.

When will there be detailed info on cards and cashback?

We will have our cards ready in mid-August, and I will conduct a live broadcast about the Cashback service next Monday. I will show you how the company’s cashback service works.

Can I open an account for a 14-years-old child?

You can, but without verification, because the company’s products can be used from the age of 18.

How will CTI interest be accrued when it costs $3,000?

We will not have a CTI worth $3,000, we will have one CTI worth 1,000 CFR. The accrual will be exactly the same as it was.

Where do I have to upload receipts?

We will provide all guidelines next Monday.

What will be a transaction fee if I withdraw money from my crypto card using an ATM?

We will not impose any fee, but perhaps some commission might be charged by an ATM itself.

Will it be possible to transfer CFR to the crypto card without an exchanger?

Yes, it will be possible. Just select “withdrawal”, and either get bitcoins, or USD or get an amount to your crypto card.

Will promo 7 be held? Yes, it is valid this month. Thank you very much!

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