18 June 2021
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Index CTI 2. What is it and what is the profitability of this Finiko product?
Index CTI 2. What is it and what is the profitability of this Finiko product?
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Nikita: Hello, everyone. We are going to talk about Indexes right now. Namely, the CTI2 Index. Next to me, you can see a good person who will answer all your questions if you have any. This is Dmitry. Hello.

Dmitry: Hi.

Nikita: Dmitry, tell us what the CTI 2 Index is.

Dmitry: Well, I will tell you about it based on my own understanding. I have been a Finiko client for a long time: since November 2019. When Index 2 was launched, I took it differently. It’s like a regular Index, but the income is divided by two. Many people do not understand this. Usually, when I talk about Index at meetings, I ask people to imagine that in the 80s, it was customary for employees in America to receive not only salaries, but also shares. They can be kept or sold. I see index 2 in the same way. We receive income in CFR, which is about 13-14% per month, plus we receive part of it in tokens. When Index 2 had just appeared, I bought it. Now, this share has already brought me 24% on the total deposit. I keep tokens because I want the company to grow. I spend CFR.

Nikita: The token grows, the profit grows.
Dmitry: Yes. In total, it turns out to be even bigger. Nikita: What is the token equal to?

Dmitry: The token has a clear market value. The token is worth as much as the market tells. If it is in demand, it allows you to enter with a lower commission. People who are versed in tokens see its potential. Because of that, its cost may vary. Therefore, when it first appeared, it cost $1. And now, it is already $16. It cost $26 at its peak. Since the company will have a lot of products linked to this token, the cost should also rise…

Nikita: You don’t withdraw them, but can you do it in general?
Dmitry: You can, and very easily.
Nikita: Working with the Index is completely digital. How did you learn to do it?

Dmitry: Entering Index 2 is the same as entering Index 1. We should choose the Medium Risk Model on the platform. Here, the entry price threshold is lower. Choose a convenient method of replenishment. We replenish, click buy, and after 3 business days, the token will already work. The accrual process takes place at 23:55 Moscow time. Why is it so? FNK Token is a volatile product. To summarize the day, you need to understand what the course was during the day. Marat Sabirov understands this.

Nikita: I don’t remember if we talked about the cost.
Dmitry: $1,000. I often tell people: “If you invest, then don’t be afraid. If you are afraid, do not invest”.

Nikita: Great. I think we can finish with this phrasing. I’ve received a lot of useful information. I hope, you too. Dmitry, thank you very much.

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