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Impetuous start of CBSONE token
Impetuous start of CBSONE token
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The first results of our work – we have earned money. Now the most important thing is to work together, as the product is being made for you, and together with you. We want it to be understandable for everyone who will use it on a daily basis. Therefore, the more feedback, comments and other information from users we receive, the better it will be.

Now we are receiving many feedbacks, and opinions are divided. There are those who have dug deep into the development, who understand what we are doing: for them the deadlines, speed and result are satisfied. There are also those who does not understand everything, and they can notice that there are still some bugs, shortcomings, inconsistencies, and adjustments. This is why we need feedback, because there are two approaches we can talk about.

The1st approach: to move as quickly as possible, keep up to date, to complete any product in the process; in other words, it is constantly being improved based on feedback from the users. This is why, there is always something to improve; however, this is not the most important thing. The main thing is the speed of going out to the market, the speed of the entire ecosystem deployment.

The 2nd approach: to prepare everything at first, test it on the control group; it may take some time to eliminate something, and only then publish it. In this case, initial inconsistencies may be fewer, but nevertheless, we still have to complete something, redo something, get feedback from the majority. This all can increase the implementation time by half or even three times.

This is why we are waiting feedback from you, during our dialogue.

Video about ecosystem

The modern world has become digital long time ago, but the financial spheres are not keeping pace with innovations and could not withstand the pace of changes, making a crisis. Especially banks become unreliable; they easily raise commissions and credit interest or even close down. For anyone, this is a threat to a stable life.

Our team is working on the CBS One financial ecosystem, which can bridge the gap to traditional banking sphere by modern innovative technologies. Our community knows that most of the problems of the current market can be solved by agency of smart technologies. We recommend you to take advantage of blockchain technologies within our own CBS One financial ecosystem. We make digital money available to everyone. We are creating the world’s first online crypto bank which goal is to be comfortable and accessible for everyone with no geographical restrictions. With CBS One, purchase services, storage and use of cryptocurrencies are available for you with minimal or no commission. For the safety and transparency of all transfers and transactions and the investment reliability the CBS One team has developed a technology ecosystem, including its own high-speed Stinger blockchain. CBS One ecosystem provides everyone direct access to CBS One cryptocurrency market and earn money with us. Imagine your future where you use your wallet or CBS One card, you immediately change any cryptocurrency for paying for a cup of coffee. Imagine that you receive 25% cashback to your account from a purchased cup of coffee. Imagine that the purchased and saved money start multiplying automatically, and now you know that their future has already come. Thousands of people from our community have been already using CBS One ecosystem cards and tokens. Having CBS One tokens, you can manage your finances on your own: you can store, exchange, increase funds right in your wallet. Join CBS One system. Token that pays. Earn money with us.

What have we done until June 7? The development, packaging was implemented, something was on time, something we could not do on time. My task was to release the product on time, on the 7th. We have made synchronization between Finiko offices, that is to say, the opportunity to connect the wallet where you can send vouchers for those who obtain them. Then, within 72 hours, the vouchers are transferred to the wallet and afterwards you can dispose them, that is to say, to send them to the steak. So, you have already moved from a standard economy to cryptoeconomics, where you live according to the cryptoeconomics laws.

Blockchain Stringer ecosystem structure

  1. A crypto wallet has been implemented in the ecosystem; it is already working and can be used. On this wallet you can send tokens to the nodes; nodes are deployed in our company where you can send stake and token will start working. Later, these nodes will be changed by partner nodes, that is to say, client nodes. When will the instruction appear? We will publish it this week.
  2. Exchange. This autumn we plan to go out to other exchanges, where we can freely sell tokens and exchange them for money.
  3. MasterCard cashback card. This binding has already been tested manifoldly, it will be valid in the near future.
  4. Income generation system.
  5. P2p exchanger.
  6. A liquidity provider – this is a functionality that buys out the earned new tokens from you.
  7. Marketing
  8. The marketing logic is completely written down on paper; now we just have to add it to the code that will be executed by the computer, in other words: smart contracts that will work for 5 years. Nowadays, when a customer moves from a voucher to a wallet, they start earning. Blockchain registers this, and this allows to easy calculating all partner rewards and payments at that moment when this functionality is implemented.
  9. Smart-contract, how rewards are calculated
  10. The validator signs in the block, the smart contract accrues income in form of 6 tokens for a node and 7 tokens to the validator. Then the validator and the node abstracts their commission; right now the commission is 0%. After this, the ambassador contract is valid, then tokens are added and full profitability from 6 to 10 tokens is at the output in dependence on how the person made stake: through a node, validator and ambassador of a certain level. Then the commission of the ambassador is abstracted and the user has his income from 6 to 10.
  11. An inserting with tickets for an event for 25,000 people will appear in the personal account of every user that will be held on July 6-7, 2020 in Moscow.
  12. GITHUB
  13. GITHUB – is a social network for developers where all technical documentation, smart contracts, code and the system core itself are posted. And any developer who is into this can assure that the platform uses blockchain technologies for real and they can draw their own conclusions. Also, you can go to the testnet section on this resource, where the blockchain works in test mode that has already moved to the minenet version. This is the foundation for further deployment of our entire ecosystem.

Required resources:

  1. Tokensale website: https://csb.io/

By agency of this website tokens are sold to cold leads. That is to say, if you have purchased token vouchers on the Finiko website you do not need to register yourself on that website or use vouchers. Its whole functionality will be had this week.

What is a difference between tokens purchasing on the Finiko website and on the cbs.io. website? Purchasing token on the Finiko website, your mentor receives 5% in cbs (internal accounting entity). In case if you or your invited user purchases vouchers on the cbs.io. website, your inviter gets a token reward (not voucher nor cbs). There are two approaches for an immediate purchase of tokens on the cbs.io.: bitcoin and usdt.

  1. Project news blog

On this resource official news of development are published.

  1. io account

Aimed at cold leads. In this account, you need to get verified and then all the information about client is sent to Finiko. After this, a client makes purchases exactly at this website. There you also do not have to register yourself.

It is highly important to record all your accounting data in order not to forget nor lose them. For this, you can use Notepad program or Word.

  1. Explorer testnet and the major version of explorer sbc.io.

What is explorer? Not every project has explorer. If project is implemented in someone else’s block chain, all actions with coins, tokens are reflected in their explorer. In case if there is a personal explorer for block chain that is developed for its use, it is an interface for visualization of everything that is included and written in code. That is, it is visualized in form of pictures, and you can observe it in explorer. There you can see, for example, code of account, its address and how many tokens there are. You see a certain address or chain of addresses and how many tokens there are. But you can not see whose tokens these are, and who obtains them. For cryptocurrency experts and investors of cryptocurrency market it gives a clue that there are some user addresses with tokens there.

It allows them to see how many tokens are in the pipeline, what capitalization is in the company, what is an average token amount in the wallet, what huge holders are there. Al this information is reflected in explorer. It is a demonstration of everything that happens there, visualization in a code. This is a very intensive activity; explorer is always being improved, different additional visualizations appear.

There are plenty of cryptocurrencies in the world, more than 10000, but block chains, that is, technologies can be counted on fingers of both hands. It is not a secret that the technology used in bitcoin is out of date, the data is connected for a very long time, it takes approximately 30 minutes for bitcoin transfer. There is an air whose transfer was done faster, so it is possible to make tokens on it. But, in this case all the commission for transfers will be received by air miners. Box solution can be used, but it is impossible to solve our priority marketing tasks, commissions, economic model by this.

We use our own block chain that is called Stinger. In this block chain tokenomy that developed by us is used, whereby token is made, staked, and commission for operations is dispensed and defined. On the base of our model, we will create other projects. There is always a risk to make anything on someone else’s block chain while it is located in their servers and is created by another company. The best solution for us is to use the best case, the best technology, and deploy on its base our nodes, tokenomics, economic model, tokens, and lay down our rules. Therefore, it is our block chain, a separate one, that is called Stinger block chain.

  1. Crypto wallet. Subsequently, we will implement it together with you, and show how to do it right.
  2. Community-chat in Telegram: cbsone_ru

There are our company`s leaders, help desk agents, and marketing experts are there. There you can promptly get feedback, communicate with each other and with company representatives. At the moment, there is a post about voting of different model decisions in Telegram.

According to the first model, we will move forward a bit longer but we will rework every decision to the picture perfect. Only after this, the product will be accessible for a client to usage. Consequently, clients and partners will be able to employ it and give a feedback. Execution period will be prolonged, as everything will be brought to a head.

The second model: we create a product for you and with you, receive timeous feedback and bring this to a head together with you and with better quality.

How to exchange vouchers for CBS tokens?

It is very important to use that email that you usually use on Finiko website. You can also refer to your mentor to get a referral code. It is necessarily to double the inserting of token account.

  1. Press the button “Create a wallet”. Generate pin-code, remember it and write it down. Pin-code is necessary for confirmation of your actions in your account.
  2. Wallet registration. The name and the code are registered automatically. The user can copy this data in order not to forget it.
  3. On the next page, you will see a public and private key. A public key- an address where you receive tokens or where you can send them. The private key – a key to safe box that opens access to the wallet itself. The public key can be seen by anyone, but they would not know how many tokens are there. But it could be opened only by a private key. Save these parameters and only after this continue your registration.
  4. After this, you will go to your wallet; there are four buttons on the left: a wallet, to stake, ambassadors, followers. On this page, you can see the number of your tokens.
  5. Copy your account name. Press the button “Connect the wallet”. There will be the open page where you need to put the wallet name. Confirm your actions via SMS or Telegram according to what you have connected in settings.
  6. Press the button “Withdraw tokens”. You can withdraw tokens wholly or partially.
  7. Please, wait for the confirmation of the special financial service operator.

Service development dynamics

June 2020: launch of block chain wallet on the explorer, developed testnet, developed our own block chain, launched the wallet and deployed node.

July 2020: Wallet launch on Android. For this the final improvement of synchronization, tokensale website, getting a maximum feedback is necessary.

August 2020: Data sheet on an exchange.

September 2020: Strategic partnership with payment systems, connection not only with Visa, but also with other cards.

November 2020: Start of the development of our own crypto exchange.

Online CRYPTO Summit 2020

In the next few weeks, the button “online summit” on 25000 people with 30 speakers that will participate appear in the user accounts. If the number of people increases, we will combine them in small groups to hold discussions on certain topics. Among speakers, there will be exchange representatives, traders, founders of various fonds. Live stream will be held both in Russian and in English. The event is devoted to the crypto topic, that is, ant crisis solutions in crypto economy.

The user has an opportunity to purchase VIP-ticket that includes gifts from sponsors and ability to participate in the drawing of the main gift – a car and records of all the events. The cost is 89 cyfrons that also includes 40 vouchers on CNS token. You can also purchase standard and business tickets.

The standard ticket is free, the cost of business ticket is 19 dollars. On the event the whole our team will perform, as well as Finiko company as a general sponsor of this event.

Vouchers on CBS Tokens are already available, that can be purchased in the Token CBS section in the private account. We remind you that the purchase of 1000 voucher is necessary for the partner program participation to get partner bonuses.

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