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Ilgiz Shakirov about marketing and life hacks
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Ilgiz Shakirov about marketing and life hacks

Hello, everyone. You have been in the company since the very beginning. I think newbies are watching us. Let’s begin with advice on how to start a business in our company.

To create an Instagram account. “Why doesn’t this guy have an Instagram?” they asked at the conference.

“How to start your business? – Join Instagram”.
“It’s probably good that I was told to create an Instagram account at the conference.

How to get started? That is the simplest. I reexamined the company and my toggle switched on. I defined a plan for what needs to be done. I made the instructions on how I could do that and prepared for the worst-case scenario. For me, it would be if out of 100 people 20 people joined.

There were no presentations, no website, nothing. I studied everything by myself, checked how trading works. I have set a 90-day plan to achieve 5 stars. If I would achieve that, then the business is dynamic. Every day I was calling people from my contact list and conducting meetings. I reached the fifth star on September 5th. I have 27 people on my team now. We are making results”.

There is a tip called “from the opposite”. I make a list of 20 people who will say no. They might be the people who have refused me. I call them, tell them about my project, and say that I do not invite them. Then, they ask why I am calling them. I say that I need them to help me. I ask them to listen to my presentation for 5-10 minutes and tell everything that interests them. In fact, I do a few psychological tricks here.

I begin to tell them what I have learned for myself. Then, I write down their objections.

After going through 7-10 presentations, it can be seen that all the objections are the same. And at the 8th presentation, I am ready. Two out of ten people will definitely say yes to you. My rule is not to push a person.

Ilgiz recommends starting your business in Finiko with the initial goal to achieve 5 stars. Ilgiz believes that today, it is necessary to share and distribute information. He emphasizes the fact that Finiko partners should share their ideas, start-ups, experience, and tools as often as possible. And of course, it is important to get in touch and communicate with each other more often.

“On average, I set myself the task of conducting personal meetings. You have to be in a flow state like Kirill Doronin.

He carried out the school yesterday. I haven’t slept today, as there is so much emotion. I have got this all thanks to Kirill”.

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