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How to start a business in 2020
How to start a business in 2020
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The topic of our today’s webinar is the terms and conditions of the program for entrepreneurs. We have recently launched such a program that repays any legal entity liabilities for 50%. How does it work? Conditions.

Let’s assume that there is a legal entity with a certain expenditure per month. It doesn’t matter what the expenses are: salary, rent, leasing, any utility bills. No difference. That is, we do not look at the expenses type.

The entrepreneur spends $1,300 monthly. The annual fund, that is, for 12 months, is $15,600.

50% of $15,600, that is, $7,800, the entrepreneur transfers to our bank account. From the current account of his organization, he transfers to the current account of our cooperative. Under the agreement of a membership deposit to the program with our pc. So, there will be all the necessary documents for your accounting department justifying the transfer of these funds.

Transfer to the account, for example:

10.06 $7,800 transferred to the current account.

10.07 We take a month for the franchise, we don’t transfer anything.

10.08 We begin to transfer $1,300 monthly for 12 months to the business owner’s account for his expenses.

Thus, the entrepreneur repays the annual fund of his expenses for $7,800. These are the brief terms of this program.
Common questions:
-Is there a referral reward?

-There is.

1. It is 5% of the deposit amount. One time grant. And 1% of the sum that we transfer to the entrepreneur, monthly for 12 months.

These rewards go to the upline partner. Also, 1% of the office remuneration is provided (if the entrepreneur came from \ through the office of our partners, then 1% is credited to the office).

Thus, the entrepreneur transfers not just $7,800, but also + 1% of $15,600 = $150 + $15 is a membership fee.

The total amount is $8,000. Question:

-Is the amount also linked to the CFR and the dollar rate? And when the funds are credited to the account of the managerial person, does he withdraw them to his Finiko card?


– When transferring in CFR, we will pay the amount of CFR equivalent to $1,300 when withdrawing it. To the card. For now, all the contracts are concluded manually, on paper.


-How will the contract be concluded and in what form?


-Text or call us, and we will send you the sample contract. At the moment, we conclude agreements remotely.

-Is it 1% monthly for a year to an upline?
-No, 10 levels up.
-Is this product also highly risky and has no guarantees?
-No guarantees.
-How to register a legal entity?
-Well, here we cannot advise you. It’s up to you personally, whatever you want to do. Question:

-Provide the service on registration and support of individual entrepreneurs for payment. Answer:
-Okay. We will take your wishes into account.

-Are there any restrictions on the deposit amount?


-The minimum deposit amount is $1,300. And there is no maximum amount here. Unlimited.


-If there is a large salary fund, about $13,000, that is 50% is $6,500. Can the company handle that amount?

-How do you register a legal entity in Finiko? Answer:

-We do not register legal entities in Finiko. Question:
-Does this work in Germany?

-No. For now, it works only in Russia. Question:
-What is the purpose of payment?? Answer:

-The purpose of the payment will be according to the membership deposit agreement. Question:

-Can I see a sample contract somewhere?
-Yes. Make a request either by email or by phone and get the sample.

Currently in development: we will advertise your company on our website. The traffic on our website is about 40,000 people. Our partners will see your business.

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