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How to repay the mortgage in 8 months with Finiko?
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How to repay the mortgage in 8 months with Finiko?

D: Hello, everyone! This is going to be the most interesting interview in the history of Finiko. We are located in the Krasnoyarsk nature reserve. It is called the Stolby. I want to introduce our guest, Elena. Today we were filming Irina Avdus receiving a car for the completion of the promo. After that, we all went for a walk to Stolby, and it turned out that there is also a loan repayment case. Elena, you can say hello to everyone.

E: Hello, everyone! I am glad to see you all! Greetings from Krasnoyarsk. D: What do you do? Do you live in Krasnoyarsk?

E: Yes, I live in Krasnoyarsk. I heard about Finiko in November for the first time. The meeting was probably destined for me, as the situation in the traditional business was difficult. I have been doing traditional business. There have been financial issues, I was searching for new solutions to those problems. And, of course, I have taken loans, assuming that I will always be able to repay it.

D: What is your traditional business? Do you still run it?

E: Taking into account all the possibilities of Finiko, my traditional business has gone into oblivion. Because I have opened the partner office, there are already more than 350 people in our team. So, we are working.

D: Do you have an office here?

E: Yes, I do. The location of our office is Alekseeva street 49, office 13-19, at “Verticals”. We are glad to see everyone at our place!

D: Come on, tell us about the loan you have taken. What was the sum? What did you take it for?

E: It was a mortgage until 2026, with monthly payments over $280. And the amount of overpayment that I brought to the bank was equal to the cost of two apartments. I have been repaying it since 2008. The mortgage agreement is quite old, let’s say so. It has a rate of 13.4%. Nowadays, you will not find such an interest rate. But despite this, the scheduled payments have been approved.

D: Look, what was the amount of your debt when you joined Finiko? What was the outstanding balance?

E: $9,735. In fact, it didn’t seem to be too much for a mortgage. But those monthly payments of $280… You understand that you can repay it for 35% and do not think about the need to find time to pay anymore. The case is that this loan must be paid at the bank office. It is very inconvenient. And when my friends told me about Finiko and described the opportunities this company provides, I said: “Guys, don’t tell me fish stories”.

D: So, when was it? When did you hear about Finiko?

E: I found out from guys from the traditional business, who come to do maintenance for a car service. And in August, when Kirill arrived, they invited me to a meeting. I said: “Listen, I don’t need your 22% interest. I have an investment portfolio with 2.4% income – great! I receive profit in euros, everything is fine, I don’t need your 22%”. And when they came again, they said: “Listen, just try. Why won’t you at least repay the loan?”. Then I asked, “How is that possible to pay off the loan?”. They told me about the program. It was early November. And, in general, I do not have any doubt. That was the point in my life that I needed. At some time, we all find ourselves at the point where it is necessary to make a decision. And I did not think at all. On November 16, there was the opening show in Moscow City, and I said: “Guys, will you attend?”. They said: “Well, we won’t, but Irina Avdus will be there”. This is how I met Irina. I went to the office, we had exactly 5 minutes, Irina opened Booking.com – and that’s all, we had booked the tickets. We bought the tickets at the office in just 5 minutes and booked a hotel. It was an event in Moscow City on November 12. I remember all those things that Kirill was talking about, and his, let’s say, confidence about everything. Then, we returned back home. It took me some time to find the money for the initial payment, and after that, on December 1, I entered the loan repayment program.

D: Was the loan your first case?

E: Yes. Well, I also had bought the Indexes before. I was going to the event in Moscow, and therefore, I wanted to go there as a partner.

D: So, the unpaid debt was $9,735, right?

E: Yes, we have made a down payment of $3,490. Plus, $130 is the charge for the 10-months service. Plus, there is 1% of the agreed sum. The total amount was $3,537. Therefore, it is $975 per month. Thus, $280 is a monthly payment and the rest…

D: For how long are you in the program?

E: For 5 months already. During the first month, it seemed like the due date, January 9, will never come. But, it came even earlier despite the holidays. On the 6th of January, if I remember correctly, the money came to my Tinkoff bank account. I had been asked which bank card I prefer. So, we were always in touch. I will fully pay off the loan in September, totaling 8 months.

D: Do you want to give our audience some advice?

E: I strongly recommend you to examine everything about the company, look at all of the possibilities. I mean, you should not deny everything that seems to be unreal from the first sight. I speak about the opportunities provided by the programs that Kirill and the team are implementing. And, of course, the Finiko company is today’s leader. I recommend everyone to take advantage of it.

D: Thank you very much for the interview! Bye-bye, everyone!

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