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How to buy Volkswagen Touareg profitably
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How to buy Volkswagen Touareg profitably

D: Hello, guys, we are continuing shooting in Krasnoyarsk! Nina, did you just purchase the car quite recently, did not you? Due to the pandemic, we could not arrive on time and shoot how you purchased it from the car dealership. Could you tell us for what reason you needed a car?

N: We established an office in Nazarovo. This is not far from here, literally 200 km. We established an office in Nazarovo, Arbuzov st. 110, second floor, office 209. My husband and I realized that we needed a personal car. I had a dream around 5 years, maybe more. I badly wanted Touareg. That is why we joined the program “35% of the cost”, and looked over the price. We deposited 630,000 rubles, we were waiting 3 months, and received 27,000 dollars. It is about 1,900,000 rubles, 1,800,000 and some change. Many of our partners were really waiting when we purchased the car. They hurried us so we had to withdraw money although there was an opportunity to extend them for one more month. The fourth one. Of course, we would increase it by 15%. But we withdrew the money and started seeking the car. Since I wanted Touareg, of course we were looking for Touareg. We had to add 400,000 rubles.

D: Nina, how did you find out about Finiko?

N: We took out a mortgage to buy an apartment, and we looked for opportunities to repay it earlier. We started looking for different opportunities. In fact, there were a lot of them. Our very good old friend sent this program. It was Valery Samodelkin. We really liked it. It was a weekend, and we immediately paid up money on Monday. We made a deposit. Today we are earning from the deposit. Plus, we purchased the car, and the company offers many other opportunities. That is, we can purchase an apartment, real estate, maybe even land, and build our own dream house. Just as we purchased the car, the car of my dream – Touareg. That way we can built a house.

D: How did your friends and acquaintances react? Do you build a structure, do not you?N: We have already established the office. I am just from Nazarovsk, and here are a lot of my friends, acquaintances, and classmates. I started telling them, and they became interested. They come slowly, everyone comes.

D: Now you made a carcase. Does it help you to tell people: “Here it is, we actually purchased the car for 35% of its cost, I drive it”?

N: Yes, this is too. Since many of our relatives and friends waited that we will show all of them. Well, yes, it helps.

D: Great, have you tested the car? Have you already driven somewhere?

N: Of course. This weekend we went to Shira Lake, these are salt lakes in Khakassia. Around 400 km from Krasnoyarsk. I liked this car very much, for sure, I enjoy it, this is a very good car, I am happy. I am thankful to the company that provides such opportunities. And I am thankful to Kirill. This is just a fairy tale, a miracle that you dream about. I guess everyone dreams to wake up and say: “That would be so!” And here it is, and it is real! In 4 months, we will deposit money in the apartment. We have 5 grandchildren, granddaughters. When they arrive in our 2-room apartment, we just do not have enough space. And we decided that they should have a special room where they can live, play, and study. This will be their room. That is, we decided to purchase an apartment, but we still have a desire to obtain a house. The house will be better, while everyone can come there. This will be parents’ house.

D: Will you join the program?

N: Yes, of course. Probably we would just buy land at first, and then we will build a house. That is to say, we decided to start with an apartment. I also want to share something. The company presents such wonderful gifts. I have already been doing the fourth promo; this is a summer, total promo. Yesterday it was complete, and I was presented a phone again. iPhone 11, this is my fourth gifted phone.

D: You should move from phones to something bigger. Yesterday we were shooting Kia Sportage, Irina’s car from promo. Nina, thank you very much for the interview. Nina was very nervous of this, but everything got fine. We are sitting on the embankment of Krasnoyarsk, everythinf is great. Nina, you can say something, maybe give some pieces of advice to people who are watching this video.

N: Dear friends, I invite you to Finiko company. This company provides great opportunities – use them, enjoy. You can make a deposit, you can purchase an apartment, a car, a house, everything you want. There are many programs available.

D: All right, good-bye everyone. We shot another case in Krasnoyarsk. We are going on!

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