18 June 2021
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How to pay off a loan profitably with Finiko?
How to pay off a loan profitably with Finiko?
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D: Hello, Zaki. Z: Hello.

D: Hello, everyone, once again. We decided to kill two birds with one stone: come to the conference and interview the people who are repaying their loans with the Finiko company. Zaki, tell us please a little bit about yourself. Where do you live? What is your occupation?

Z: I live and work in Samara. I am involved in many things, too many to list now. My main occupation is working as a South Korean massagers service master. In my free time, I work part-time as a taxi driver, and I also work in a municipal enterprise. So, I do a lot of things.

D: Yes, you do a lot of activities. Z: There is always a lack of time.

D: Nowadays, everyone suffers from a lack of time. Could you please tell us how you have heard about the company Finiko?

Z: I learned about Finiko in February 2020 from my mentors, friends, and let’s say, sponsors when they had returned from Sochi.

D: I guess they were just your friends, not mentors at that time. Weren’t they?

Z: Well, yes, they were my friends back then. We communicated about other different topics. And when my friends had arrived at the conference in Sochi, they invited me to the company presentation. They were so glowing and cheerful. The presentation was brilliant, everyone became so motivated. And I realized that in Finiko, it is possible to have passive income, to make money, and solve financial problems. I went to a bank the very next day and took a loan for $2,520. I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I purchased one Index CTI and entered the program “Pay off the loan for 35%” with the rest of the money.

D: To repay this particular loan?

Z: Yes, the loan I’ve taken to buy the Index. I decided to repay this loan with the dividends.

D: Interesting.

Z: So, it means that in fact, I’ve taken money from a bank, and I did not spend a coin to repay it.

D: Do you also receive income from the Index?

Z: Yes, besides, I receive passive income from the Index.
D: Okay, let’s talk numbers. The sum of the loan was $2,520, right? How much is 35%, which you have deposited in the program?

Z: It was around $900 plus $130. If I remember correctly, it was approximately $1000 in total. Thus, I have deposited this sum of money, and now the company pays me $315 every month.

D: How much is it in rubles?

Z: 22,000 rubles.

D: So, you monthly receive 22,000 rubles to pay off the loan, right?

Z: To repay the loan, yes. This way, since March, I have already received 5 monthly payments, 22,000 rubles each.

D: You are repaying the loan for 5 months so far.

Z: I have received approximately $1,400 in 5 months.

D: When is the due date?

Z: The whole sum will be repaid in November or December. I do not follow the timing, to be honest. For me, it is already a stage when…

D: …When the financial problems are resolved?

Z: I do not really worry about it anymore. Either in October or in November – there is no difference. I am relaxed. I am sure that, in fact, the company will repay this loan for me. I receive passive income. I have already got some profit and reinvested $1,000 more, by the way.

D: So, you currently have two Indexes, right?

Z: No, currently, I already have three, because my wife has seen what kind of money I receive. She looked and said: “What money is this?”. I said: “Well, I told you a long time ago about the Finiko company”. She remembered and replied: “I want to have passive income too”. She gave me $1000 and said: “Buy the Index for me also”.

D: So, your wife also decided to make money, right?

Z: Yes, in fact, I already have three Indexes. And the dividends from it are approximately $585 or 45,000 in rubles.

D: Monthly?
Z: Yes, monthly. So, I am excited.

D: Zaki, how do your friends react when they see how you repay the loan and earn passive income?

Z: At the very beginning, back in March, when I found out about the company, I began telling my friends. People were pretty skeptical. They said: “Earn money first, then we will discuss”. Then, in June, when I had already started, I looked back at my friends I’ve been talking to. I started telling them again about my achievements. Now they have become quite positive about the company. Many of them became interested, and some of them have already joined the company. Some people are still thinking and observing.

D: Even so, you show people that you repay a loan, and probably they also will solve their financial problems thanks to you and Finiko. Thank you very much for this interview. You live in Samara, do you build your own structure, by the way? We can mention, for example, your office address or phone number. I believe that there definitely will be a person from Samara who will watch this video. He will see it on our You-Tube channel and pay off a loan too. He will be interested to learn more information about the next steps.

Z: Of course, you can mention my phone number. D: We can provide viewers with your phone number. Z: Yes, please.
D: Alright! To make it beneficial for everyone.
Z: To make it reliable.

D: Of course. Those who are interested to learn more about our program “Pay off the loan for 35% of outstanding balance” – you can watch other videos on our YouTube channel. Or refer to Zaki, for example. Or find out about our offices in Samara and go there for advice. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, like, and share. Okay, bye-bye, everyone!

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