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How to make profitable loan repayment in 2020
How to make profitable loan repayment in 2020
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“Hello everyone, we are currently in Naberezhnye Chelny. We came here to showcase you a story of Valentin, who is repaying the loan for 35 percent of the balance. Keep watching this video.”

“Valentin, hello! You can say hi to the audience. People interested in the program “pay off a loan for 35% of the outstanding balance” will watch this video. Tell us about yourself first.”

“I am Valentin, I live in Naberezhnye Chelny. What do I do? I am an individual entrepreneur. I have a network of express nail service stations. I am also a father of three sons and a husband of one wife, thank God. This year, on January 31, I entered the program from Finiko.”

“Let’s begin with how you found out about Finiko.”

“How have I found the company? My friend has told me. His name is Ilnur. He also lives in Chelny. I seem to be a brave person, I simply have done it. I have come to the Kazan office and have done it. The first loan payment was made on February 25. ”

“Look, our viewers are usually interested in all the details. What was your next step after you found out about the loan repayment program.?”

“I have already had a loan. The unpaid balance was $3,400. I have deposited $1,200 to the program. Now I receive $350 every month. It has already been three months. On the 20th of May, there will be the fourth payment, and the loan will be repaid within ten months. I also have taken out another loan. On April 21st, there was the first payment already. The loan amount was 6,200, and I deposited $2,200.”

“Valentin will send us the screenshots, and we will add it to the video. And why did you get the loan? ”

“For entrepreneurship. I had changed the furniture and closed the business. ”
“Tell us about your impressions. What kind of emotions have you been experiencing?”

“I was confident that the company would pay. My friends and relatives are already in too. Finiko also helps businesses. I will apply for loans again in the future. With the help of Finiko, I will meet my needs and achieve all my goals.”

“What kind of advice would you give to the audience?”

“Just do it. Do everything. Think for yourself. There are no guarantees. And the most important thing is to keep smiling. ”

Thank you, Valentin. We have already filmed the car purchasing case and the loan repayment case. You will see yourself on our YouTube channel soon. We will be waiting for

the screenshots. Thank you all. Anyone interested in the program, you can watch this video. And please, subscribe to our channel. Goodbye, everyone. We are looking forward to the next videos.”

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