18 June 2021
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How to make money in 2021. Answering questions about Finiko
How to make money in 2021. Answering questions about Finiko
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Kirill: Are we working? As usual, all conferences are held in the following mode: we will talk about what we are doing, take a short excursion. Then, we will have a Q&A, and after that, we will talk about Promo. Next, we will be discussing the business plan, and then, we will go to make money. We are saving time and starting everything now. I will have the first part. This is not our first conference, and many of you already know that I do not like to talk about the same things. Many people know that we will have a conference in Yekaterinburg on the 11th of April. Please, support it if you can. Over the entire period of our existence, we have grown from a company with which you can simply make money, into a kind of ideology of being. Finiko has evolved into a pool of projects that you can implement yourself now. That’s what I’ll tell you about today. Those who have watched all of our videos carefully know that I have a plan for 25 years. Some ideas are relevant now. I have already managed to conceive and launch something like a men’s challenge, the conditions of which I will announce today. Let’s go! I was heading here in thoughts, as usual. I realized that there are people who have contacted us in one way or another. From the very beginning of the company, we learned how to make money with a high forecast for ourselves and for those who are here now. How was it happening? The classic scheme: you get to our platform and that is the answer to all your financial questions. First of all, we relied on a certain vision that we needed to do everything we wanted but there must have been money. Many people accumulate debts, they take loans. We intuitively said that first you needed to get out of debt, then break even, and then make a profit. For this, we had products. I will not be focusing on them too much, as there is already so much information and real reviews on this matter on the Internet. There is such a product, “Pay off a loan for 35%”, right? Yes, there is. It allows you to pay off a loan in 10 months instead of 15 years. Now, your next task is to ensure a stable income. It consists of two parts: personal effort, i.e. your job, and investment. Here we propose a high-risk model. Of course, this is our credo. But, we also don’t like to lose, so we have turned it all into 150 instruments. All this, plus the high intelligence of people who will be speaking after me and will tell you what an investment strategy is. Accordingly, what does the platform offer? For me, this is a great opportunity to get out of debts and create additional income from the efforts of other people. In this case, we offered the services of traders.

We did not invite anyone, we just were talking about what we were doing. If you don’t like it, then please go and throw mud at us. We continued to work. We have been working for 2.5 years. And it happened so that those who work with us decided to make additional income on the promotion of investment-related products. They tried it, they liked it, they became referrals. Everything is as honest and simple as possible. Now what’s next? We are moving to the profit. Reinvest. The money that people began to receive became enough for many of them. They started reinvesting. Humans’ brains are arranged like this: when they have already bought a car and an apartment, they want a second car and an apartment. More Indexes, but what’s next? Those who have a status of 8-10 stars and above in our company, know exactly what money is and they have it. The next stage of development is coming. I have such a restless brain – I can see different predictions of the development of situations. I pay attention to the fact that a lot of companies I know are always stable in what they offer. But I think that when you live in the 21st century, and from 2019 to 2041 the speed of development will be colossal, it will not be very good to offer the same product. I am always on the lookout for new opportunities. It turns out that those who have money, they no longer know what to do with it. Reinvest again? Many begin to drink too much, I’ve seen such cases. You begin doing such strange actions which you could not afford before. But after you do them, you do not understand why you have done it. It turns out that you allow your demons to take over. We thought of creating a service that would allow our clients to earn not only today or tomorrow, but also the day after tomorrow. That’s how cashback has appeared. We have become an international company that grows from Russia. For me, this is a kind of pride, because our partners find partners abroad. You can applaud yourself and them, because it’s really cool. I was convinced of this once again when I saw a video about our service not in Russian. Thank you for your active participation. Cashback is an opportunity to build a business on a completely simple model. You buy something, and then, the money is returned to you. You would tell about it better. I am not the coolest storyteller. The numbers are important to me. And what are the numbers? From 15 to 20% of any purchase anywhere in the world where there are receipts. You will receive a refund of that amount. Nobody offers such things at all. I am proud that you are not only users but also distributors. This was the first step aside. Cashback is an independent concept of a dialogue with the world that something can be done cheaper. We haven’t stopped after that. We have created the Fin2Fin platform. This is a project about lending to the rest of the population. You have money and it is important to keep it moving, because money is a dynamic. Fin2Fin is an opportunity to generate money flow from other markets. In this case, it is a platform for equal loans. This is a unique platform because it combines cashback and borrowing technology. After that, we seriously thought about not just using the tools, but becoming one of the top players. We have chosen a long-term strategy. If you have noticed, all projects with tokens have such a wave-like pattern. We have introduced the concept of the FNK Token. We began to build our entire infrastructure around it. Payment system, cards, and other things. Everything has been changing in 2.5 years.

We have decided to take on this hegemony. Make it a progressive development. In addition to all this, we have launched our old dream. Let me remind you why I started all this at all. Because of health. Old age. Can I handle it? That is how the Doronium project was born. You’ve probably already heard about it. We have already started selling them. There are reviews from people who talk about their improvements. In addition to silver, we produce zinc. There are all the minerals that humans need. All diseases are usually due to the fact that a person has an unstable mineral composition. If something is missing, then we are already under attack. I will talk in detail about the next project that is currently working. No, now I will talk about what we will earn in 5 years. We have seriously thought about how we will be earning in 25 years. Due to the pandemic, the idea of business has changed. But it does not mean that planning should be stopped. You just need to be flexible and apply flexibility in your plans. We have introduced the concept of a returnable venture. Returnable venture. Both words are intelligible, but they usually contradict each other. A venture is when you finance projects and do not know what will bring you profit. A venture capitalist never knows what will shoot. We have created a fund that finances projects but not with capital. How does it usually happen? 1,000 people pool their money, but the ventures cannot guarantee that everything will shoot. To eliminate it, we have decided to send all the money to a startup. Again, we create opportunities. Startups will continue to grow. We invest not capital but return on capital in startups. It is very convenient. You can earn revenue from all startups. That is money from completely different markets. That is a great long-term source of income. How will it work in terms of the Fin2Fin project? So, a venture fund and Fin2fin. I think that if each of you announces on their social media that we are providing loans to everyone, the number of applications will be maximal. Let’s assume that we will receive 1,000 applications. How will it work? We understand that you can lend to that person, but there is a high probability that you will lose money. And if we have a fund, it will generate money that we will provide to people. They will return the money later. The yield will be 41%, but it may be higher since there will be an opportunity for reinvestment. The yield will be up to 150%. We started to guarantee returnability. People get a loan here and earn money to pay it off at work. And that money is returned to our fund. With this model, I wanted to show that a venture fund plus a return model provides access to completely different markets and different money. We have given the opportunity for people to own an affiliate account on our website. It is important to me. I want our partners to feel stable. The only thing is that we have started to treat the question “What kind of startup?” more thoroughly. It requires maximum involvement in the process and ability to work both day and night. It blows your mind. All that had to be done, had to be done the day before yesterday. That is such a scheme. Those models are emerging now. I’ll tell you more about the ventures in Yekaterinburg. I want you to note that we have started working just to earn money, and now, we are thinking about the future. I have developed an investment model for a good person who has enough of everything. That is when you have both incoming and outgoing flow. It seems to me that your capital should consist of 20-30% for some high-risk tools, 25-30% for projects for 5-7 years, and 25-30% for another 10 years. I’ve had a very big question related to charity. When you start earning a lot, people are contacting you asking for help. At some point, I carried out preparatory work to resolve the issue related to the charitable foundation. We have a charitable foundation. Why does a person want to share money? Very often people do not leave anything for themselves, but live with five other people in very poor conditions. I thought it was wrong because there must have been some balance. I was enraged at the model when all those involved people first collected resources and then spent them. The kind of running that was meaningless to me. What’s next? It is impossible to constantly spend money to save someone. It was important for me that money was working properly. What did we do? We invested a small capital in one of my old projects. We gave the income from that investment to a boy with cerebral palsy. To help a specific person. That income was generated monthly. So, we could provide him with food and medical treatment every month. Then my soul was calm. To date, 833 children will receive support using this model. Why do I love myself sometimes? Because sometimes I think for a long time and then agree. Or sometimes I do not. I demand this from everyone around. I started thinking, look. Everything is growing. And what amounts are invested in those children? The capital is growing and the number of opportunities that we can devote to those children is increasing. I’m starting to think about building a center where we could treat 10,000 children. In this regard, I am greedy for the money because we can do much more.

So, here my brain started working. I woke up and got an idea. Why am I human? Why does someone have more money and someone less? Humanism in a person is such a vague concept. Many people are hiding behind it to feel better, and some literally plunge into it. I decided that humanity is the ability to care for another person. This is behavior that contributes to the development of other people. I suddenly thought, “What if each of us imagined what a purchase makes with us?”. My first car which I have bought brings me much more happiness than any other subsequent purchase. We’re already chasing an emotional “wow”. I have realized that I have a scale radius. I have found it in the care level. You finance others and here you have a level. Or you are creating something. The money won’t come because if you haven’t stretched yourself, it won’t be able to stretch you. Who can you be to other people? You can simply help your parents. I have never understood how it is possible that you are on your own, and they are on their own. For me, on the contrary, it is cool when I can build an apartment or a house for them. And then you are already enjoying yourself. What are we doing with the help of the Humanity token? We have named it Hi token. It will cost 1 dollar, a conditional figure. The capital will be directed to various projects. We already have one. We will build investment centers. Education is a great thing. When I am communicating with people I feel that many of them lack it. Some people simply do not know the basics of physics and mathematics. Next, poor people. At first, we thought about creating canteens, and then, we realized that it would be better to make an application. I have already written down some projects here. It is very difficult to group them. All this must be systematized. Educational processes for children and adults. Further, definitely, health. As you can imagine, the scope of use is colossal. The next project, which excites me very much, is related to the protection of nature. I often fly to Baikal. You can personally participate in this. You can pay. Making a top-notch strong model is very cool. For example, you can take one token. One of the projects already exists. Blockchain with full transparency. There will be the whole infrastructure allowing people to grow. Not just giving out money, but already participating in projects. You will start being in touch with the world. I believe that this is a global scale. Summing up, I want to say that I have announced some projects now, and some I will announce in Yekaterinburg. I’m talking about the fact that you must definitely do what brings you money now. You can do it by investing or at work. Next, you must invest in the future. It is a normal situation when markets can change because everything is moving at a wild speed. We are also going to finance projects that will bring income in about 7-10 years. And this thing with a hi token, I think every person should implement it in their lives. That’s all I have for now. Our genius Edward Sabirov will tell you how it all works. Or you can ask questions later. Won’t you come out? They always do that.

Edward: I don’t have to tell anything at all – the presentation is there. Hello, everybody. I have been trading for 12 years. Actually, I have already told and shown everything. The number of questions doesn’t decrease. People are always interested in the same thing. How to minimize risks? I have realized that I had learned to live and view the markets in different variations. Considering at least two or three options for the turn of events allows me to make a profit. When I talked to my traders, I realized that I could not explain to them what we should have for a long time. Still, trading is a psychologically difficult activity, so it is not for everyone. Let’s move on to the traders section. What our instruments and markets are, how money is distributed, and so on. The money is distributed among 4 exchanges: Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Moscow Exchange, crypto exchange, and FOREX. This is a big division into tools. We have a lot more instruments because I have decided to increase the number of cryptocurrency traders. Why? Probably because I see the future in it. This is still an emerging market. The stock one has been around for a very long time – everything has been studied, everything is clear. Moscow Exchange, where futures are traded. Plus stocks. And a currency bar. Risk minimization rules. I have started to divide the deposit as well. 30% is trades that are closed during the day. In other words, when you have entered a position, took profit, and then closed the terminal. 30% is positional trading, i.e medium and long-term. This is the deposit that insures the intraday. We do not touch the remaining 40%. One of our traders had a drawdown someday but he still had a 40% deposit. From 40% he restored to 100% plus earned 20% more on top. 2 stops per day. After the first stop, you should rest. If I get a stop, I distract from the market and go do other things. Then I come back, look, and enter into the deal. The maximum drawdown per 1 deposit is 1.5%. This is the rule that everyone uses now. Those who have been working with us for a long time can afford a little more but at their own expense. Let’s imagine that a trader has worked for a month and received a small amount of money. That is 100% of his profit. He gets 30% of it. Of that 30%, I keep 5. In total, he gets 75%, and 25% is a safety net. Then he starts to risk his money. Now there are a few more instruments. Now there are 160 of them. At one point, the situation with traders became very difficult. I had already decided that it was easier just to create a school and educate people. Now it is functioning. Now, it is probably my favorite question that people ask the most. Where is the link to the school and the reports? All the information will be on one website. Edvardsabirov.com. This is what it looks like. You can see the reports here. We do what we want with them. There was one million on the Forex account. Now, there are already 6. On the other account, we already have 51 million. If you want to get the link to the school, then it is on the website. There is a discord chat, there are videos. All this takes place in the mode of watching video lessons. Then, there will be a test and then, cooperation. That’s all I wanted to say. Kirill, come here, please. Thank you all.

Kirill: And the concert will be continued by a person who is the crypto standard of our company. Marat will tell about everything that no one else understands except him.

Marat: Hello everyone. I am Marat Sabirov. Today, I will tell you a little about the FNK Token. Why did we launch it, why did we start doing it at all? The biggest problem is the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. One of the most basic reasons is the ease of use. Well, besides that, it is also an opportunity to make money. The first reason, as I have said, is the impossibility of using it in everyday life. What are we doing now? We have already been listed on 2 exchanges: UNISWAP and BITHUMB. There are also other exchanges that have already approved the launch for us. Initially, we have introduced such a policy so that people figure out what the cryptocurrency is by themselves. Our token is exactly the tool that a person immerses in because they see all the missed opportunities. Those who bought the token at the beginning probably do not regret it. At the moment, its price is $16. This is exactly the growth I wanted. Many people ask why the token has stopped growing. But I didn’t want that anyway. Because it wouldn’t be a long story. This is the current price. What do we have now? We are working on crypto cards. It will be in rubles, or rather, it is already ready. I have it with me. The advantage is that you can convert ruble into bitcoin and vice versa. The conversion process should be presented to me today.

The first hundred people will be my relatives, so to speak, those whom I know. I think we need half a month for the implementation so that everything will have already been tested. The second crypto card will be in early July, I hope. It will be a euro card. If there are such products on the market now, the bank itself does not understand that such transactions are taking place at all. We do it directly. We want to be such a pioneer. The next one will be P2P. The next one will be a P2P platform where FNK will also be traded. What else? We also have stated that we will have our own crypto exchange, but after weighing everything and thinking, we have decided that we would just waste our energy. Therefore, we have chosen a decentralized exchange. Most likely we will do it like that. The exchange will be. That’s everything in a nutshell. An application. Many people ask me about the application to make it possible not only to store but also to make money on the token. The launch of the application is scheduled for June. The guys are telling me that they are ready to hand it over to me on the 1st of June, but I have asked for the 2nd. I will have a birthday, and it will be such a nice gift. What will there be? There will be replenishment and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies, exchange with a 25% discount on commissions, deposits, and lending. This is an implementation plan: replenishment of a bank account, purchase of cryptocurrency using a bank card, withdrawal. The project on lending was initially a separate one, I had already worked on it for six months. We have decided to include it here as well. The FNK card. Those are the nearest implementation plans. I do not just want the price of the token to grow. I want more people to use it. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you so much.

Kirill: Well, as I have said, something is happening there. There is also another person, Zygmunt Zygmuntovich. In fact, I am very grateful to all of you. We have been gathering together only at events lately because we all are constantly on business trips. Here is another entrepreneur of ours. Come on.

Zygmunt: Thank you. Today, I will talk about our new platform. It is an educational website, where you can find all the information about the company. We decided to not only provide a video storage toolkit but also create convenience for MLM entrepreneurs. I spoke to some leaders who said that they were not perceived as entrepreneurs, so they did not have the tools to work with their clients. What is ONELINKS? First of all, it is an online work. What have we done? Picture this: there is a leader. What does he face? His structure is growing, and he is traveling to cities, arranges workshops, conferences, and so on in order to influence it. The audience reach is limited by time. Hence, we have decided to create such a centralized platform where each leader could work with their structure wherever they are. This is 24/7 access to knowledge from anywhere in the world. The second thing is learning from any TOP leader. There will be such an opportunity. And the third aspect is homework and tests for a better understanding of the material. You will watch a video, and after that, there will be a test of 10-20 questions. If you pass it by more than 70%, the next one will become available to you. It is very important to understand the information. If you have not learned it very well, then you can review the lesson or chat with the owner of the course. We will make it possible. What are the benefits for a leader? In my opinion, it is audience coverage. We went a little further in order not to be just a platform with courses. We have implemented something like sales automation. Since we are going into the world of the Internet and gadgets, we have decided to automate sales. How is everything going on now? You try to tell someone about a product, send them a link, and they don’t know how to contact you.

What have we done? We have called this block Infopacks. For example, we select a product and copy the link. Here the client can see how this video generally works. The system will work automatically. Here, the customer can also view customer stories. If they want to see the cases, it is necessary to submit the phone number. What is in it for you as a person who develops the structure? As soon as a person submits a request, you see him in your system. This is the world’s first CRM system for entrepreneurs. You will not only see the contact but you will also be able to work with it. All your clients will be here. None of them will be lost. You can also add a client manually. Let’s imagine that I have met someone in a cafe and told them about a product. After that, I can go to the platform and fill in their number. So, now, a little bit about the plans. The idea has appeared by accident. We started to analyze different MLM companies and how they did business. When you join a team of some organization, first you are asked to make a list of 100 people. Is there such a thing? What did I think? These names are your phone book. And what if we take a phone book, and those contacts will appear in your CRM system instantly? You will no longer have to write them down manually. You will be able to simply upload them into the system. This is some kind of automation. But we have not stopped there either. What if we work at the zero level as well? Let’s say, we will give people knowledge that they have not received at university or school. For example, now I would like to improve my knowledge of economics. And we have decided to invite teachers in physics, mathematics, marketing, finance, economics, law, and anatomy to our platform as well. These lessons will be absolutely free for the clients. Well, they will be conditionally free, for a deposit. I will tell you a little later how it will work. In conclusion, I would like to say that the platform already works. Courses by some leaders are already available. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you so much.

Kirill: Alright, we are moving on. I have already spoken about the community of entrepreneurs, and here, we are waiting for people who come with their own initiatives. We are waiting for people with projects who can take on something. That is how Ramis have joined us. He has taken the responsibility for the project development. He has his own vision. This is an ordinary person. He has made the decision by himself. It was hard for him. He quit his job to work on Doronium. He is developing it not for extra money but for the idea. Ramis, 7 minutes.

Ramis: Thank you. Hello, everybody. My name is Ramis Galiev. I want to say hello to my family. You have already heard a lot about business today, and now I want to talk a little about health. I think some of you have already used silver. Our partners have asked to take a survey. This data is important to us, it is anonymous. Here are our social media channels. I urge you to subscribe because many issues that need to be discussed will be there. A few words about the research we have launched. Not only in Kazan but also in other regions. They have called it DEBUT. We do not advise patients on how they should be treated. Who is participating in this study? It can be any volunteer and partner of the company who has bought the kit themselves and has done blood tests. As a result, we will receive data and cases based on which we will work with you. I am also asking you to share your results. I repeat once again, none of the doctors will monitor your health. How to buy it? Now they will be talking about it once or twice a week in the news.

We have to create a Finiko account. Next, we need to pay 3,000 CFR in the nano first aid kit section. We get a short code, copy it, go to the Doronium website and buy it at a discount. Delivery is possible to any city in Russia. How have we organized it in Kazan? We have chosen only one center, where our Kazan partners have already begun to come. In the regions, the task is the same. Nothing extra is needed here. We will post information on the cities that we need. I think the partners will support us. How else can you help? Anyone who is ready to use it in medical practice – it will be important to see the result where it is urgently needed. Therefore, regarding such questions, you can contact us at this email. Concerning consulting offices. I see that many partners have already begun to declare that they have rented and opened it. There will be information on this within a month. We will provide premium rewards. But confirmation will be needed. Many people have questions about this product. You can ask them by email. We also have our own channel. I invite you to watch two webinars. You will find answers to many questions.

Kirill: I will say so. In short, it’s a failure. It was boring. It’s already our second hour. People don’t understand much. Doronium is about health. I have already talked about the Hi token and announced the challenge. Will you show it? In short, we had an idea of gathering here and going for a drive, having a party, just for fun. And then, we thought that it would be better to arrange something useful. Whom will we invite? I remembered that Club tickets were usually sold out very quickly. And the thing for which I am ready to work now can be extended to people who are also interested in it. We have come up with a model. Since this is not about money, we have decided to accept the first 100 people. The program will be as follows: April 26-27. What will we be doing? We will go to Krasnodar to wakesurf there. In 15-20 minutes, your brain will reboot. Then, we will move to a conference hall. What are we going to talk about? First of all, about the word – if you give your word, keep it. Secondly, getting rid of pessimistic thinking. Getting rid of thoughts that something will not work out for you. On the second day, there will be moto training. Those who have never tried riding at all can try it because it will be a safe area. Next, we will continue to talk about obligations. We will also discuss the projects I have mentioned. Now, I need people in different regions who could negotiate with the administration on how we could strengthen those areas. For example, now we have two projects on the kids camp construction. The administration is responsible for it. Such people should be everywhere, so this is a great opportunity to appear at our party. The conditions of the challenge are not simple. The first 100 men. For now, we will do it like this. Don’t ask why. The first 100 people. Men. Those who will buy Hi Tokens for $30,000. The first fund that will allow us to implement our projects. We need hands, legs, and heads. Those people will come with us. We will provide only the location, so please be prepared. We will ride and discuss. It won’t be easy. Those who are interested are welcome. It is important for me to have a strong start now. A person can grow only through the ability to influence others. How does it work?

Edward: This is our logo. This is what everything will look like. Here is the description of what the token is. We will post the website later. Please, scroll down. This is how it looks. Go to your personal account. Here you need to register. You literally need to indicate your full name, phone number, and email address. I have tested donations. Click again. Here we agree, then choose the quantity. Let’s make it 1,000. Here we can top up in bitcoins, USDT, and ETH. Continue. Here you can see the code and wallet where it will be necessary to transfer funds. There are detailed instructions on the channel. It took us a lot of time to test everything and make it all work smoothly. That’s all.

Kirill: This is what we are launching now. I hope I will share this with people who also value humanity. Now I want to announce the time for questions and answers. We continue our working meeting. Also, Ilgiz Shakirov will talk about marketing. Let’s go through your questions quickly. If you see that there is a person in front of you, and there are 2 minutes left, then it is better to leave. Then, there will be an awards ceremony.

Question 1: Hello, everyone. Kirill: The voice is familiar.

Question 1: You know, I have such a question, related to today’s topic. During the leadership broadcasts, I often heard that TTM Bank and Vlad do not collaborate anymore. I do not know how true this is. I am

asking because my partners ask questions. I have money there myself. And another moment. Regarding the Mars tokens. I also heard that our traders’ team was providing them. Who is providing them now?

Kirill: I get it. We were partners with Vlad indeed. And then, we supported the idea of the Mars token. It happens that everyone is right in their own way. The model in which Vlad’s team worked seemed a bit rough to us, so we went separate ways. We are working in parallel. Our traders do not help them.

Question 1: Okay, thank you.
Kirill: I don’t really like such things at all. Is it discussed often? Question 1: Yes. Thank you.
Kirill: Thank you.

Question 2: Hello, everyone. My name is Nastya. I came here for two things: the first is to thank you all because our minds want either to survive or have fun. It seems to me that many have figured out how to have fun. The second thing is that I have not heard about the rise in the Index at the conference.

Kirill: That’s right. This was a discussion, not a price increase. Be careful with this. This was not an announcement. If it will be so, we will tell you.

Question 2: Thanks anyway. Now we have so many people buying 20 Indexes. We are delighted.

Kirill: We are not chasing anything. There are far fewer questions on Index 1 now because they have smoothly shifted to Index 2.

Question 2: Thank you.

Question 3: Guys, hello everyone. Thanks to the whole team for their work. My first question is for Marat. You have said that the withdrawal to the crypto card is temporarily blocked. Why is it so?

Marat: It’s just that they have blocked it all over Russia because European companies have got a ban on service.

Question 2: How long will it last? Marat: It may never end.

Question 2: Okay, I get it. Second question. Vouchers. I’ve heard that a person who has not had Index 1, signed up a person for Index 1 and received two vouchers. Is it right or not?

Zygmunt: This is indeed the case now, but it is not right. This is being fixed. All people who sell during this period will receive three vouchers.

Question 2: Thank you. The last question. Kirill, would you like to change the slogan of the company?

Kirill: Now we have another one. In fact, I don’t care what other people do. I care about what people who want to develop the company do. These are two different types of people. Make money and improve the world. This is what I am sharing with everyone now.

Question 2: Alright, thanks. Kirill: Thank you.

Question 3: Zygmunt, good evening. I have a question regarding Index 1. My partner has bought Index 2, and then another one has bought 20 Indexes. The turnover became 20,000, but the vouchers were not received. Will he get them anyway?

Zygmunt: Yes, three vouchers.

Question 3: Thanks a lot. I also want to say that an hour ago, I received the 5th star and an award of 500 CFR. This is very important to me: I am a widow, I am bringing up two children, I also have a second degree of disability. You have literally saved me.

Kirill: In fact, it is always with tears, but you had a plan, and now you are implementing it with our help. The most important thing is the plan. Thank you so much.

Question 3: Thank you.

Question 4: Hello, guys. I want to say thank you very much, you are cool. My first question is for Edward. What are the terms for Brokerka and Copy Trade approximately?

Edward: Brokerka is at the testing stage. We are currently checking personal accounts. You can register right now. The registration link is on my website. Concerning Copy Trade. It turned out that everything is more complicated than we thought. Our servers do not hold up, so it will be implemented through Brokerka.

Question 4: Thank you. The second question is about Fin2Fin. I understand that it is already working for the first 100 people, but I have partners who registered there two months ago, but they are still being checked. What should they do? Wait or reload?

Kirill: Wait. Well, if we launch some things or say something but it does not happen, it does not mean that we have screwed up. We just accumulate energy. I have realized that I would rather play a more global game when those partners invest part of their capital in a loan venture. You have to be patient. We are technically ready. In general, I will talk about ventures in Yekaterinburg.

Question 4: Okay, thanks. Marat, about the FNK app. It’s just like a gift for my birthday. Thank you.

Question 5: Hello, my name is Fedor. First of all, I would like to thank you for this event. I am a new person in your team, so the question has arisen for me: “When will all this end?”

Kirill: Look, if our point of income was only in the fact that people get something, then losses would be inevitable in a year and a half. The market is always dynamic. We work in the stock markets and earn there. We work with your money. If something works out, we share the income. If it doesn’t work, then everyone loses. That’s why this model works. It will collapse when we stop demanding growth from ourselves. This will not happen. That’s all. I just won’t calm down.

Question 5: The second question. Many organizations are closing down due to the involvement of law enforcement agencies. What will happen to your company?

Kirill: You are getting money. Do you want to know how to frame us? No, I won’t tell.
Question 5: Agree that your company is developing very strongly.
Kirill: I do not agree, because our plans have been fulfilled by 3 percent. We are a small company so far.

Question 5: Thank you, Kirill. I was glad to talk.

Kirill: I understand what you are asking, but now no one has an answer. We operate according to a high-risk model. All we do is foresee them. Thank you.

Question 6: Hello, guys. A question to Marat about FNK. Index 2 appears, but partners face two problems: a large fee when selling. Are you going to change the platform to one where the commission is not so high? And the second moment arises when people start using Index 2. The way of converting FNK into money is too difficult. Will it be easier?

Marat: Now you can do everything through the Vexel application. They are our partners. If you are talking about a high commission, then you can exchange it on the exchange.

Question 6: There is also a high commission there.

Marat: But you don’t withdraw FNK from the exchange. In any case, it is not possible without a fee.

Kirill: What is your proposal?

Question 6: Make a simple conversion tool.

Marat: In any case, there will be a commission. Now Ether 2.0 is coming out. But in general, we’ll see how it will be.

Question 6: Will the cards help to solve the issue?

Marat: There is, let’s say, a way of how it can be avoided, but we are still thinking about implementation.

Kirill: Thank you, let’s move on.

Question 7: Good evening. Andrey Kovalev, the 6th star. I want to say a huge thank you to all of you. Guys, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time. In Kyrgyzstan, people cannot re-register.

Zygmunt: What is the question?

Question 7: Need help in re-registering.

Zygmunt: I need at least an ID. Has a month passed since registration?

Question 7: Yes, but we submitted a statement the next day.

Zygmunt: Contact me.

Question 7: Okay. Kirill, when are we filming the video? 10 months ago, I wrote a song about Finiko. I wrote about cashback. There is a good song, only money is needed. Send me CFR to my ID.

Kirill: And if you spend it? Sounds threatening.
Question 7: I have signed up my granny who is 65 years old. Thanks a lot.

Question 8: Hello, my name is Ksenia, the 5th star. Greetings to the whole structure. I’ll start with gratitude. Thank you all very much. My life has changed dramatically in a few months. I also want to congratulate my partner Nastya who is going to get the money for a car today. The question about combining marketing plans. It was said that they would combine CTI 1 and 2 and the cashback.

Zygmunt: Everything is ready. It will be on Friday.

Question 8: Thank you. Another question on Index 2. Are there any more plans to increase profitability? Are there any limits? No forecasts yet?

Kirill: No. This is the same as with the guarantee. Question 8: Alright, thank you.

Question 9: Kirill, Edward, Marat, Zygmunt, hello everyone. I didn’t know what question to ask, but I knew for sure that I would come here. But the question has arisen. Marat, please explain, I’ve heard that there are problems with withdrawal, or have I misunderstood?

Marat: Now the whole of Russia is closed for withdrawal from payment services of foreign companies. It’s just a pay-to-card service.

Question 9: Marat, what service would you personally use?

Marat: I use Vexel. It works awesome, but it is quite unclear. I’m telling the guys to make a proper application that would be understandable to other people.

Question 9: And another question. Finiko is gaining momentum now. How prepared is the company for further growth?

Kirill: Everything is bad, nothing is ready, we are late, but we are working on it. It’s okay. There will be no third-party services, we will do everything ourselves, but we just have to wait for a little.

Question 9: Thank you.

Question 10: Good afternoon, my name is Nikolay. I am from the city of Irkutsk. I have a question for Marat. A failure has occurred while replenishing the wallet. The person transferred from the USDT wallet, so the money went nowhere. I contacted technical support, sent screenshots, but nothing has happened so far.

Zygmunt: There is a 99.9% chance it is lost.

Kirill: We do not have it.

Zygmunt: Message me on Instagram. We’ll see what’s in there, but I don’t promise anything.

Kirill: We will not be wasting time now. But send a message. We’ll see. Thank you.

Question 11: Kirill, hello. During the last broadcast with Ilgiz, you touched on the topic of the school of coaches. Can you tell me about it in detail?

Kirill: These are some mentoring skills that I lacked when you worked in groups. The next Club will include mentoring topics. There will be three techniques. That is a toolkit that they will be able to use in any sphere.

Question 11: I understand, thank you.

Question 12: Good evening, everyone. Glad to see you. Maybe it will be a tautology of your answer for the guy in the blue suit. I have figured out the company’s guarantee algorithm for myself – it is new projects that attract different people. Therefore, all your doubts are your death.

Kirill: It doesn’t matter to me whether you doubt it or not, we will do what we have been doing.

Question 12: I have a question about the Club. The tickets were gone yesterday. I understand that everything is going fast, but my vision is to distribute them by 10, 9, and so on. At least like that.

Kirill: We have other events for that, for small stars.
Question 12: I am ready to pay extra now and be an exception to the rule.
Kirill: We have a lot of such requests with threats of suffocation, but I don’t like being choked. Question 12: I just have questions that I want to ask there.

Kirill: The maximum we will do is extend it for the 4th day. I like to attract people who have come a certain way. I want to spend time with people to whom I do not need to explain what the 5th star is. I was thinking about arranging everything in levels, but that’s not it. I would pay more attention to people who have achieved some heights.

Question 12: I would like to remind you of that boy who said that he wanted to become a network director at the age of 20.

Kirill: So what?
Question 12: I just want to say that there are such people.

Kirill: So, do you know how many people I have who want to do something? This many. I am ready to work with those who do something. I am ready to work with a boy who will tell me in three months that he has already done something.

Question 12: I will repeat the question then.

Kirill: Day 4 is the maximum. 21 – no, because the groups are divided in half.

Zygmunt: Perhaps it will be 4 days.

Kirill: It is 70 percent ready.

Question 12: The next live issue. The last one. Is it possible to make an office online, as I travel around a lot?

Zygmunt: Let me interrupt you and say that we are preparing such a model. It is already done, but we will launch it later.

Question 12: One more thing. Zygmunt: No, that’s all.

Question 12: This is not even a question, but a proposal. I am a representative of Armenia. I would like to open a canteen for the poor in Armenia, but on behalf of Finiko.

Kirill: I understand. We do not have that. Hi-token is a project that has high organizational potential. And then, there will already be a bunch of projects arising from it. Most likely, it will be online. Just for efficiency.

Question 12: Thank you.

Question 13: Hi, guys. I have two such short questions for all of you. First: I am a fan of the 23:55 time of the day. Those who don’t know what I am talking about, I want you to experience it. The issue is technical. Zygmunt, look. There is no bottom plate with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for the deposit in the cashback section. When you add something there, everything shifts, unlike the receipts and account tabs. Do you understand what I mean?

Zygmunt: Yes, you can message me. If you have a screenshot, it will be great. I’ll have a look. Question 13: And Kirill, the second thing. I wanted to ask you how coffee affects mineral composition. Kirill: I just like it. I believe that you should do whatever you like.
Question 13: I understand, but how about the effect?
Kirill: I have days when I don’t drink coffee at all, but there are days when I drink a lot.
Zygmunt: Coffee doesn’t conflict with anything. You can drink.

Kirill: In terms of composition, I can say so: I did not feel bad. There was no fundamental change because I have always monitored my health. But now I just pay attention to the nuances. Coffee has never bothered me, I just liked the taste. I don’t enjoy the effect, I just feel good. When I drink a lot of coffee, I feel like a Michelin in the ad.

Question 13: Okay, thank you all. I won’t keep you any longer. Zygmunt: Thank you.
Kirill: I haven’t seen any fundamental difference.

Question 14: Hello, everyone. I would like to ask a question about cashback. I have partners from Moldova, and it is divided into two parts. There is such a moment that when you select the leu currency, there is no ruble. So I wanted to ask Zygmunt a question regarding this. Could you make a leu and indicate a ruble in the brackets?

Zygmunt: We will not indicate any other currencies in the brackets. Question 14: It is just confusing because there is no local ruble. Zygmunt: Which country again? We’ll have a look, thanks.

Question 14: I would also like to say that such religious questions have arisen many times. I myself am a Muslim. Many have asked if it is allowed to engage in such activities. I also want to say a big thank you to my mother, because I am standing here now thanks to her. If you bring happiness to your mother’s heart, the Almighty will reward you. This company has provided me an opportunity to give my mother whatever she wants.

Kirill: I have an ambivalent attitude, although I was versed in many religions at some point. Thanks for your position. In principle, it all comes down to one thing: take care of your relatives, of those who brought you into this world, and then everything will be fine with you. Thank you so much.

Question 14: Sorry, Kirill. I am also interested in one thing. I have a partner in Italy, and they do not have an opportunity to deposit a particular amount of money, since there are no such resources. If there are people who have offices there, then I will be waiting for you at the 5th door. Help me, please. And the next moment. You have been discussing that in each locality you would like to have a person who would be your leader. I am the person who could organize the construction of the camp.

Kirill: I hear. Look, so far I have set the conditions on which I would like to build such a community. First, we will brainstorm, then go for a ride, then brainstorm again and go home. I’m ready to talk with those people, and then, apparently, another model will appear. Now it is rough. I would like to be united by something more than just the desire to work together. When we experience something together, we find a common language.

Question 14: Thank you very much. I want to wish you the best of luck with the men’s challenge. Kirill: Thank you.

Question 15: Good afternoon. My name is Marina, I am from Dagestan. I would like to ask you with gratitude. I have a question about today’s information. Why are children’s camps only through the men’s challenge? I am interested in the social component, in the development of the camps. And another question about the Hi token. How can one take the initiative?

Kirill: There is no way at the moment because there is no model. Now you can just be the owner. How does the token work? When $1 is deposited, $3 goes to charity, another $1 is paid for the entire staff, and for another $1 we start looking for other projects. How exactly and what projects? I can’t say. Yes, we will start with the men’s challenge.

Question 15: I mean, I know entrepreneurs who are ready to do charity work.

Kirill: Please, bring them here. Those who do a lot of work to popularize the token will receive project responsibility privileges.

Question 15: Will there be some kind of gradation by regions, by spheres? Let’s suppose some people want to do only charity work only in a certain area. Will there be gradation?

Kirill: I can’t say anything yet. Everything that comes, we do.

Question 15: Then I have such a small proposal. I have just come up with it. Now the charity is in a separate window, and not everyone goes there…

Kirill: There will be a link. Right from the personal account. It will become part of the Hi token. This is a separate life, a system.

Question 15: Thank you.

Question 16: Good evening. Albina, Chelyabinsk. Of course, I am very grateful to you. I have a question for Zygmunt about the car program. When does the countdown start? From the moment the contract was closed, or from the moment the money was received? A person has been on a long business trip, the money has come and is on the account.

Zygmunt: There is no countdown until he presses the withdraw button.

Question 16: It is just that the support has given an unclear answer. I also have such a request. A person has written an email regarding startups but there is no response. It is simply not clear whether you liked the project or not. There is no feedback.

Kirill: Let me answer. There are a lot of people with ideas and very few people with a team. So, please, respect the fact that we are saving time and money.

Question 16: May I say, please. This is a request.

Kirill: Look, you need to assess yourself sensibly and make breakthroughs. You must be on top. What you do must be fire. But you also need to think about scaling. It is necessary to take into account a lot of parameters. Thank you.

Question 16: Thank you.

Question 17: Good afternoon. I have quick questions. There is a question from partners about taxes. From those who have bought a car. How to report it?

Zygmunt: The model is being slightly redesigned.

Kirill: In short, we have a very in-depth analysis of the cryptocurrency law on digital assets. We also have a great advantage of the token. What is the FNK tax? You get more risks if you do not declare income from cryptocurrency. We are preparing this model, just be patient.

Zygmunt: Technically, everything is ready. We just need to check everything for legality. Edward: We’ll make a separate presentation. We will publish it later.
Kirill: So, the next question.
Question 17: Zygmunt, can a Finiko blogger be a partner?

Zygmunt: Yes. Working 24/7 is tough, but it is not necessary. There are 30 bloggers around the country, and if we need to film a case in Krasnodar, you can say that you will do it.

Question 17: I see, alright. Marat, you don’t always go live. Will you do a live stream with me? Marat: Message me.
Question 17: I did.
Marat: I remember, do it again.

Question 17: And the last question. I have partners in Spain, but there is no office there. She wants to open it, but no one gives permission. There are no materials. Zygmunt, can you help?

Zygmunt: Message me.

Question 17: Okay, thanks. I have been with the company for a year and a half, and I am very grateful to everyone.

Question 18: Hi. Can you hear me? I have a question, probably, to Zygmunt about marketing and the combination of CTI 1 and 2. Is there any timing?

Zygmunt: It is ready and currently being tested. It will be on Friday.

Question 18: And regarding Humanity Token. I have friends who are involved in forest restoration. They have a nursery. They harvest seedlings, full cycle. They have a goal: to sow 2 million hectares, and it requires funding.

Kirill: What do you want? I will not give money.
Question 18: Will the token help them? How can they do it?
Kirill: Message me. It’s difficult to understand now. Maybe they’re just doing a poor job. Question 18: They have experience.
Kirill: I understand, I just need a specific description and the tasks.
Question 18: Where should I send it?
Kirill: Take a risk, send me a direct message.
Question 18: Okay, thanks.
Question 19: Hello, my name is Diana. Can FNK be transferred to the cashback service?
Zygmunt: Good question, we should write it down. We haven’t even thought about it. Thank you.

Question 19: And another question. You say that a person can come to a company with a zero deposit and, receiving referral rewards, create their own. But in fact, it turns out that if he does not have Indexes, then…

Kirill: He will make money, not on the Index products. It will not be otherwise, because those are different models.

Question 19: There will only be a voucher, right?

Kirill: Yes.

Question 19: Thank you.

Question 20: Good evening, I have a question-proposal. Every entrepreneur calculates his profit in any case. Is it possible to implement the profit calculation for the period in the wallet?

Zygmunt: It will definitely be there. There will even be a separate section with statistics, where you can select any product or period. It will be in a new design version.

Question 20: Another question. My newbie partner has signed up a person, and after a while, it turned out that the last two digits of his ID link were not correct. In short, the situation is that he has registered using a different link.

Zygmunt: If you registered incorrectly but let us know within a month, we will definitely resolve the issue.

Question 20: Should a third party be involved in this? We just don’t even know who it is.

Zygmunt: Technical support will contact him and ask to confirm the transition. If he refuses, then you can simply delete the account and create it again. And if he is silent, then everything will be done automatically.

Question 20: There is already a branch developing. Thank you. Hence the proposal is. When a person clicks on a link, is it possible to make a window with the inviter’s data?

Zygmunt: Yes, but then we will be punished for disclosing personal data. We will make it a little differently. Now it will be so that you will have to type in the ID yourself to avoid mistakes.

Question 21: Kirill, hello. I will be fast. I have cerebral palsy and I want to enter Finiko but I cannot since I do not have a father and my mother works. I have contacted support and realized that you help people with cerebral palsy under 18 years old. I would like to convey to you through my blog how to log in somehow. It would be a good way out for those people who have the same disease. Can you help me somehow?

Kirill: I didn’t fully understand the question. Yes, we really work with children with cerebral palsy under 18. We have not considered other programs.

Zygmunt: There is just an update. We are employing such people.

Kirill: Yes, some time ago I set such a task to create an opportunity for getting a job. If you explore new opportunities, then welcome to us. If not, then find a partner who will help you formulate your suggestions so that we can help you. Thank you.

Question 21: Okay, thanks.
Zygmunt: Thank you.
Question 22: Hello, guys. When will you come to Tajikistan?

Kirill: Now we are preparing an event where we can gather the Caucasus and neighboring republics. If you are ready to take responsibility for organizing the event, then I will be all for it. Ready to take over? Now we cannot just come with 200 people. Do you understand?

Question 22: Okay, I’ll find everything out soon. I also want to address my fellow countrymen. Guys, let’s sell Finiko products, stop selling vegetables. Thank you very much, thank you.

Kirill: Unfortunately, we have to stick to the plan. The time for questions is over. You can send all recommendations to Ramis. The hall is not endless. I understand. I accept everything that you are saying now, but we have regulations. Thank you so much. Anything that can be sent by email, please send it. We do not cheat people, we work without insurance. That’s it. Now we will have a rewarding and a marketing plan. Who is responsible for rewarding?

Zygmunt: In short, someone has heard, someone has not, but we had a competition for the most creative video about CBS ONE. And we have winners and certain nominations that we want to highlight. We have a nomination for The Best Foreign Language Video. This person is not here today, but we would like you to watch the video clip. The nominee from Europe gets an iPhone 11. This is not the whole video. They have received the prize not for this. We extract some parts from each video to save time. This man is from France – personal respect to him. We also have a nomination called Crime. These guys get a trip to Dubai for two people. Let’s watch it. Cool, huh? We have a nomination related to cinema or

theater. This is Sergey Kanygin, he also gets an iPhone. The next nomination hasn’t existed at all, but this song. I wanted to go on stage to this song but did want to spoil it. Now we have a Viral Video nomination. It will probably get stuck in someone’s head. Great job. They also have won a trip for two to Dubai. We are getting closer to the top prizes. We still have three winners here, right? Yes, I guess, that’s all. Third place, the winner. Let’s first show the video, then I will announce and invite you to the stage. The name of the winner is Sergey. Go on stage, and we will give you the prize. Sergey won the Volkswagen Polo. Next winner. Applause. The winner is Ivan, he won the Hyundai Creta. Come on, get up. Now we will be rewarding everyone. And the final video, which takes first place. I asked to show this video in full version. It lasts one and a half or two minutes. This person has directed and came up with the video. He gets the Mercedes Benz GLA 200. Let’s see. No, let’s watch the full movie. No? For some reason, there is no full video. The first place was taken by Teymur.

Teymur: Can you hear me? I want to say thank you to the organizers and the team. This is not my personal victory. Maxim, Vanya, Anya, my mommy, thank you. In short: dream, believe and act.

Zygmunt: Congratulations, you are getting the Mercedes. Do you want to say a word too? Second place.

Ivan: Hello, everyone. My name is Ivan, Sochi. In fact, the idea behind the video was very simple. What was the task? It had to be creative. What’s the idea? A person does not necessarily have to scan the receipts of the country where they live. He can do it in other countries as well and receive cashback.

Zygmunt: Congratulations. Second place.

Sergey: I want to say thanks to everyone who participated in my video, who responded and starred with me. I would like to thank Kirill and his team for this opportunity. Thank you.

Zygmunt: Thank you. Congratulations. That’s all. There were a lot of talented people. All these videos can be viewed on our channel. I would like you to see how other people did it because, in May, we will have a similar competition. It will be a case competition. For example, I am an entrepreneur, and with the help of Finiko, I have increased my income 10 fold. We were very inspired by this approach to the March competition, so we have decided to increase the budget. There will be many cars, Apple gadgets, and many other prizes. Now, Ilgiz Shakirov will tell you about the marketing plan. Thank you so much.

Ilgiz: Hello. Can you hear me? A huge amount of information, of course. For a very long time, we have been hearing that someone has 10 stars, someone has 7, but what is it? We have a lot of partners, we are developing. I would like to talk about how we make money. Stability is a sign of well-being. Our marketing plan is so stable, so high-quality, that anyone can understand it. It consists of two elements and has come to a point when many stars have simply stopped talking about it. The most important thing that I understood for myself at the very beginning, and which was difficult for me to explain to more experienced marketers later, is that we do not have an incoming stream. I have already spoken about it several times. Are there partners who have ever done MLM? Not everyone, yes. And there is someone who gets scared. Our company is not of that kind. In general, all such companies are built on the incoming stream. If tomorrow there will be no money received, then you will not get your interest. So, when I got to know the company, it was very difficult for me to understand that it was not necessary to constantly sell here. Here it is enough to make a turnover once. Let’s start from the beginning. Even if you don’t have money today, you can register without payment, and then, promoting the company, you get 5%. Let’s suppose a person has a mortgage. Every day he wakes up thinking of it. But he will most likely overpay about 3 million rubles to the bank. You can offer this person to pay off his mortgage in a year for 35%. He can resolve the issue immediately. I am absolutely sure that 8 people from your circle

would agree to such a proposal. You can get from 5% of 30,000. This is for one project. But at the same time, there are people who are building a career. They are interested not only in being a client but also in popularizing as much as possible. The company has such a pleasant classification called stars. If you make a turnover once and attract customers for $10,000 through your recommendation, you get 1 star. And at that moment, you receive 3% of the profit. Someone will say that this is nothing. But next month, you will get 3% again. And this will already grow into a much larger number. And then there will be the second star and so on. If you have the 5th star, then your stable daily income is $200. And if you are already the 10th star, then it is about $1,500. Or it can be even $7,500 from one product. And we have a lot of them. Earn money and improve the world. This is what we are doing. The first thing is personal work, the second is that someone comes through your recommendation. Simple marketing. In fact, that’s it. At the same time, I would like to say one more thing. On January 31, I guess, I said that the work on marketing plans combination was started. And as Zygmunt said, everything will start working from Friday. Congratulations to everyone. From now on, everyone’s career should go uphill. Everything is simple. Have a nice evening, everyone. Bye-bye. Wait a minute, friends. A bit late.

Karina: Hello, my name is Karina. I represent the Promo department. Today, I will tell you about the long-awaited April Promo. The promo will run from April 6 to April 30. The first part will combine sales of Index 1 and 2 and cashback. To complete the Promo, you will need to make sales in the first line. Now I’ll tell you about gifts. With a turnover of 10,000 CFR, you will get the opportunity to attend team-building from the company in May. With a turnover of 30,000, you will get Apple Watch. With a turnover of 60,000 – an iPhone 12. If your turnover is 100,000 CFR, you will get an iPhone 12 Pro Max. 300,000 CFR – MacBook Air. 500,000 CFR – a certificate for the purchase of jewelry worth $20,000. 1,000,000 CFR – Porsche Cayenne. 5,000,000 CFR – Mercedes G-class. We will also have the second part of the Promo, which will combine sales of the first aid kit. To participate, you will have to make sales to the first line. With a turnover of 6,000 CFR, you will receive 200 CFR. 12,000 – AirPods PRO. 18,000 – Apple Watch Series 6. 30,000 – iPhone 12. 54,000 – iPhone 12 Pro Max. 204,000 – MacBook Air. 300,000 – 5,000 CFR. And if you sell for 1,002,000, you will get a Tesla Model 3. I also wanted to remind you that we have implemented a Promo section in your personal accounts.

Zygmunt: We can show it. In order to keep it in sight, we have integrated it into the personal account. You can see the number of current Promos. We click the button and already see the conditions and prizes. This column will be filling up. The dates will be indicated here. There are two Promo sections. Here is the Doronium one. All gifts will be shown here. We have updated it. From today, there will be a Promo. Special thanks to Karina. She is on stage for the first time today. That’s all for sure. Thank you. Bye.

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