18 June 2021
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How to make early loan repayment in 2020
How to make early loan repayment in 2020
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D: Hello, everyone, once again! We are currently filming the loan repayment case with Mikhail. Mikhail, please, say hello to everyone.

M: Hello.

D: Mikhail, please tell us about yourself: where do you live, what do you do, what is your profession?

M: I live in Krasnoyarsk. I work in the municipal enterprise POPAT-5 as a driver. D: Can I first ask you about Finiko in general? How did you find out about us?

M: My wife told me about the company. It turned out that my daughter had told my wife. We had given it a try and had invested $1,000. Later, we entered the program “Buy a car for 35%”. I took out a loan for a car and invested $9,560 in Finiko.

D: How much was it? Many people in Russia have unpaid loans, including people from Krasnoyarsk. And many people will watch this video.

M: That was exactly $9,560 for a car and $3,640 for the loan repayment. And now it’s been three months since the company started paying me $1,190 per month.

D: What was your debt at the time when you joined Finiko? $9,100?
M: $9,560.
D: Have you contributed $2,600?
M: I have contributed $3,640 so that the company pays off the loan for us. D: And how much do you receive monthly?

M: $1,190. I have been receiving this sum for three months, but there is still $5,450 of unpaid debt.

D: And after what time will your loan be fully repaid? M: In 9 months.

D: And would you repay the loan without Finiko? How much would you pay to a bank per month?

M: I would pay $226 per month, but I have deposited just once, and now I receive the money from Finiko instead. I will get the last payment in December, and I will have a car. We need two cars – one for me and one for my wife.

D: Look, how many years have you been working as a driver? Are you still working? M: Yes, I do. I have been working there since 1997, for 23 years so far.

D: Has your life become simpler after you found out about Finiko? Has it changed for the better?

M: You know, whomever I tell about the company, they think this is a financial Pyramide, and everyone is afraid of it. In a Pyramide, people do nothing, just take money from the latest clients and give it to those who have come first. That is the Pyramidal system, and in such a case, money does not work. My wife watches a lot of videos with the founder of Finiko while cooking. She thoroughly examines every piece of information.

D: Haven’t you examined everything by yourself?

M: Well, I have listened to what he says – where the money comes from and how. Finance is working instead of just being present on a bank account, as it usually is in the case of Pyramids.

D: Is there someone who believes everything is transparent?

M: Yes, I show people everything. And after I received this car, many of them started asking: “Well, how is it? Let me try!”.

D: We will not discuss your car in this video, but we will talk about it later.

M: I reply to those people: “Well, you know, if you want to work with Finiko – do so. If you don’t want to – it is your choice. Stop saying that you want to, but you are afraid. You have to make a choice. The system works, so why not?

D: Do you help people to figure everything out somehow? Do you tell them everything in detail?

M: Yes, I do. People who come are brave and happy. My first friend, who joined me, has just received $1,350. When I met him, he was like: “Hooray! Yeeha!”. But people usually do not know how to approach it because they do not believe it. And then they ask: “Well, tell me, how does it work?”. I have been telling people about this at work. My wife also has spoken to some of my friends as she has more information. She always makes everything as clear as possible. And then our friends just keep thinking. Everyone wants to wait and see a result first. And when someone succeeds, others become interested too. Guys, if you would like to join Finiko, just do it. Everything will be alright. Because this all works, and it is real.

D: Mikhail, thank you very much for the interview. We have already mentioned that all your financial issues will resolve in December. Are you planning to join any other programs besides car purchasing?

M: Of course, we will.

D: All right, you can say goodbye to everyone. Bye-bye! M: Goodbye.

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