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How to establish an office in 2020?
How to establish an office in 2020?
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– Hello everyone, we are at Lilia’s. Today she will tell us how she heard about Finiko and decided to open the office. Lilia, tell us about yourself.

– I’m just a woman, just a mother, just a partner of Finiko and an office manager. – Where did you work before Finiko?

– I was just a bank clerk before and had spent 22 years in that field. I have not worked anywhere besides the bank. Therefore, partnership with Finiko is a new frontier, new opportunities, and new challenges, to say so.

– How long have you been working with Finiko?

– I have been in Finiko since July 2019. At the time when I was offered to become a partner, there was still very little information about the company on the Internet. Therefore, I had many questions. I was looking for information, explored it. And when I realized that I wanted to work with Finiko, I made my first investment. Later, when the debt repayment programs appeared, I was offered to participate in it. At that time, I had a loan of $7,800, and the perspective of paying it off at $200 a month for 5 years. And I thought, “why not try?”. I deposited $2,800 in September and received the first payment in October! To date, the company has already transferred 7 payments to me. In August, the loan will be fully paid off.

By the way, at the time of joining the program, Lilia had just taken out a loan with the purpose of purchasing a car. However, later Lilia realized that she did not want a car for such a price and decided to invest that money in other products of the company. Lilia also took advantage of the program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost”. You can watch a video on this topic on our channel.

– How did you decide to open an office in Ufa?

– I had finished my banking career back then and went to a conference in Moscow. There, I have realized that I wanted to establish an office in Ufa. Why? I have thought that it is important to me what products we can provide to people.

– How does the office work?

– Quite normal. People call, come for a consultation. We tell, explain, work on some points with them. Of course, every client has some kind of fear threshold, and those fears also need to be overcome. It’s also important to showcase your results to motivate clients to take action. To someone you can show your online bank on the phone, to someone – the car outside the window, to someone you can write down the action plan on a piece of paper. They have really become children to me. For me, Finiko is like a second life. I love and respect every customer here.

-What would you advise people who, for example, want to open an office? More precisely, those who want to know how to establish an office competently? So that the office is not just an empty space.

-Probably, it is important to know how to communicate with people, to be able to convey information correctly. Moreover, every client needs a certain approach. With someone you should drink tea, someone needs to be encouraged, someone even needs to be put in his place.

-What does it mean to put someone in their place?

-Well, some people have a negative attitude towards the company at first. We are also working on such points. I even feel like a psychologist sometimes.

– Perhaps, some kind of people’s opinions should be changed. Probably, you should have some kind of psychologist skills also. Do you keep some statistics on contracts? Well, for example, how many car agreements are there? I just see that there are a lot of loans.

-No. Probably I should.
– No, I do not mean that you should, I am just wondering for what period.

– No, I haven’t kept statistics. Well, there are a lot of them, really a lot. For example, one client may have two loan repayment agreements – for a car and real estate. I have clients who were wary of the company at first. There was one client who first came with a loan of $4,000. We signed the contract, and a month later the client received the first payment. Then, he came with a new loan of $13,000, and we made another agreement. He got paid again and deposited money for the car. In summer, he will already get a car. That is how our work is going. Someone brings everything at once “Here, I have five loans, let’s do something!”

– It also depends on the character of a person.

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