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How to buy Toyota Camry at a profit
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How to buy Toyota Camry at a profit

PR director of FINIKO, Dilyara Gumerova

– Hello, everyone! Now we are in Ufa, and today I would like to introduce you the Rakhmatullin family – Elena and Radim. They will tell us how they purchased a car for 35% of its price.

Good afternoon! Could you tell us a little about yourself, please: tell us your story about Finiko, what did you start with?

– Hello! For the first time we learned about Finiko in August 2019. We liked the business model and financial products.

– How did you know about it? Did someone tell you?

– We found out about it from friends, then we began to study it in detail. We went to one of the conferences in Ufa. After this conference, all our doubts flew away. We joined “Index” and a “Car program” as partners.

– So it looks like a family business, is not it? Are you developing together?

– We work in tandem!

– At the moment, all of you obtain 3 stars. Is there any competitive moments? Do you measure up with the stars?

– No, we do not.

– Tell us about your purchase: what car you obtain now, and how exactly did you decide to join the program?

– Now we obtain Toyota Camry. Initially, we deposited 385,000 rubles, and in 95 days we received 1,100,000 rubles.

– Did you know in advance what make you want?

– No, we were considering among several models and settled on Toyota Camry.

– Is this your case, right? I mean, it was you, not Radim, who joined this program?

– Yes.

– Great. What could you recommend people who also want to join the program “Purchase a car for 35% of its cost?” What do they need to do and what should they start with?

– First of all, they need to study the company. Secondly, they should take away all your doubts by studying it.

– I believe the biggest risk in our rapidly changing world is not taking them. Be a little bit of an adventurer like my husband and I am, and everything will be great!

– How did your friends and acquaintances react? Usually most of people do not believe.

– Initially, we were observing, and after we started closing the stars, and showed them our income from investments. At that moment, the term to receive money for a car was already coming, and people slowly started joining these programs.

– Before you received the money?

– Yes, we were in the process. Our partners began to join the “Car program”.

– Recently we filmed Rodion Shubin, and he said: “Two days before the car purchase there was a man who could not believe me for six months, and after he saw my Lexus, he said:“ That’s it, you bought me! ”

– Yes, we had the same thing!

To all those who want to look at the cases of a car purchasing for 35% of its cost – they can watch our YouTube channel, Instagram, Telegram and VKontakte. Please, like and subscribe!

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