18 June 2021
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How to buy Mercedes Benz at a bargain price with Finiko?
How to buy Mercedes Benz at a bargain price with Finiko?
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Yuri: Katerina, hello. Welcome or, as we say here, räxim itegez! You came from Tyumen to Kazan. Katerina: Yes, hello. My name is Katerina. I came from Tyumen to Kazan. I’m here for the first time.

Yuri: You are stealing my text. Good. First things first – tell us how it happened so that you are picking up the car here and, in general, the story of how you have ended up with a Mercedes-Benz.

Katerina: Look, I entered the car program in June. I invested $13,000. As a result, I received $54,000. I really wanted to buy this car in Kazan, to make beautiful shots, to see my team. I entered Finiko through people who live in Kazan. I met them on Instagram, on the Internet. We got to know each other, they sent their Finiko link to me, I studied everything and realized that I definitely needed to participate.

Yuri: Just like that?

Katerina: Just like that. In June, I entered the car program, bought Indexes, and became a partner. Accordingly, I am always in touch with my Kazan team. And I had a dream to see them all in person so that they could come to congratulate me. And when my team came to congratulate me with flowers and balloons, it was very nice.

Yuri: Your dream has come true. How did it happen? Why Kazan? There are partners all over the world. How did it happen?

Katerina: I participated in a financial literacy online course, and they said that it is very important to invest, to have passive income to feed yourself and your family, let’s say. Pension and all that doesn’t work anymore. And I began to ask myself the question: “Where should I invest?” And I sent a message to that chat with a request to suggest to me where I could do it. And a girl from Kazan, Albina, responded to my message. She said that she was in such a company and that she could tell me more if I was interested. I wrote to her, and then another acquaintance took place, and this is how our big team has developed.

Yuri: Yes, I always say that people in Kazan are very friendly, ready to respond, this is true. Come to Kazan, we will be very happy. Then tell us about what is happening in your life right now, what programs you are in. You’ve got the car – it’s very cool.

Katerina: Yes. Yuri: What’s next?

Katerina: From now on I will participate in different programs too. So, I want to enter the real estate and the car program again. I have a lot of plans. I use almost all products: I have Indexes, I constantly reinvest, I have cashback, I have different Products. And now, I have just taken the car. Step by step.

Yuri: Where are you planning to buy an apartment?

Katerina: An apartment in Tyumen for now. And then, we’ll see.

Yuri: Then, maybe, in Kazan.

Katerina: As I have said, this is my first time in this city. I really like Kazan – very cool. I would not mind an apartment in Kazan.

Yuri: Okay, what is your cashback deposit?

Katerina: Currently my cashback deposit is 1,700. And every time I accumulate the deposit, I invest it back in cashback. So, this way, I increase the deposit. I don’t spend it and I want to reach a higher standard.

Yuri: For what purposes do you use cashback most often? For your monthly expenditures?

Katerina: Look, every month you have to pay for an apartment, for the Internet, for this, for that, for beauty salons. I reach my cashback limit in a week.

Yuri: In a week?

Katerina: Yes. And it is not enough for me. Therefore, I reinvest money so that I have enough for a month. Something like that.

Yuri: Alright. What will be your next car? I remember that you have mentioned the second one. Katerina: To be honest, I’m still thinking. But maybe it will be a new Porsche from the dealership. Yuri: Do you want to pick it up from Kazan too?
Katerina: Perhaps. Who knows.

Yuri: What are your plans for the future? What is your current status?

Katerina: Now I have a 6-star status. I think with my team, I will soon have 10 stars, but now, there are still 6.

Yuri: What are you planning next: how to develop, how many people, what kind of income? And when? You seem to have everything planned.

Katerina: Everything is planned, yes. I entered the company on June 6. At the moment, my income is $9,500. These are referrals from my team, Indexes – all together. So, it is very profitable to build a team. In my plans, of course, 10 is the minimum. This is generally the minimum. I mean, I must become the 10th star for sure. To expand my team, the first line. I currently work more with the people of my people. And my most important plan is that I will shortly open my office in Tyumen.

Yuri: Cool! Well, everything is clear. You have ambitious plans. You will strive forward. I wish you the best of luck and hope we will meet again. I’m sure you will succeed. If you want to say something to those people who are watching us, then now is the right moment.

Katerina: Yes, I really want to say: do not hesitate, believe. Finiko is the most reliable company. Although there are no guarantees, they are still there. This is proof that you can buy a new Mercedes-Benz by investing $13,000 in just five months. Not only it. You can get everything you dream of. The main thing is not to be afraid but to act, to experience it all by yourself, so to speak. I have changed my life so radically in just five months. This is literally a dream. This is real. Join Finiko, everyone. Contact me.

Yuri: Great! Congratulations again. Thank you very much for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you haven’t done so yet. We post new videos regularly. See you.

Katerina: Bye-bye.

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