9 March 2021
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How to buy an Audi A4 profitably
How to buy an Audi A4 profitably
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A: Hi! I am Anastasia, and we came to Kazan to visit Endzhe. And I have one question for you. Tell me, have your girlfriend ever bought a car for you as a gift? And Endzhe did! If you want to know the details, then watch this video till the end. And don’t forget to like and follow us.

We are visiting Endzhe today. Hi, Endzhe!
E: Hello!
A: Well, come on, tell me how you got the car. And today, it will be quite a small interview, I would say, but it will be interesting. Because Endzhe has bought a car not for herself but her husband. Endzhe, come on, tell me. How old are you? What are you doing?
E: I am 35 years old and I am an entrepreneur. I’m also a psychologist. And you were right when said, “Has any man ever received a car as a gift?” And when I say: “Yes, I gifted my husband an Audi!”, they say: “What? Come on! Really? Did you?” In fact, I have a great husband, he always gives me various gifts. And for a long time, since that year, I have had a dream. I presented my dad with a car, and the second beloved man in my life is my husband. And I wanted to gift him a car. And I understood, “So, I have to save for 5 years to buy a good car”. And I was a little upset. And when I found out about Finiko in February, my dream could come true in 3 months.
A: Tell me, how much did the gift to your husband cost? How much does an Audi cost?
E: Audi costs $4,750. You would probably think, “Wow! What? $4,750 for an Audi?” Yes, indeed, I deposited $4,750, and after three months, I received $12,900. Initially, we thought that we would add and buy a new car. And when, after three months, we realized that Finiko was generating money. We were like: “Let’s buy a car, let’s say, a used one, and invest the money back in Finiko?” We decided to use this strategy as well and buy a used car, with the mileage. And we deposited the rest of the money back into Finiko. I mean, people always ask me: “What kind of car can I buy? Only from a dealership?” No, you can buy absolutely any car. Either from a car dealership or, let’s say, in the market. Or even a motorcycle. And then, people do not believe it and say: “It must be a three-party agreement”. They try to say that Finiko is the owner, and I am the owner – that it is a three-party agreement. Absolutely not. Finiko has made money for us, Finiko has paid money to us, and that’s all. So, we take this money and can buy any car. And there is only an agreement between two parties. I mean, I buy a car from a seller. That’s all. Finiko does not appear in any legal documents.
A: Let’s discuss how you have come to Finiko. I mean, were you initially interested in this program, or were you interested in Finiko in general? Did you treat it as a product to make money or repay some loans? Tell me more about that.
E: They say that information comes to a person according to his request. And I was looking for a company where I could earn passively. And just then, I came across Finiko. And when I found out that it was possible to invest here, and the money would work for me regardless of what I do. And, of course, I invested my money. And after that, I found out about the program.
A: Did you buy Indexes?
E: Yes, I bought Indexes and after that, I learned about the program. And I kind of realized that here, my dreams would come true for sure.

A: Why an Audi? Did he say that he wanted it, or did you keep it secret and knew that he wanted an Audi? How was it?
E: Initially, I did not know that we would buy an Audi. Then, when we were discussing: “What kind of car would you buy?” For example, I was dreaming about a Mercedes, and I bought it. And he said: “You know, I was dreaming about an Audi at school”. And I thought, “Aha!”.

A: Look, tell me, did he even know that you were going to give him such a present?
E: Most likely, he didn’t know. Then, he found out but did not believe, I would say. He was like: “Well, yes, in 3 months, of course, come on.” “Of course, I’m grateful to you” but it seemed to me that he did not believe. Then, three months later, when Finiko transferred the money to me, I received an email. Exactly at 12:00 on June 12th. “You have been credited a certain amount of money”. He said, “Endzh, really? Will I have a car?” I said, “Yes!”.
A: Did you go to choose a car together or did you initially know that there would be an Audi?
E: We didn’t think that we would be able to buy an Audi until recently. And the day before buying another car, they called us and said that there was a white Audi A4 available. And we saw it and realized.
A: Have you purchased cars before? I mean, have you used some kind of program? Of Finiko?
E: No.
A: Is this your first program?
E: Yes, my first program.
A: Did you worry? Like “What if…?” I mean, that’s what many people usually experience.
E: I did not worry about whether it would work or not. Because I knew Kirill in person, and I knew that the founder was a man of his word. And, of course, he confirmed everything. I had no doubts that the program would work. I have a great desire to buy a house under the program. And to fulfill other desires through the Finiko program. And it is my personal slogan – Finiko makes my dreams come true.
A: By the way, Endzhe will have the 9th star soon, right?
E: There will be the 8th in a couple of days, yes.
A: How can one reach the 8th star and then the 10th star? What are your tips and strategies for developing under the affiliate program? What do you do?
E: I am a very open person. I love to communicate.
A: Do you have an office?
E: No, I do not have an office. I have an international team, a large one. Because there are people from Australia, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Sochi, and other cities across Russia.
A: So, the scale is your competitive advantage, right?
E: Yes, by the way, I have very cool partners. I want to say that no matter where you are in the world, Finiko allows you to earn money anywhere in the world. I have a partner, Loyana, in Mexico. She has the 6th star, she is a mother of twins, of little children. And regardless of that, she develops under the affiliate program successfully. Finiko’s affiliate program for me is an opportunity to create my own community and create a circle of my people because I do not do, I do not have any special secrets. I just communicate. I mean, I talk to people on Instagram. “Look, there is a program, my friends. There is such a program…”. And, of course, people want to change their lives. People have always wanted wealth. They are looking for opportunities, and, of course, I just give them information about opportunities. They take those opportunities. Accordingly, we, as a family, have formed into such a structure so that I will shortly have the 8th star.

A: Well, Endzhe, could you say a few words, a piece of advice to those who are thinking about this program.
E: I want to say that the time to go and get it is now. There won’t be some good “tomorrow” day. The time to buy a car or real estate without debt, without loans, for 35% of the cost is here and now. I was thinking for a week whether to enter this program or not. And that week, it cost me a lot too. Because I would have received the car earlier. Accordingly, our fears and doubts cost us more. Therefore, if you want to buy a car, to give it to someone, to buy a motorcycle or real estate, or something else. You should just go and do it today. The sooner we act, the sooner we get our desired dream or thing.
A: Endzhe, good job! We have had a great conversation. You have treated us to pies, fruits, tea. Thank you very much!
E: Thank you!

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