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How to buy an apartment in new building in 2020
How to buy an apartment in new building in 2020
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D: Hello, everyone! Now we are in Krasnodar. Yesterday we had a great conference. We decided to stay here one more day to show you the apartment bought by Ivan for 35% of its cost. We are still in the hotel, waiting for a taxi to come there.

We arrived at the apartment bought by Ekaterina and Ivan. Say “hello” to our audience.

  1. E. and I.: Hello, everyone!

D: This is absolutely a new apartment! Finally, we are filming a real property. Tell us a little about yourself. Ivan, what do you do?

I: I am into construction. I have a construction company. Construction and remodeling of private sector. I help people with apartments remodeling. I am also engaged in building small cottages.

D: Ekaterina, and you?

E: I am a tarologist, a karmic numerologist; I develop cruise club and help Ivan with real property. We live full, interesting life, indeed.

D: It is cool. Tell us about your experience with Finiko, how did you find out about this company?

E: Well, in December 2019 we were on a cruise liner in the Persian Gulf. We got acquainted with Maksim there, he became a good friend of us. He told us how to invest in “Finiko” company. Of course, we could not resist. At the beginning, we, following thoughtful people, took it as hype. Few months we were just taking stock of it, of Maksim, got to know other people. In March we made a decision to join Finiko.

D: Was it a mutual decision?

  1. and I.: Yes.

D: Great. Now you obtain a real property. When did you buy it?


I: Quite recently. Let us say, we received all the documents around three weeks ago, signed, confirmed, and completed it.

D: And now it is already yours.

I: We are discussing preplanning in documents. We want stained-glass glazing balcony, and to pull down doorways. When the base construction is finished we will complete renovation.

D: Why did you buy an apartment? Was it a dwelling incommodity? Or not?

I: We consider it an investment for our children’s future.

D: Do you mean you will get it to your children? Do you have a real property besides this apartment?

I: Sure, we have a house in Krasnodar with garden. We have two children.

D: Could you tell us more about this, please? How much did you invest?

I: In March 15, we invested 510, 000 rubles to the office in Krasnodar. The term was June 22. We could get in the last program for 95 days in time. In 95 days, we received 1,386,000 output.

D: This apartment costs 1,386,000. Its construction is recently finished. There are many new finished buildings in this area, and many others are still constructed. This buildings yard is already completed and has a playground. What are you planning to do after renovation? Do you intend to rent it?

I: After renovation, we will rent it. And our children will grow up.

D: What was the reaction of your acquaintances?

I: Initially we did not tell anyone we get in a company because we were in doubt. After we learned more about the company, enquired from the inside, we told to them.

D: And what did they say?

I: “Hmm, we are not sure yet, maybe we will join you after. After a while.” I guess 80% of our friendsknew the term and were asking: “How is it? Did you get them?” I said: “You should wait a little bit. Today is Sunday, not a working day, the money will be transferred tomorrow. The day is postponed.” The next day the calls were recommenced. “Did they come?” I replied: “Not yet, I contacted our support service. They had a technical work and probably would reschedule it.” They were sceptical about it: “Okay”. On the 23rd, at 10 o’clock the money were transferred. I called up everyone: “They came”.

They were happy for us, and were expressing congratulations. After a week, some of our friends and relatives followed us and join the company. Some of them meant to buy a car or a plot of land, some came for a “Product” and “Life”. They were impressed by my experience; they saw it worked with me and made up to invest.

D: Do you plan to take part in another program?

I: Yes, we have already done a second set. Now we are buying the next plot. We already have a house in Krasnodar. We have a dream to move closer to the city.

D: When will you plan to obtain it?

I: In late October-early November the transfer will be made.

D: My congratulations! You obtain the apartment, house and soon you will possess a plot of land.

I: We are thinking to buy a car in 2-3 months.

D: Let us wish our audience something good.

E: I want to share with our audience my experience. Now many people are embroiled in credits, mortgage, and crisis. Finiko is the light at the end of the tunnel. If you have time, I recommend you to enquire about this. Yesterday we learned many new things at the conference.

D: Let us move on. Soon our conferences will be held one by one. We have to farewell with Krasnodar. But I am sure not for long because here we can film many cases. We are waiting for it. Good-buy, everyone!

  1. and I.: Buy-buy!

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