9 March 2021
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How to buy a Volkswagen Tiguan profitably
How to buy a Volkswagen Tiguan profitably
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Hello, everyone, my name is Anastasia! And we came to Perm to introduce one wonderful family to you – the Chumakov family: Sergey and Ksenia. They have purchased a car under the “Buy a car for 35% of the cost” program. Well, I think we should go inside, it is less noisy there. And you will tell us everything in detail.

A: Sergey, Ksenia, hello again! S: Hello!

A: Probably, I will be mostly talking to you, Sergey, since you are the owner. But you, Ksenia, if you want to add something, feel free to participate.

K: Okay.

A: Let’s get to know each other. How old are you? Where do you work? What do you do?

S: Well, my name is Sergey, I am 40 years old. My wife and I live in the Perm region, the city of Berezniki. I currently work as a station shift supervisor. So, I am an employee, but I am planning to quit my job in the future and build a network and structure in the Finiko company. I mean, to grow in terms of the stars.

A: Okay, great start! I would like to know how you heard about Finiko. Were you the first to find out? Or was it you, Ksenia?

K: Well, my husband told me about Finiko. And, actually, we found out about the company by accident. I made a massage appointment for my husband, and there he, as a client, was told about such opportunities. We didn’t believe it at all, to be honest.

A: So, did the masseuse tell him?

K: The masseuse, yes.

A: Did you know her?

K: We didn’t know her, I just made an appointment for him because his back hurt a little. And I made a massage appointment in order to relax the muscles.

A: So, in fact, you came to Finiko, not because of a person, but you were interested in specific products, right?

K: Yes.

A: Tell us in more detail about the products you are interested in. How did you react when your husband told you?

S: It turns out that first, I told my wife about the Finiko company – she did not believe me. A: And how did it turn out?

K: Well, in the end, we started to watch webinars, read the information, and we were added to the official channels. We were reading the news. Really, we were watching and thinking for about a month. And we were reading the reviews – all the reviews of people who really were the partners – they were all positive. Someone had already been paying off loans and had bought cars and apartments. And we had our first goal – we wanted to pay off the loan. But we also had an old car, we wanted to change it.

A: So, you wanted to buy a new car, right?

S: Yes. We saw that a lot of beautiful cars began to drive around the city.

K: Big ones.

S: And we immediately got a desire.

A: Did you want something big?

S: Yes, yes.

A: Great, come on, tell us in more detail. First of all, what kind of car do you have? How much did you buy it for? How much did you invest in Finiko?

S: We have a Volkswagen Tiguan. The car costs $9,500. It is a used car, not a new one. We have invested 35% of the car’s price in the company. So, that was $2,700.

K: May I add? We invested $2,700 in December and received $7,850 after 120 days. Thus, we have added more to buy the car. But we have added money also thanks to Finiko. Because Indexes have been working there. We have Indexes of Sergey, and I also have Indexes. So, we have added money also thanks to the company. But, in general, our initial amount was $2,700.

S: Yes, we didn’t have a larger amount, but wanted a car for the family, so that it was big. Because our previous car also wasn’t bad, but it was small. And I wanted to upgrade something.

A: How did the waiting period go in general? Let’s be honest, were there any, I don’t know, doubts, some worries, fears?

S: I don’t know about my wife, but I can say that I couldn’t sleep when I bought the very first Index. I think one part of my brain, one hemisphere was saying that I was some kind of, I don’t know, a fool or something. Just in Russian. And another hemisphere was saying: “That is the hope.” Maybe with the help of this opportunity, things will be different indeed. And everything will be great! And when, after 3 working days, on the 4th day, I received the first 1% of the deposit, I showed it to my wife right away.

A: Alright, we are buying a car! We are entering the car program, right? Well, great!

K: I had no doubts because I was constantly reading news on social media, reading reviews. So, there were no doubts, and, in principle, three months passed by very quickly. And then, we extended it for another month due to the pandemic and the situation.

A: And got another 15%?

K: Yes.

A: That is, additional interest. Alright. You use the indexes, you have already received the car, everything is for yourself. And do you use, say, have you already told someone about Finiko? Friends, acquaintances, how do they react in general?

K: So far, we have told our relatives and friends. Almost all of our relatives have already bought Indexes.

S: Only Indexes so far.

K: Yes, just Indexes, but they are also thinking of entering the car program because they have already seen a real case. Well, it’s a little more difficult with friends.

S: They don’t believe it. All friends to whom I have spoken. A: Even considering that you have already taken the car? S: No, they don’t believe it anyway.

A: Well, there are some unbelievers. Okay, great. In conclusion, I would like to hear some advice from you to those who are considering Finiko and this program. Right now, you can even look into the camera. Come on, Sergey.

S: In general, what I want to say on my own behalf. To all people who are considering this company. I want them not to doubt that it works, that it’s cool. That you can use programs to solve all your problems. For instance, that is buying a car, apartment, paying off any debts. Plus, you can create passive income for yourself using CTI Indexes. It is really cool! I want everyone who has just heard and got acquainted to study

everything, read, watch the videos once again. And just start to act! If you don’t want to build a network – just act for yourself. That’s all I wanted to say. Cool! Finiko is super!

A: Well, I guess your spouse agrees, right?
K: Yes, I would say: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A: Thank you very much for such a warm interview. By the way, Perm has welcomed us very warmly, everyone is so friendly here. Very nice!

S: Thank you very much! We are very glad that we finally saw each other because following you on the Telegram channel is not the same thing as when you see a person in reality. I would also like to meet Kirill Doronin in person, to shake his hand, to talk.

A: There will be new conferences soon when everything is over.

S: And not only with Kirill Doronin but in general, the guys who work there are great! The guys are amazing.

A: Well, then it will be so. If you have a desire, everything is achievable. Well, don’t forget to like the video and subscribe not to miss such interesting and light interviews. Let’s stick together. Okay, bye!

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