18 June 2021
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How to buy a Toyota Camry more profitably?
How to buy a Toyota Camry more profitably?
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Dilyara Gumerova, PR director of FINIKO.

– Hello, everyone! We are in Ufa, and today, I want to introduce the Rakhmatullin family – Elena and Radim. They will tell us about how they have bought the car for 35% of the price. Hello! Please tell us a little about yourself: your story at Finiko and how it started.
– Hello! We heard about Finiko for the first time in August 2019. We liked the business model and financial products.

– How did you know about it? Did someone tell you?
– We heard about it from our friends. After that, we began to study everything in detail. Then, we went to one of the conferences in Ufa. After that conference, we had no doubts left, and we became partners and entered the Index and the car program.
– So it is kind of a family business for you, isn’t it? Are you developing in parallel?
– We work in tandem!
– At the moment, each of you has 3 stars. Is there some kind of competition between you? Do you compare the number of stars?
– No
– Tell us about your purchase: what kind of car do you have now, and how exactly did you decide to enter the program?
– Our car is a Toyota Camry. Initially, we deposited $5,200, and after 95 days, we received $14,900.
– Did you initially know what kind of car you wanted?
– No, we were choosing among several models and settled on Toyota Camry.
– It is your case, right? I mean, it was you who entered this program, not Radim, wasn’t it?
– Yes
– Alright. What kind of advice do you have for people who also want to join the program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost?” What do they need to do and what to begin with?
– First, they need to study the company. Second, get rid of all doubts by researching.
– I believe that in our rapidly changing world, not taking risks is the highest risk. Be a bit of an adventurer like my husband and me, and everything will be great!
– How did your friends and acquaintances react? Many people usually do not believe it.
– At first, they were observers. And after we began reaching the stars, we showed them our income from investments. By that time, the deadline for receiving money for a car had already been approaching, and people slowly began to enter these programs.
– Before the money was received?
– Yes, it was all in the process. Our partners began to enter the car program.
– Recently, we have been filming Rodion Shubin, and he said, “Two days before the purchase of the car, there was a man who did not believe me during six months, and after he saw the Lexus, he said: “Alright, I fell for it!”.
– Yes, we had the same!

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