9 March 2021
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How to buy a Skoda Rapid profitably
How to buy a Skoda Rapid profitably
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– Hello, everyone! We are currently in Ufa, and now, we are going to film a Skoda Octavia car, which has been purchased under the “Buy a car for 35% of the cost” program. And I want to introduce Flyur who has bought that car. Flyur, introduce yourself to everyone, please. You can say hello and tell us about yourself.

– Hello! My name is Flyur, and I am from Ufa. I got to know the company in October 2019. My sister, Azmetova Lilia, told me about the company.

– And at what moment? Did she just come and tell everything? How did it happen? Or did she say that she had joined something? Do you discuss such things in the family?

– We were sitting at the table – she visited us. So, she said that there was such a company. – What was your reaction?

– “That’s impossible!”. Some kind of company brings such a high income. Then, she invited me to the conference. The first conference was right in this hotel, in Ufa. Here, on the first floor. I listened, and the information seemed to be kind of reliable – Kirill had told everything clearly.

– So, you had already perceived some part, right?

– Yes, I had, but still, there was some fear. I was thinking about it for about 2-3 weeks. Sister said…

– Was your sister already in FINIKO at that moment?
– Yes, she was.
– Were you thinking for 2-3 weeks after the conference?

– Yes, after the conference, I decided to buy the Index. I entered the Index program. A month has passed – everything works. More people get involved, the number of partners grows. And the company is growing.

– Do you build your own structure?
– I have a small structure.
– When did you start? In December, right?
– Yes, and then I decided to pay off the loan. I had a loan, a credit history.
– You had a loan as well. Did you want to repay it? Do you participate in that program too?

– Yes, I paid off the loan. Then, in early January, on the 14th, I decided to join the car program.

– Is your loan still being repaid? – Yes, everything works.

– I was looking for a loan case all over Ufa, and here it is. We had no idea… Well, we will talk about the loan separately, because now, we are discussing your car. How did you hear about the program? Well, I suppose you found out about it at the conference, didn’t you?

– Yes, I heard about it at the conference and started surfing the web every day, watching… – What were you watching? Did you watch the videos?
– Yes, I was watching videos, with the participation of you as well.
– Thank you. Subscribe and watch!

– There is new information daily. Every day, there is a new program, something changes – it is literally a miracle.

– Well, of course. So, you have decided to buy a car. Did you initially know what kind of car you wanted?

– No, initially, I did not know.

– You didn’t know. I mean, how does it happen? Did you have a certain amount available, which you deposited and waited for 3.5 months?

– There was the amount, yes. I deposited the amount… – Was the car a necessity?
– I had a car, I decided to change it.
– You decided to buy a new one, I see.

– Yes, I had a car. Then, a month passed, two months passed, and I kept waiting with hope…

– Again, how much did you deposit? – $3,800.
– And received?
– In total, I received $10,800.

– What would you advise people? You heard about it from your sister. Perhaps, there is some person who has heard about FINIKO, visited our YouTube channel, and wants to join but has some doubts.

– I would advise people not to hesitate because it really works – more than one person has proved it. I know it from my experience.

– Yes, actually, now there is already a large number of cases. When there were just two / three – it was hard for us… People were asking “how?” and thought that probably the people in interviews are fake. How do your friends feel about it? Now, when you have bought the car. Perhaps, there were those who doubted.

– There are those who still doubt… – Oh, really?

– They are still studying information. There are guys among them who say: “Yes, I want to, really. Come hell or high water!”. It happens, yes.

– How long have you had Skoda? We were unable to film the moment of purchase for obvious reasons.

– I bought it at the end of April.

– Ah, you bought a car at the end of April. Very nice! Thank you very much for the interview. I wish you safe roads! You already have to leave – so, we will let you go. You can say hello to everyone on this camera, for example.

– Thanks to the company for the opportunity to get the long-awaited car at such a low price. Well, I wish everyone not to doubt in any way and to participate in the programs, because every day, some innovations and new programs appear.

– Yes, and you can follow all the news on our YouTube channel – I will not stop repeating it. Like, subscribe, and share with friends as well. Bye-bye, everyone. Thank you so much!

– Thank you, bye!

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