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How to buy a Mini Cooper at a bargain price?
How to buy a Mini Cooper at a bargain price?
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Hello, everyone! We are in Kazan, and today, we are filming Flyura Ahatovna who is purchasing a Mini Cooper.

F: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I am glad to inform you that I have purchased a car under the ZFZ35 program. The car of my dreams. I have been moving towards this for a very long time. And my dreams have come true thanks to the Finiko company. And in the future, all of my dreams will come true, because Finiko and I are moving towards the goal together. We aim to improve our financial situation.

D: Flyura, tell us about yourself in general. What were you doing before Finiko? Viewers are very interested. You didn’t just hear about the company and joined straight away, right? What was your occupation, where did you work? Tell us.
F: I heard about Finiko at the very beginning. I have been observing the company since last May. And when I was told about these miracles, I did not believe that this could be true. When I studied everything about the company’s vision, I liked the idea. I wanted to work with Finiko, to build a business. And, you know, I kind of succeeded – the team of 700 people, the 8th star has been achieved.

D: Congratulations!

F: And I am happy that I and my husband, Rashid Suleimanych, have made the right decision. And, you know, we have already helped a huge number of people to change their lives for the better. We work for creation, and it makes us happy, it inspires us. Gives energy, gives strength. We are happy, we are high.

D: It’s very cool, I can see that you are enjoying life. And you are always in the flow! Let’s discuss specifically the program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost”. Tell us how you have heard about this particular program and how you have decided to join it.
F: Ah, you know, when we heard about this program, first of all, we wanted to try it, to check everything by ourselves. Because if you want to tell people about something, to convey information to them, you must make a result first, do something for that.

D: Can I ask an indelicate question? What kind of car have you had before?
F: I’ve had a Nissan before. I’ve had a Nissan, a Toyota, and I have been moving towards this English-built car for a very long time. We entered this program in February, at the beginning of February. And exactly 95 days later, as the payment term was 95 days back then, we received 100% of the amount, $28000, on May 18.

D: And how much have you deposited?
F: We have invested $9,800.
D: Is $9,800 35% of $28,000?
F: Yes. Our traders and the team have been working for 95 days to make us such a wonderful gift. We didn’t do anything, we just worked, enjoyed life, and were happy with no pressure. And we get a car for ourselves, we do not owe anything to anyone. No installments, no mortgages, no debt. That is what the Finiko company strives for.

D: Tell me one more thing. Today, there were a lot of people who came to see how you are purchasing the car. Did they come to see your case? Or is it your support? Who are all those people?

F: You know, that is my support. Those are people from my team who have believed us. You know, I have just told them, “You have to join”. And now they say, “Flyura Akhatovna, we are grateful for what you have managed to convey to us. We have already been told a lot about this. We have been told that Finiko works. But it was only you who could convince us, and we are so glad”. Now they are enjoying life, just like us. Now they are making money, they are in the flow. And every day, in the morning, I receive messages of gratitude from clients, from happy clients who receive payments daily, who receive payments under their contracts every day. Who receive dividends and just build a career. We already have a huge number of stars in our team, there are already 6 stars. We have been working for many years and we will be happy when our people receive their cars. When they move into new houses, new apartments. When their lives improve significantly.

D: Today, I saw how your structure was grateful to you for repaying loans as well. Thus, I think your energy is enough for your entire team. I want to wish you great success, so that your energy does not end, but only increases. And please, say a few words to people who are still thinking about joining the program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost”.

F: Don’t think! Do not think or guess. Just take what the company offers you. What the person who has already received the car is telling you. The person who will get into this car today and drive. The whole world will see that this car is bought and earned thanks to Finiko. Therefore, you don’t have to think, you just have to act. You should take responsibility and make the right decision. And the solution is to drive a new car, without debts, and you don’t owe anything to anyone – just enjoy life!

D: It’s a great feeling, right? Brand new car for $28,000, right?
F: $28,000, yes.
D: Come and get. Thank you very much! Guys, those who are watching this video, you can message Flyura Akhatovna. And please, watch the videos on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our Instagram profile, Telegram channel, and VKontakte. Bye-bye, everyone! You can also say goodbye to everyone.
F: Thank you, Dilyara! Thanks to the team that has organized the shooting for us today. I want to say a huge thanks to the company. Many thanks to Kirill Doronin, many thanks to Zygmunt, many thanks to Edward and Marat. Many thanks to the team of traders who allow us to enjoy life. Many thanks to my family, Rashid Suleimanovich, Diana, my daughter, brother, mother, my relatives. Many thanks to the team and the people who have followed us. We express our deep gratitude to you and send you our love. And, you know, you will be alright! Just be with us. Thanks!
D: All right, it was a great interview. Thank you!

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