9 March 2021
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How to buy a KIA CERATO profitably with Finiko
How to buy a KIA CERATO profitably with Finiko
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Hello, everyone! My name is Anastasia, and today, we will meet the Kunakbaev family.

Ainur, hello. Hello.

Leysan, hello. You came literally with the whole family. And they will tell us about how they got their car under the program. Well, let’s get to know each other. Tell us about what you have been doing and for how many years.

I am 27 years old. We are a happy family, to say so. We heard about the Finiko company in November. I heard in November but did not pay attention.

And who did tell you?

Ayrat Mirgaliev, my friend. He is the person who has invited me to this company. I didn’t take it seriously at the beginning. But when Gulyusa got the first car in Ufa, I decided to take a closer look and bought one Index. But, when the money began to come every day. I have been dreaming of buying a car for my wife.

Have you decided to buy a car?
Yes, I decided to give her a car. I signed her up, but she didn’t pay much attention. Why didn’t you? That is a question for you.

I don’t know, he said: “Let’s invest the money, let’s invest it”. I said: “Okay, let’s do it.” I mean, I was not much interested. Does it work?
It works, good. And in fact, I logged in just once when I was going through verification. The second time was when I received the money, on that day. Then, we bought a car, and now, I somehow became interested in everything he says about Finiko. I am interested in it.

Well, now, tell us a little bit about your purchase: what kind of car is that? Did you initially want to buy it or were there any other options?

Initially, the situation was the following. How much was it? We deposited $2,350, and in April, we received $6,700. But since my wife really needed a new car, we traded-in our old one. And we went to choose between KIA X-line and KIA Rio. But the appetite grows with eating, so, she wanted Cerato. We did not have enough money,

so, we took out a loan. And decided. We took that loan confidently because we decided to pay it off with the help of Finiko under the 35% program.

So, are you paying off the loan as well?



And that’s it, we have a KIA Cerato.

Let’s go over prices. How much does the car cost? How much have you deposited? The final sum.

The car costs $18,100. We invested $2,350 and received $6,700. And we traded-in our car for less than $13,000. And now we have a $4,700 loan.

Which you are currently paying off, right?

Yes, we are repaying it.

When will you pay off the loan?

So, we have taken it… It turns out that payments will come next month.

Great! What are your emotions in general? How do you feel when you already have a car?

We have killed two birds with one stone. Super! My wife is happy, I am satisfied. You would do anything for your wife, right? Yes.

Alright. Could you say a few words to those who are hesitating or who are considering this program?

You just need to study everything. If you study the company, there will be no questions left. Moreover, there is an opportunity to check the company. But now both I and my friends have no doubts since we all began to get cars. So, if you have any questions, you can contact us, we are open.

You also work under the affiliate program, right?
Yes, I have the third star now. There are over 80 people on my team.

Well, you are a great example for your partners. Thank you very much! You have a wonderful family. Hopefully, the baby will grow up, and he will already have something there.

All right, bye-bye! Bye-bye!

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