26 January 2021
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How to buy a dream car with Finiko?
How to buy a dream car with Finiko?
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Yuri: Elena, hello, how are you? Elena: Great.

Yuri: Okay, cool. First, introduce yourself to the camera, tell us a little about yourself, what you do.

Elena: Good afternoon, everyone. My name is Elena Drobotova. I have been running a private dental clinic for 13 years.

Yuri: Have you been helping people make a snow-white smile for 13 years?

Elena: Yes, I am an organizer economist, deputy director, personally I do not provide services, only through my doctors.

Yuri: You help and accompany in every possible way so that people feel good. Elena: Yes, of course.

Yuri: Tell us then how you came to Finiko. After all, 13 years is a long time, you were doing your job, which you loved, and then, a change took place. You saw Finiko. Who brought this?

Elena: I’ll start a bit from afar. According to Robert Kiyosaki, before my business, I had been working at a savings bank, i.e. in the first quadrant.

Yuri: What does it mean?

Elena: According to Robert Kiyosaki, we are all divided into 4 quadrants, that is, the first are people who work for hire, they have neither time nor money.

Yuri: Okay, first quadrant.

Elena: Yes, and I dreamed of having freedom, not to live in subordination, to be my own boss. And 13 years ago, I made the decision to move to another quadrant. And I always dreamed of the fourth quadrant, because the third is when we build networks, and the fourth is the enjoyment of life when we already have investments. But anyway, it was my dream, and now, it is coming true. How did I come to Finiko, how did I get to know it? It turns out that she was offering me for two months, I am very thankful to Galina Pankratova, who told me: “Lena, I just want to give you information about Finiko.” I told her not to offer me anything related to network marketing, I was not ready.

Yuri: So, you immediately set a boundary, right?

Elena: Yes. When we were quarantined, we had a lot of free time, Galina called again and told me to watch at least one webinar. I agreed. I locked myself in the room and decided to watch a small webinar. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with Kirill Doronin.

Yuri: What is the name of the webinar?

Elena: I don’t remember. I only remember the date, it was April 9. And I saw a man who is literally the brain. And I said that I made a decision that I would be in this company. And already on April 15, I signed the car program contract. So, it was fast. On April 9, I watched, and on April 15, I entered the program.

Yuri: Did you know what kind of car you wanted?

Elena: I knew, yes. I wanted RAV, but I owned only a limited amount. Of course, I invested less than 35% of the cost of the car that I’ve just bought. Nevertheless, I had 4 months, because I began to use Finiko products actively.

Yuri: Which ones?

Elena: Indexes. Now, I have a lot of Product agreements. And during this period, I have already accumulated the funds I’ve been lacking.

Yuri: So, what is the cost of the car?

Elena: The cost of the car is $33,000.

Yuri: And you have deposited?

Elena: I’ve deposited $8,500 and, given the jump in the dollar, I received $21,000 on my balance.

Yuri: Okay, it turns out, you’ve added your own money.
Elena: Yes, and bought a car.
Yuri: What did you feel at the moment you got into your brand new Toyota RAV 4?

Elena: You know, I felt happiness. I have been striving for it for 10 years. Even with my own business, I could not afford to buy a new car. And thanks to Finiko, I bought this car for almost 35% in 120 days, I am very happy.

Yuri: What plans do you have now? You’ve got the car and realized that it really works. The further the better?

Elena: You know, of course, I am interested in the material part, I want a new apartment for myself and my family.

Yuri: Here in Novosibirsk?

Elena: Yes, here in Novosibirsk, in this area. It is my dream. And I am sure that this dream will come true, thanks to Finiko. In addition, this everything will come true within a year, all my material plans are being realized. But I want to travel a lot, travel not alone, but with my whole family, with my granddaughter. I want to explore the world more, and I want to fill up myself, I want to learn, be spiritually filled, and attend very high-quality training courses.

Yuri: You want to develop yourself very thoroughly, right? Development, personal growth.

Elena: Yes, material well-being is good, but we also must be high-quality people, and never forget about charity.

Yuri: Okay, when we walked here, did you imagine what kind of apartment you want?

Elena: You know, I have already spent a night in one of the houses at my friend’s place. I have felt that quality, that level. And there is nothing better than this level in Novosibirsk yet, and I strive for the best.

Yuri: What is the name, again? Elena: European coast.

Yuri: Yes, a side note, we are not somewhere in a suburban area, it is not a special embankment, this is just a place where residential apartments are located, literally 10 meters away. This is the view that opens here. Therefore, many are in a hurry to Novosibirsk. But Lena will get her apartment soon, so hurry up guys.

Elena: There is enough for everyone, come to Novosibirsk!

Yuri: Okay, good. So, now you are on the path when you are already entering the 4th quadrant.

Elena: We have almost entered, as I am already engaged in investments, I work with the company. At this point, we just live, enjoy, invest, get rewards.

Yuri: Well, yes, I’m a bad student, I’ve kind of missed this lecture. So, you are going towards it. Elena, now I would like to ask you to look into the camera and say a few words to those people who are watching this video, who have a lot of questions, doubts, worries in their heads, they are looking for something that would help them take a step. You can take this action and help.

Elena: It is normal for us to hesitate to do something, to join the company or not. But first of all, I want to tell you that you need to study, understand, and only after that, draw conclusions. I am sure that when you watch at least one of the webinars where you see Kirill Doronin and his entire team, you will make the right decision.

Yuri: Well, gentlemen, at the end of each video, we urge you to watch the rest of our videos, if you haven’t seen them yet. And here, everything is absolutely the same. If you have any questions, go ask them, we’ll be waiting!

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