26 January 2021
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How to buy a car with Finiko
How to buy a car with Finiko
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A: It is currently 4 PM, and we are off to the airport, to Moscow. We have 3 cool cars there. We have arrived in Moscow. You will ask: “Why?”. In order to showcase the purchasing of three cars under the “Car for 35%” program. Well, while you are watching this video, do not forget to like and make sure to turn on the bell so that you do not miss our cool cases.

Well, hello everyone! We have finally met with such an interesting group of people. Meet Yuri, Alexander, and his wife, Elmira. Guys have received their cars, and we are very interested to know, first of all, how they found out about the program and how they got their cars. Let’s start with you, Yuri. Actually, Yuri is like a big leader, and it was he who has invited Alexander to Finiko. Yura, come on, tell us about it.

Y: I found out about the company in September. Then I started somehow developing. I mean, when I fully researched how the products worked, I began to post on Instagram, call friends, write messages.

A: And from whom did you find out?

Y: My mother-in-law brought me, I mean, she shared a video and said: “You can pay off the loan.” I had a loan of $5,300 back then. I really was thinking about how to repay it. And I liked all the mathematics in general. There was a video of Kirill Doronin telling everything. But he didn’t say how they generated money. And then, I started asking questions, watching old webinars. The platform wasn’t good back then, everything was unclear.

A: You have caught that time, you are such a veteran.

Y: Yes, I decided to give it a try, as I liked the idea itself and how it all worked. Then, in October, I called Alexander, he said: “What are you talking about?”

A: How was it? Very interesting.
Y: There was a message: “You are an adult but still believe in fairy tales.”

A: At the time when you invited Alexander, did you already have some kind of success? Some amount of stars? Or did you join a program?

Y: No, I did not even have any stars yet. I don’t know, my wife had 2,000. A: So, you invited Alexander already at the study stage, right?
Y: Yes, yes.
A: Well, Alexander, what was next?

Al: Well, what did Alexander do? Alexander told him, wrote an SMS: “You are an adult but still believe in fairy tales”. Yura offered me to go to the conference, it was already closer to November. I had already registered in the company and bought the first Indexes. My wife and I bought 3 Indexes, and in November, we went to the conference in Moscow. There was a big eight-hour conference. We were also asking questions to Kirill, Zygmunt, Edward, everyone.

A: What did this conference give you? I mean, did it provide some clear understanding that you could trust this company?

Y: First, yes, there was direct communication. That is, we came up to Kirill and talked to him directly, met the traders. We saw that all that was real, that is, everything was live. And by the way, I accomplished the Promo at the conference. I completed 3 tickets, I brought the whole family there: both my mother-in-law and my wife.

A: What did you win?
Y: There was a free trip “to Moscow and back” from the company. It was a Promo. A: How much was the personal turnover?

Y: It was 10, no, 10,000 in the first line. I made 30,000. That is, I achieved the second level. But for me, at that time, it was just “wow”. $30,000 is such a huge amount. And when I approached Kirill Doronin and said: “I raised $30,000 in a month, and I have such an income, the second level is reached”. He showed me. And then, I realized that I just hadn’t done anything at all. In fact, I had already met with partners, with large ones, who had already reached some levels. And there was an understanding that, first of all, it was real, that it worked, that everything was real. That is, everything that is said is all true.

A: I know what you have an office, don’t you?

Y: Yes, I was exactly in November, there was a program on opening an office at the conference. And I decided to establish an office in Ivanovo. Since this is a very interesting area and a very huge niche in which you can take the first positions. In principle, that is exactly what happened.

A: How many offices have you opened so far?
Y: I haven’t, partners have. I have one office, and partners have 4 or 5 offices.

A: Listen, let’s talk. Or rather, let’s talk about how you decided to join the “Car for 35%” program. Did you have a car or not?

Y: No, I had a 2007 car, which cost $4,000. Such an old one. By the way, I bought it on credit. I took it intentionally, it was such a stupid step but never mind. Alexander joined in right away, in November.

Al: In November, I entered the first one, that program had just opened. After the conference. My wife and I thought, discussed, and decided the same thing, to change the car.

A: And how did your wife react by the way? Elmira, this question is to you.

Al: I should give a credit to my wife, she was very calm. She asked, “Are you sure?” I said, “Yes, I’m sure”. “Take action”, she replied.

A: And what were you sure about? Interesting, tell me. Usually, wives try to argue. E: Yes, but we acted quickly somehow.

A: It was after the conference, I guess?
E: Yes. He came back like this.
A: But first, Alexander had taken the car, right?

Al: Yes, it turns out that my wife gave me a car. Today, I give my wife a car. So, in November, we concluded the contract, and it all still was done by phone calls, e-mails, a written agreement, we signed everything. And in March, on March 16, we took our car. We bought a new Skoda Kodiaq, also at the dealership. For 35%, as the company had promised, everything was exactly on time.

A: Yes, but let’s cover it step by step. So, your first car is a Volkswagen Tiguan. How did you decide to buy this car? How much did you invest? I am very interested. I think it will be also interesting for you to listen to the story. And most importantly, where did that money come from?

Y: I invested only $1,000. That is, I was telling my friends, and, in fact, many of my partners have already bought cars. There are many who use Indexes. And in January, I made 10 Indexes thanks to the affiliate program.

A: Do you mean that you did not contribute that money yourself?

Y: I didn’t. Yes, I saved about $12,000 in 3 weeks. It was all from the dividends. And I deposited to the “Car for 35%” program. And so, yesterday I bought a car. I added a bit of my funds. And I traded in my old car and that’s it. It was a very cool feeling.

A: You must have followed the example, haven’t you?

Al: No, on the contrary. I used my own funds mostly. I mean, Yura did it through reinvest, through referral dividends. And I deposited my own money right away. Then, my wife and I also began to scale, and now, we already have a total of 17 Indexes on the deposit. And the first car. The second is also thanks to the Indexes. I mean, thanks to the profit generation. We have already invested in the second car. We have contributed $8,000.

A: How much have you contributed?

Al: $8,000 for the first car, and we got $22,600. For the second car, we deposited $6,800 and received $18,600.

A: And waited 3 months, right?

Al: We waited 3 months for the first one. 95 days. The second was also 3 months, 95 days. So, everything was smooth.

Y: I collected the first $1,000 by borrowing $140 from 7 people. And all that was from scratch, just from nothing. But when I opened my office, I first try any product on myself and then show it to my partners. And when I established an office, that is, I took out a loan and entered the loan repayment of that loan to show that payments are coming. 6 payments

have already arrived. That is, there are no doubts at all, it is very pleasant to work with the company, and we are developing further.

A: Does the affiliate program keep developing?

Y: Yes, I have reached the 9th level.

A: Great, congratulations!

Y: And the company has also recently made a gift. In November, there will be the second car also for $40,000. It is a gift from the company.

A: Cool! I suppose you also win a very large number of prizes from the company within Promos, right?

Al: We have 2 MacBooks, two iPhones, the third MacBook is coming.

Y: Yes, by the way, Promo, cool. The first Promo was when I won my trip to Moscow for a conference. It was very cool, the company provided free accommodation in Moscow City in a hotel and participation in the conference.

A: How much of personal sales did you make?

Y: It was $10,000 per person in the first line. So, it turns out, I made 30,000, because I took the ticket for myself, my spouse, and my mother-in-law, and we went there with the whole family.

A: Yes, so do not miss Promos! Every month, we release a new Promo, where you can also win prizes – iPhone, iPad, MacBook, apartments, cars.

Y: We have recently been to Samara, very cool! So don’t miss it!

A: Well, I would like to hear some kind of advice from you to those who are doubting. Let’s start with your spouse to reach out to women. What can you say? Do you doubt your men?

E: Yes, do not doubt your men, sometimes, you need to trust. Trust and dare.
A: You should direct them in the right direction, right?
E: Probably, yes.
A: Yes, by the way, she received her car today. Did you initially want such a car? E: Yes, we were choosing it for a long time.

Al: In Moscow, one such car is currently on sale. Kia Soul GT Line, turbocharged. A: By the way, it suits you very well, suits your hair.
Al: It’s all on purpose.
A: Did you choose it to match your hair?

E: By instinct.

Al: The color, the specification – we have found only one here. And today, we also have the 15th marriage anniversary, so, the dates have coincided.

A: And we have also arrived.
Al: Yes, and the film crew has come as well. A: Could you give some advice?

Y: Firstly, you should somehow develop. And most importantly, if there is an opportunity, you have to use it. I mean, do not reject everything, do not turn away from everything that is given to you. Here, there is a real opportunity, which may not exist later. In fact, I really support Kirill Doronin, his ideology, I really like it, everything suits me. Therefore, we move further. The further the better. Yesterday was the biggest purchase of my life. It was a car for $40,000. And it is just the beginning. I understand it. And further, there will be only development.

A: And what was your previous occupation?

Y: Well, I worked with cryptocurrencies a little bit. That is, I just saw when Bitcoin was growing. I realized that I could make money on it. And I began to study exchanges: how they work, what tools are there. So, at first, I thought that I could sit at the computer and trade. But not everyone can do it, there are gamblerы and not gamblers. And I consider myself a gambler who needs a lot and quickly, but it does not work like that. And I began to study the IT industry. That’s why it turned out this way.

A: By the way, I have a question, I guess, for you. Have you checked our traders? You know that we have the opportunity to test our traders. Have you used it?

Y: In my opinion, there is no point in it, because, at the conference, we met a person who provided us with the entire report of such a check. I mean, there are video reviews on YouTube from those who have already checked traders, who registered accounts, provided them for testing. It is all real. The better part of people says: “This is all fake”. They have some strange opinions. And we have communicated with those people in person and we understand that this is all real.

A: All those reviews are real. If anyone thinks so, then please, you can take our opportunity to check our traders. Also, you can confidently say so to your partners, without fear. Well, thank you very much for the interview. Actually, they have welcomed us very warmly, with such cool cars. With very unusual stories. 15 years. Yuri has bought the car, roughly speaking, without investing a single penny. So, everything is by a referral link, by an affiliate program. There is a lot to learn from the guys, there is someone whose example you can follow. And if you want to know more and see more cases, then go to our YouTube channel, there is a lot of information in playlists, a lot of cases. So don’t miss it! Also, if you are interested in our partners, Yuri, Alexander, then you can feel free to ask them for advice. And to learn about everything in more detail, in more detail. We will definitely leave your links and contacts below.

Al: Contact us – call, write. We are also in our Telegram group. Alexander Dobry and I are indicated there.

A: Alright, let’s finish here. Alright, bye-bye! Y: Bye, everyone!

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