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How to buy a car through the Finiko company
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How to buy a car through the Finiko company

A: It’s 4 o’clock we are flying to the airport, to Moscow. We have 3 cool cars there.

We are in Moscow. Maybe you want to ask: “Why?”

To show you a cool case of buying three cars, using our program “buying a car for 35% of its cost”. Well, while you’re watching this video, don’t forget to like it and put the ring bell on, so as not to miss our cool cases.

Well, Hello everyone! So we met with such an interesting group of people. There are

Yuriy, Alexander and his wife Elmira. Friends got their cars, and we are very interested in

finding out how, firstly, they learned about our program. How have you got your cars? Let’s start with

you, Yuryi. In fact, Yuriy is like a great leader, and he introduced Finiko company to

Alexander. Yura, come on, tell me.

Y: I found out about this company in September. Then I started to develop somehow. That is, when I studied it, started showing how the products works on Instagram, calling people, who I know, and writing to them messages.

A: Who told you about it?

Y: my mother-in-law sent me the video, said: “You can repay the loan.” I had the

credit for 400.000, I really thought about how to repay it. And I liked all this arithmetic. There

Kirill Doronin is telling everything. But he doesn’t say how they generate money. And then I started

ask questions, watch old webinars, then they had bad site, everything was unclear.

A: You are the most such old man.

Y: Yes, I decided to try it, but I liked the idea of how it all works. Then, in called Sasha, he said: “What are you talking about?”

A: Tell more, very interesting.

Y: There was a message: “So grownup, but you still believe in fairy tales.”

A: At the time when you offered to Alexander, you already had some success there? How many

stars? Or did you join a program?

Y: No, there weren’t even any stars yet. I don’t know, my wife had 2,000.

A: So, have you already proposed to Alexander at the studying stage?

Y: Yes, Yes.

A: So, well, Alexander?

Al: Well, what? Alexander told him, texted: “So grownup, but you still believe in fairy tales.”

Yura offered to go to the conference, it was already closer to November. I already registered in the company, the first Indexes were already bought by me. 3 Index I and my wife

bought in November, we went to a conference in Moscow. Big conference lasted for eight hours. They also asked questions to Kirill, Zygmunt, and Edward – all of them.

A: What did this conference give you? I mean, it gave me some kind of clear understanding that I trust this company?

Y: First of all, Yes, there was direct communication. In other words, we came up and talked with Kirill

directly, met with traders. We saw that all is real.

And, by the way, I made a promo at the conference. Completed 3 tickets, I brought the whole family there: and mother-in-law and my wife.

A: what have you won?

Y: It was a free trip “to Moscow and back” from the company. It was a Promo.

A: How much is the personal turnover?

Y: It was 10, no, 10,000 in the first step. I made 30,000. I mean, I completed the second level,

for me at the time, it was just “wow.” $ 30,000 is a huge amount. And when I met Kirill Doronin, I said: “I have raised $ 30,000 in a month, and I have some income, second level is closed.” He showed me. And then I realized that I just didn’t do anything at all. I did. Actually, I have already met with partners, with large ones, who have already reached some levels. There was an understanding that, first of all, it is real. Yes, everything that is said is true.

A: Office, I know that you have, yes?

Y: Yes, I was there in November, there was a program at the conference on opening an office. And I

I decided to open an office in Ivanovo. Because this is a very interesting field, where you can reach the first positions. In principle, that’s what happened.

A: How many offices do have you opened now?

Y: I didn’t open, it’s my partners work. I have one office, and my partners have 4 or 5 offices there.

A: Listen, let’s talk. Let’s talk about how you decided to join the

the “Car for 35%” program? Did you have a car or not?

Y: No, I had a car, it costs 300.000, in 2007. An old one. By the way, I took it to

credit. I took it on purpose, it was such a stupid scheme, not the point. Alexander entered in November.

Al: I’m in November for the first one, this program has just opened. After the conference we

thought, discussed and decided the same thing, to change the car.

A: By the way, how did your wife react? Elmira, this question is for you.

Al: She was generally calm. She said: “Are you sure?” I sais:

“Yes, I’m sure.” “Go ahead.”

A: And what was the confidence, tell us, it’s interesting. Usually, wives dissuade such ideas.

E: Yes, but we made a decision quickly.

A: Did it happen after the conference, perhaps?

E: Yes.

A: But first, did Alexander take a car?

Al: Yes, it turns out that my wife gifted me a car. I’m gifting my wife a car today.

In November we cut a deal, it was still on calls, via email, a written contract, we signed everything. And in March, on March 16th , we took our own car. Skoda Kodiaq. We took a new one, also from the car salon. At 35%, as the company said, a day in day-everything is honest and in time.

A: Yes, but let’s by turns. In General, your first car is a Volkswagen Tiguan. How did you decide to take this car? How much did you deposit? I am interested in it very much, I think, you will be  interested in to listening to this story too. And most importantly, where did this money come from?

Y: I invested only $ 1000. I mean, I’ve told my friends, and really, a lot

partners bought cars from me. A lot of people who use Indexes. And in January I made 10 Indexes myself, именно рефералкой сам.

A: So you didn’t deposit the money?

Y: I didn’t make it. Yes, I have saved up about $12,000 in 3 weeks. Exactly it is from dividends, and contributed on the program ” Auto for 35%”. So yesterday I bought a car. I added some of my own. And I gave my old car in trade-in. This is a very cool experience.

A: Did you probably followed the example?

Al: No, on the contrary. I’m on my own more. That is, Yura through reinvestment, through referral, all of these dividends. Then I immediately made my own. Then we started with my wife too to develop, now we already have a total of 17 Indexes on the deposit. And the first car, the second

already, too, at the expense of Indexes. That is, by generating profit. We have already entered the second car. We put in 600,000.

A: How much did you contribute?

Al: For the first 600,000, we got 1.700,000. We paid 510,000 for the second one and received 1.400,000.

A: Were you waiting for 3 months, yes?

Al: We were waiting for 3 months for the first one. 95 days. The second for 3 months – 95 days too. That is, clearly.

Y: I saved up the first $1000 from 7 people for 10 rubles, that is, I borrowed. And all this from scratch, just with nothing. But when I opened the office, firstly I try any product on myself and show it my partners. And when I opened an office, I took a loan repaid the loan to show that payments are being received. We have already received 6 payments. That is, no doubt at all, it is very pleasant to work in this company, and we continue to develop.

A: Is the affiliate program developing and developing?

Y: Yes, level 9 is completed.

A: Great, congratulations! Cool! In the promo, I think you also win a very large number of prizes from company?

Al: We have 2 MacBooks, 2 IPhones, and now the third MacBook is coming.

Y: By the way, promo, yes, cool. The first promo: I completed my trip to Moscow for the conference, it was very cool, there was free accommodation in Moscow city from the company in a hotel and participation in the conference.

A: How many personal sales did you close?

Yu: This is for one person $ 10,000 in the first line. I mean,it turns out I closed 30,000, becauseI took a ticket for myself, my wife, and my mother-in-law, and we went as a family.

A: Yes, so don’t miss the promo! Every month we release a new promo where you can

also win prizes: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, apartments, cars.

Y: We were recently in Samara, it’s very cool! So don’t miss it!

A: Well, I would like to hear from you some advice to those who are looking closely. Come on,

let’s start with your wife, so that she appeals to women. What can you say? Don’t you doubt your men?

E: Yes, don’t doubt your men, you need to trust them sometimes. To trust, to decide.

A: Direct them in the right direction, right?

E: I guess so.

A: Yes, by the way, she got her car today. What car did you want initially?

E: Yes, we chose it for a long time.

Al: One of them is in Moscow on sale. Kia Soul GT Line, turbocharged.

A: It suits you very well, by the way, with your hair. Did you choose under your hair?

E: by instinct.

Al: Color, configuration – only one was found here. And today we have 15 years of our life together, day to day.

A: And we came.

Al: Yes, and the film crew has arrived.

A: Could you give us some advice?

Y: We need to develop, first of all, and most importantly, if there is an opportunity, we need to use it. Do not reject everything, do not turn away from everything that is given to you. There is a real possibility here, which later could disappear. Really, I support Kirill Doronin, his ideology, I like and accept it. Further more. The biggest purchase of my life was a car, which I have bought yesterday for

3.000.000₽, and this is just the beginning. I understand it, and there is more development.

A: What was your scope of activity?

Y: Well, I had an experience in cryptocurrency, so I just saw when Bitcoin was growing. I realized that you can make money on that. And began to study the stock exchange: how they work, what are the tools. I mean, at first I thought I could sit at the desk and trade. There are gambling people, there are non-gambling people. And turns out, I am one of the gambling people who want to get all at once, but  it does not work. And I started studying this IT industry, so everything worked out.

A: By the way, I have a question for you. Have you checked our traders? Do you know that we have the possibility to check our traders. Have you used?

Y: I am sure that makes no sense, because we met with a person who provided us with the entire report of that check at a conference. There are video reviews on YouTube that were already checked by traders who made accounts that were given for verification. It’s real. There is the majority of people who says: “This is all a setup.” There is a strange opinion. And we have communicated with these people face-to-face and understand that it’s true.

A: All these reviews are true. If someone thinks so, then you have an opportunity to check out our traders. Also you can talk about it calmly, without fear to your partners. Well, thank you very much for the interview. In fact, we were greeted very nicely, with such cool cars, with very unusual

stories. 15 years. Here, Yuriy bought a car, did not invest, roughly speaking, a dime.

In other words, everything is based on a referral link or an affiliate program. There is something to learn, there is someone to take an example from. If you want to know more and find out more cases, then we have YouTube-channel. Our channel has a lot of information in playlists, a lot of cases. So don’t

skip it! Also, if you are interested in our partners, Yuriy, Alexander, you can

ask them for some advice. And find out more detailed. We will write your links and contacts.

Al: Call, write. In Telegram, in our group we are the same, me and Alexander.

A: All right, bye-bye!

Y: Bye, everyone!





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