9 March 2021
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How to buy a car through the Finiko company
How to buy a car through the Finiko company
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I am Igor Khalzov, I live in Novosibirsk. I am 57 years old, run my own business, an entrepreneur.

How did you hear about our program?

I heard about this program in February when I was with my friend Kirill Dobatovkin in Moscow. I met with him for business, for my business, and got into his business, let’s say. And from him, I learned about the program that Finiko was offering. That is the program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost”. It is a part of the program in which I participate. I also have other programs, so it all started with that, in February, with the meeting in Moscow.

How did you choose a new car?

I did not plan to buy this particular car, but I was planning to buy a new one. But, since now there is a difficult situation on the entire planet, including Russia, and in our city. I chose this car based on the price I was offered. And I have no regrets. I bought it at the Nissan dealership in the city of Novosibirsk. In general, it was the residual money from the loan. I took out a loan and entered the program “Pay off a debt for 35%.” At the same time, I had money that I could use, and I used it for this program. I invested $9,500 in this program and, last week, I received a payment of $27,200 from Finiko. As agreed. And it took me 95 days. But I have managed to use the old program. Now, the term is already 4 months, and I have got that opportunity after 95 days, using that program. Now, you can see what the properly distributed $9,500 can turn into. Friends, I want to tell you one thing. When I heard about this program in February and had to make a decision, I discussed it with some of my friends and relatives. And, actually, I did not hear a positive answer, like mine, I was extremely excited about this program. And they almost discouraged me, so to say.

So, they did not believe that it could actually happen. In general, I made this decision, and I did it. And I took a vow of silence for 3 months, did not tell anyone that I had entered into an agreement with the Finiko company. And I was waiting for this car. When I finally got it, when I already had it, I shared my joy with some of my friends. Most people, of course, were not genuinely happy about the fact that I’ve bought such a car. Especially in such a way. Now, it became very interesting to them, and they are waiting for my detailed story. But, you know, there were people who, I mean, I heard some envy, or, probably, some weird concern in their voice. When I told them that I had such a car, that the program worked – it was something they did not believe in earlier. The answer was: “Well, you must be so lucky!” And, you know, like: “But, what if it was different, what if?” I said, “Lord, what are they thinking about? What does “if” have to do with it? Winners are grinners.” Now, I have a car – many people are happy for me, and you are talking about “what if”. You know, today, when I was on my way here, to get the car, to pick it up. I had a thought about such people. I believe, there are enough of them in the environment of each person. There are mirrors in the car. Here is the rearview mirror, the side mirrors.

When do we look in them while driving? For example, I am driving from point A to point B. I have a windshield, I go there, I see the direction, I know where I need to arrive. I use the rearview mirror and side mirrors only for some kind of maneuvers. It is a matter of seconds to perform some maneuvers. By the way, if you look in the rearview mirror, you will be able to see your past. You can literally see what was a few seconds ago. But then, I look through the windshield and drive to my destination. In short, those people are looking for reasons, some justification for their inaction. I don’t know, maybe for their envy or some kind of cowardice. They pull from the past to the present and think that it actually is the present. I compare them with those people. You know, they have an emergency life. If I look in the rearview mirror or the side mirrors all the time while driving, i.e. look back – at least, there will be an accident. That is why their life is an emergency – they look there all the time. They don’t see what’s ahead, they don’t believe it. It entails a certain danger. Somewhere in the middle of May, I already gave an interview. You can watch it on Finiko’s video resources. It was called “Repayment of three loans” or “How to pay off three loans” – something like that. There, I shared a specific program and a plan of how to achieve the result that I currently have. Do not be lazy, watch it. You will get what I’ve got. Thank you.

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