9 March 2021
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How to buy a car profitably with Finiko?
How to buy a car profitably with Finiko?
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So, how can you get your dream car for 35% of the final price using the thefiniko.com system? Everything is very simple. You decide that you want to buy a car – it’s about time. When you want to make it cheaper on the one hand, and on the other hand, it should be as comfortable and worthy as possible for you and your family, or maybe you have been dreaming of something. And you have a choice – to buy either a supported car or a new one – it does not matter. The program works with any type of car: both supported and new.
What does thefiniko.com offer? You go to the car section, choose, I mean, you already have an understanding of what you want, you understand how much the car costs. Let’s imagine that your car or your dream equipment is worth $40,000. The offer from the system is the following: you deposit $14,000 – that is the basic contract. +1% for the system maintenance or so-called office fee. There is such a concept as contract maintenance, so, another $165 is the payment for maintaining the contract. Because you might be buying this car in some region where there is no direct Finiko office, but there are partners. Those are the people who are maintaining your deal.
These numbers do not fundamentally affect the amount you receive in the end. And then, 120 days pass, and this amount appears in your electronic account. You withdraw and get it. You buy a car. It happens without liabilities, queues, and finally, you take ownership. “What’s the catch?”, you might ask. There is no catch. A very simple presentation, a very simple product – everything is clear. You just need to figure out how we make money.

Namely, this amount enters the system and starts working. Make sure to watch the video on how money is being made in our company. After that, a generated amount is formed in your electronic account. We keep your capital, and you have the amount to buy a car. That’s it. An honest conversation, as honest as possible. There is one more aspect. It is called “taxation”. Since your income has been formed with a difference between $40,000 and $14,000, a 13% income tax is formed based on that $26,000 difference. 13% – for a resident of Russia, for other countries, the rates must be specified.

But that tax is formed in your separate account, and that money will also be transferred to your electronic account. In our example, there is $40,000 and $14,000, and the tax is imposed on $26,000, which is only $3,400. Therefore, the amount that will appear in your electronic account is $40,000. You pay $3,400 of tax, you get $40,000, and after that, you go and buy a car without liabilities, queues, and immediately become the owner. That is how the car purchasing program works.

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