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How to buy a car at a bargain price with no loans
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How to buy a car at a bargain price with no loans

Today we will have a live stream with Ruslan Rahmatullin.

“I have already made a small announcement. Ruslan, tell us a little bit about yourself. What city are you from?”

“I am from Omsk. I heard about Finiko on September 6, 2019. I am currently here with my partner, the representative of Finiko.

He has the 7th star. All my partners are starry. That is all their merit, without my team, I would not have achieved such results”.

“The 9th star. How did this happen? Was there any strategy?”

“There are no secrets. I have been working in multi-level marketing since 1994. Initially, I have been a representative of the Herbalife company. When I met Kirill Doronin in 2012, I started doing business with him straight away and knew that I could trust him. I have lived abroad for 6 years. In India and Turkey.

“In 2012 I understood that selling money is easier. In September 2019 I heard about Finiko and became a partner with no doubts. By the end of the first month, I had achieved the third star. And at the moment, I already have nine stars! I have established an office in Omsk. I have opened six offices straight away. I have assigned key people to work there. I trusted them. There has been a flow of money. That is how I have reached the ninth star”.

“In honor of that, Finiko made me a present – a new Mercedes GLK 300.”

“Now everything works mostly in the online format. Fifty-fifty. We hold meetings in Omsk. We are old school, we need to meet, to see each other. Many others have switched to online”.

“Let’s go over the questions. Congratulations on your Mercedes”.
“Guys, the cards will be ready. You can send all questions to technical support” “This is Ruslan, who is also doing business with Finiko”.

The main rule in my work: “Tell the information and let the person go”. When you are absolutely confident about the product, a person will catch your impulse and come back!”

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