9 March 2021
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How to buy a car at a bargain price with Finiko?
How to buy a car at a bargain price with Finiko?
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Hello, everyone. My name is Anastasia, and today, we are in Ufa. I want to introduce one girl who has used the program “Buy a car for 35 percent of the cost”. She will shortly tell us everything in detail.

-Hello, tell us a little about yourself: what is your name, what do you do, how did you hear about Finiko?
“I heard about the company from my friends who recommended me to try the services. I got interested in this particular product right away because my husband and I were dreaming about it. We wanted a car for the whole family. So, our dream has finally come true.

We have bought a Mitsubishi ASX, which cost $12,148. Thanks to Finiko, we have bought it for $4,200 plus expenses. As a result, it was $4,500 in total.
Actually, we have bought it from my mother, Olga, for that amount. Olga has purchased a car under the program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost”.
It was not our first car. My husband had a car, but due to a difficult time, he had to sell it. It was inconvenient without a car.

If we had not taken the chance, there would not have been any car yet. You can’t get such a car for such an amount of money. It was a great opportunity to buy a car for such a price from my mother. If we had not taken advantage of that chance, we would simply have gone to the bank and taken out a large loan. Then, we would have been repaying it our whole lives. And there still would be no money anyway.”

I advise you not to be afraid to participate in this program. In my turn, I also was scared at first, but then, I realized – why not take the chance? It was such a sum for a car which I was not afraid to lose.

-You and your mother are wonderful miladies. Thank you. I wish you safe roads. Well, if you are interested in our program, then contact the person who has sent you this video and make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe.

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