9 March 2021
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How to buy a BMW 320D profitably with Finiko?
How to buy a BMW 320D profitably with Finiko?
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Today, we arrived in Ufa, and we will be shooting the purchase of a car for 35% of the cost. We will show you everything shortly. Make sure to follow our YouTube channel and like it, thank you!

– When they see your BMW car…

– Yes, yes. It’s been 3 months already

– Well, it’s kind of an awkward question, but still

– I purchased insurance today

– What was the amount of your debt?

– $1,200, 5 days.

– Hello, everyone! We are at Lilia’s office in Ufa. And this is Mikhail, who has entered the car purchasing program. Please, tell us a little about yourself.

– Good afternoon! My name is Mikhail, I am from Ufa. Well, last December, in 2019, at the end of December, I heard about Finiko and about the products it was offering. And I decided to use it right away.

– Who did tell you about it?

– I learned about it from my mentors in the leadership program – I trust those people, unconditionally. I mean, I fully trust them. And, hence, I ended up here at Lilia’s office.

– Later, there was some kind of training here. How was it? You heard about Finiko, came to the office…

-Yes, they told me about everything, I mean, about how it worked. Partners explained everything in detail with numbers – I was completely satisfied.

– So you got the information you needed, right? – Yes, yes.

– And regarding the purchase of the car: when did you hear particularly about the program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost”?

– Almost immediately. I didn’t have money right away – after a couple of months, I came back to the office, signed an agreement, deposited $4,000. In the end, I earned $11,500.

– And for how long have you been waiting?
– For 95 days. And just yesterday, I got my BMW 320d. – Did you initially know what kind of car you wanted?

– Yes, I wanted a BMW

– You wanted a BMW – was that your target?

– Yes. Finiko has fulfilled one of my dreams.

– Did you want a higher class car, or was it just a necessity? Why did you want to use this particular program?

– Purchasing a car of such a class without debts is worth it!

– And for such an amount!

– I have also used two more Finiko products in addition to the car program.

– Which ones?

– Firstly, I have repaid two loans.

– Can we cover each loan separately? It will be very interesting for many people.

– The first one is a loan from Sberbank. My debt there was $5,800. I deposited $2,000 in Finiko.

– So, is it 35%?

– Yes, 35%.

– And every month, I get about $580.

– For how many months have you been repaying this loan so far?

– For 3 months already.

– For 3 months. Therefore, in about 3-6 months, it will be completely paid off, right?

– Yes, somewhere in October-November

– And what did you take this loan for? For business?

– Yes, I wanted to buy a car, but the money went to other needs, as it happens sometimes.

– As a result, you have bought the car in a different way. – Yes.

– Let’s talk about the second loan. What was the amount of debt when you decided to repay it?

-The outstanding balance of the debt was $6,600. I deposited $2,200 in Finiko. And now, I receive $660 every month. I get these payments with a difference of literally 2-3 days.

– For how long have you been repaying this loan?
– Also 3 months. So, I concluded the contracts simultaneously.

– I wanted to know: did you take one loan first, it started being repaid, and then – another one, right?

– No, there were both.
– What was the first program you have used? Was it the loan repayment program?

– Yes, the first one was the loan and then the car. Then, after all, I decided that it was time for a car.

– The time for a BMW! – Yes.

– And tell us about what your friends think. How did they initially react when you used such programs?

– They were very, very skeptical. But when they already saw and touched the car with their hands, then they started calling and texting me. I mean, all the people who did not fully believe in the beginning.

– How was it? They see your car, and, obviously, a person might have some questions, like “Is it yours?”. Many people have such a question, by the way.

– No, they did not ask that question. In my case, it was like “Mikhail, is it for real? Does it really work?” So, something like that.

– Have you bought a BMW for $4,000 or something? Approximately. – The BMW car cost me $4,000.

– It’s a kind of miracle! That is the price of a good ATV, probably. I do not even know what car can be bought for $4,000 to compare.

– Nowadays, there is nothing for $4,000.
– Okay, I probably won’t ask about your emotions, because a BMW – it’s very cool.
– It is very good! I still haven’t fully realized yet.
– You are driving it for the second day, right?
– Literally yesterday, we have signed the contract of sale. Today, I bought insurance. – Great!
– I wish you safe roads.

– Thank you.

– It’s great that your loans are being paid off simultaneously, and that you are in Finiko. I should probably even congratulate you.

– Thank you.

– You can wish something to our viewers who will watch this video. I think this case has turned out to be quite interesting, both on cars and loans. Or you can say hello to someone.

– I wish all doubters to cast their doubts aside and finally get what they really want.

– Yes, Mikhail, thank you very much again. All the people who are interested in the program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost” can watch this video and all other videos on our YouTube channel. Bye-bye, everyone!

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