13 April 2021
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How it was: the leadership council meeting in Moscow
How it was: the leadership council meeting in Moscow
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Nikita: The city of Moscow is behind my back. We are in the Tower of Mercury, and today, there will be another Finiko event – the meeting of the leadership council. Let’s go!

Natalya: The path at Finiko begins with money. But I have already gone a long way, and now, I understand that this is both training and personal growth.

Elena: For me, Finiko is a happy, real, calm confidence in the future.
Evgeny: Finiko is a company that improves people’s lives, helps to solve any financial tasks.

Alena: Finiko is freedom and personal growth. Everything is related to it. Finiko gives freedom of everything.

Nadezhda: Of course, we expected something cool, but they exceeded all our expectations today.

Olga: This is a historic moment not only for me, for my family, for the partners who have gathered here, not even for our country, but for the whole world.

Irina: The impressions are great! This is literally mind-blowing. Kirill has surprised us once again. I had certain expectations, but nothing like that.

Andrey: The conference is amazing. There is a lot of good news that will change my life, the life of the company and my partners.

Ekaterina: Finiko is a breakthrough of the 21st century.

Oksana: Finiko is life, life in a new way.

Nikita: I hope you have watched this conference online on our channel. But believe me, you cannot feel the atmosphere that was here today through the screen. Therefore, we are waiting for you to be among the leaders. See you soon!

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