13 April 2021
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How it was: Finiko Promo
How it was: Finiko Promo
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Marina: My name is Marina. My surname is Safina. I am a partner of Finiko. I am in the Top 20. I have 10 stars. I flew to Dubai under the Promo September. To that magical land of the East, where I acquired such a sense of peace as if I had been there a long time ago. And such fairy tales inspire me so much and help me to improve. Because now, in the coolest company, Finiko, I understand that you can live and enjoy everything in this life.

Oksana: Hello, everyone! We are currently in a wonderful, sunny Dubai. We’re here under the Promo. My name is Oksana Tretyakova, I am the 10th star in the company. And this is Margarita, our star, who has 9 stars. We have such a rich program here, tell us a little about it. However, we have not even had time to sunbathe.

Margarita: It seems to me that we have been resting here for a month. We flew in helicopters, took a car yesterday and traveled all over the city, visited a Turkish restaurant and tried their famous steaks. I am very happy that my team achieves the stars. Every day, there is good news. The turnover is growing. They always ask me how to get here, but you just need to complete the Promo, make sales in the first line.

Oksana: Everything has already been invented. Just choose a person you like, repeat their actions, and you can achieve and earn everything as they did.

Margarita: And I wanted to express my deep gratitude to the Finiko company because we not only have such cool products that generate income, but even the Promo has been organized in the best possible way. There have been many pleasant surprises from the company.

Bair: My name is Bair. I am from Ulan-Ude. I have been with Finiko since June 13, 2019. I did not complete only one Promo of the company, the very first one, which was in August 2019. When I saw that then the guys went to Turkey, I thought: “Why am I not there?” And now, I have decided for myself that traveling under the Promo of the company is very cool and great. You get together with people, with like-minded people who work in the same direction. Thanks to the company, I have been to 4 seas, that is, in Sochi, Turkey, Thailand, and Dubai. How did I do it? Well, the Thailand promo was pretty intense, but Turkey and Dubai went smoothly. I have not done enough to get a car, but it seems to me that a trip is even cooler than a car. Why the promo is good is that a guide is traveling with us. So, you don’t think about where you are going and where your documents are. The company takes care of everything.

Man 1: We are in the flower park right now. Next, we are planning to visit the park with butterflies, and then we will go to the Village, which combines cultures of different countries. Today, we have a lot of excursions. So, we talk, watch, and get emotions. We also have a meeting of leaders who came here under the Promo. This idea of t​he company is great because here we communicate informally, we share our experience, we get something new. The company also schedules excursions very competently. The days are very busy. We are constantly exchanging new information. I advise you to communicate with leaders because it brings a lot of new ideas.

Man 2: When you perform Promos, which fortunately take place every month, it allows you not only to travel but to gain new knowledge. Because there is such a concentration of minds, leaders who help you develop even more. Therefore, it is beneficial to travel with Finiko and the leaders.

Ilgiz: I believe that everyone should attend such events because it is an expansion of consciousness, completely different energy. You feel it yourself, with partners, with the team. You have different goals, you understand that you can achieve something bigger. You just begin to develop lightning fast.

The conditions for completing the Promo are very simple: it was necessary to make a $100,000 personal turnover within Indexes and Cashback. If it included only one product, it would be difficult, but here, the cashback compensates. We have a large team, more than 50 people came to Dubai. Everything is achievable. Guys, we need to act.

Man 3: We have been flying in helicopters. That is an incredible feeling. I recommend completing Promos and traveling with the team.

Man 4: I have performed the Promo just to come here with the team. Because it is communication, exchange of experience, and it’s much more fun together.

Man 5: To be honest, the promo was not difficult for me. Because at a certain stage of working with the company, promos turn out to be completed automatically. Of course, if a person has just joined the company, it will be difficult. The numbers seem unrealistic and impossible. When you are already versed in, many things become different. You see them differently. Yes, at the very beginning, this work needs to be done, there is a lot of it. It’s like a rocket you have to launch. I will not say that it was easy, but it is not the same energy expenditure as in the beginning. Why did I come here? I could not have missed it. This is Dubai. The representation of such a life you want to strive for. You have to be here in order to understand why you earn money at all. Here you can understand what you can have for that money. I think that if you just focus your attention on such promotions, everything will go much faster than if you do not set any goals. Look. It’s worth being here for this. I share photos and videos with my partners. And I see such a strong desire to be here in their replies. In fact, my desire for them to be here is even greater. In general, if you come here with partners, the business will shoot sky-high. We invite you to participate in Promos and travel with us.

Man 6: I sincerely wish you to accomplish Promos. We have very busy days here. Some people fail to do everything we do here in one day in two visits. We are excited and we invite you to get excited with us.

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