13 April 2021
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How it was: Club 20×20
How it was: Club 20×20
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Woman 1: Before this training, I did not understand what the scale was. When my Kazan mentors told me to think big, I thought, “How is it?”

Man 1: In my opinion, you can visit this event an infinite number of times, because every time there is some new coin. You begin to understand the aspects you probably have not understood before.

Man 2: Exciting event, literally a burst of emotions. A lot of insights and the main thing is working with people, of course. Hearing them, knowing your point of view, and most importantly, hearing and being silent. It is very difficult to overestimate this event.

Man 3: I intentionally went to this event not as a mentor to transfer some of my knowledge, but to learn. It was very interesting for me to understand whether I could learn something new or would I go out and say: “I already know everything here!”

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