13 April 2021
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How it was: Club 20 with Kirill Doronin
How it was: Club 20 with Kirill Doronin
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Nikita: Hello, everyone. You are on the Finiko channel. And today, we are talking about an event called Club 20. It will be running for three days. Every day, there will be something new. Do you already understand where we are? We are in Sochi!

It will be not just an event or a workshop. It will be a legit dialogue with Kirill Doronin. The participants of Club 20 are gathering behind this door.

Ilona: This is exciting. I have been waiting for this since last year, and now, I have finally arrived. In general, I don’t set expectations because they don’t always turn up. Let it be as it should be.

Alexei: You know, I have lately begun to understand and beware of people who say they know everything. I’m trying not to miss such events. And, of course, the information Kirill Doronin tells makes us come back again and again and discuss all this. I am growing because there is a new format every time.

Daria: Knowledge. I am here to work on myself.

Elena: There was a lot of practice, a lot of insights, a huge number of innovations, which we were expecting from Kirill.

Anastasia: The reality has exceeded all my expectations because I did not even expect such a volume. I am very happy that I got here.

Nikita: In sunny Sochi, you can recharge not only with the sun but also with the energy of Kirill Doronin. That is what Club 20 members have done today. There are two more successful days and new participants ahead. If you don’t want to miss it, then subscribe to our channel right now.

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