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How does an office help in development?
How does an office help in development?
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Dilyara: Hello, everyone! We are in Rostov. Rostov-on-Don, right? Natalya: Yes, correct.

Dilyara: It becomes challenging to remember all cities. We have just arrived from Krasnodar, where we had Club 100. Currently, we are at the office of Natalya Kitsarskaya. I think this video will be interesting for everyone. Natalya, you can say hello to the audience.

Natalya: Hello, everyone.
Dilyara: To begin with, tell us, please, how your journey with Finiko has started?

Natalya: Kirill Doronin came to Rostov at the end of October. It used to be small meetups back then, and I was invited to such a meeting in a Restaurant. It took place after the presentation. Now I realize that Zygmunt and Andrey Galuschenko were there too. I did not know anyone. I listened to them, and everything seemed to be adequate. I mean, I could ask any questions, as I had not been a partner of the company yet. And it happened so that Kirill sat in front of me, and I was asking various questions within my competence. All answers were adequate. But all that did not correspond to my picture of the world. I could not understand how I could go and buy a new car for 35% of its cost, it is impossible. So, I listened to them, had dinner, and went on with my daily life.

Dilyara: Thank you very much.

Natalya: In a while, we had met with Andrey Galuschenko, and he said: “Natasha, examine it”. I said: “Yes-yes, fine, I will”. So, it lasted until December. But in November, I had a credit card and decided to try. Even agreements were conducted manually back then.

Dilyara: So, you were repaying a loan, right? Natalya: Yes.
Dilyara: What was the loan amount? Natalya: $7,650.

Dilyara: Did you deposit 35%?
Natalya: I deposited $2,500. It was in November or December, or… Dilyara: So, we have the loan repayment case here as well.

Natalya: In December, I received the first payment and thought: “Wow!”. Its amount was $750, and I had deposited $2,500. I immediately figured that on the fourth due date, I will return my money, and the repayment will continue. I thought, “Well, great”.
Dilyara: For how long have you been paying it off?

Natalya: Since November. A couple of months left.

Dilyara: A little more to wait, right?

Natalya: Yes, just a little.

Dilyara: For those who do not know, a loan is usually repaid in nine to ten months.

Natalya: Yes, if you do not know how loans are repaid. In general, this is the most favorite product of many of my partners and clients. You can always learn about it…

Dilyara: You can get more information on our website. Or those who are in Rostov can even come to the office. We will provide you with the address and telephone number so that you can find out everything in detail. Well, let’s continue with the story. Your loan repayment has started…

Natalya: Yes, the loan repayment started in November, actually. We met with Andrey in December, and he asked: “What’s up?”. I said: “Well, I am paying off the loan”. He said: “Did you figure everything out? Are you interested in this?”. I said: “Well, I do not know”. He said: “Let me show you something”. He took his phone and showed me his income of $5,000 per day.

Dilyara: Did he show his personal account?

Natalya: And at that moment, I realized that I see it, and it is real. Per day.

Dilyara: Do you know how to count money?

Natalya: $5000 per day! He started working with Finiko in June. I was very impressed by this. And he said that it was going to be a conference in Krasnodar soon.

Dilyara: Is that really a good friend of yours so that he can show you his personal account?

Natalya: No, no. He had already understood what could interest me. I always say: “The language of numbers is the most intelligible.” And, of course, it impressed me. And right then, at the end of December, there was a conference in Krasnodar. Vlad and I attended it. Vlad Morozov is my first line partner, the son of my friend. He has seven stars. The eighth is coming soon.

Dilyara: Did you invite him to the conference?

Natalya: As a family, yes. And we went to the conference together. There I saw some familiar faces. I was asking people: “Are you in Finiko?”, and they answered: “Yes”. I said: “Wow, wow, tell me more.” I was somehow still skeptical about that. Because some figures seemed to be unrealistic. I thought that it could not be for real. After the conference, our lives have improved. Right, Vlad? We were on our way…

Dilyara: Just a quick note: we have other partners sitting here with us. Natalya does not speak to the wall.

Natalya: Yes, yes. Life has improved. We drove home and discussed plans for the future all the way. “We are joining Finiko, we will start. We will open an office.”

Dilyara: Where is the first office? Or are you still discussing?

Natalya: When we went from Krasnodar to Rostov, we were discussing it all the way. How we could open an office, how we would start. In general, we had already made all the plans. And then the New Year holidays began. During that time, I was listening to all the information once again. And, friends, I recommend it to everyone. Listen to all the conferences that have been in Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, St. Petersburg, and Moscow. The video lasts for two or three hours. I listened to everything, and I finally got a complete picture of how our traders work.

Dilyara: Have you discovered our YouTube channel?

Natalya: Completely! Thus, I had a lot to do during the New Year holidays. And on January 15, we opened this office.

Dilyara: So, did you do it right after the holidays?

Natalya: Yes. We agreed on the premises in a business center in the center of Rostov. So this is a good place.

Dilyara: Yes, it is right in the center.

Natalya: Yes, a nice place. We decided that this location would be convenient for everyone and us. And when we settled down here, we began to call everyone.

Dilyara: Look, did it take a long time to find premises? Natalya: No, we did it very quickly.
Dilyara: And what about the interior? It is quite cozy here. Natalya: It took us three days in total.

Dilyara: So fast.
Natalya: Yes, everything was very fast.

Dilyara: And whom did you call? Were they some personal connections? I want to cover this because there might be some people who are planning to open an office. I understand that for you, these things are obvious already. And for me too, because I am interviewing partners often.

Natalya: You know, of course, we were calling our warm contacts first. When we invited our closest friends, they said: “Yeah, great. Okay, we will see ”. Well, I already know the key phrase: “Observe! I have told you everything. Now you know that I work with Finiko, so just observe ”. Of course, those who responded were mostly my partners from the previous business. They had already known and came. They amazed me because they had never dealt with network marketing before. At all. They have never participated in such things, and now they are successfully developing. Network marketing has not the best reputation, you know… And my friends had been quite skeptical. When I started working in network marketing, my friends strangely looked at me.

Dilyara: Really?

Natalya: Yes, I have always been in traditional business. And suddenly network marketing. I got my first star in the first week, though.

Dilyara: After the opening?

Natalya: Yes, after that. Opening an office is very important for newbies at the beginning. When a person already has ten stars, there is no need for an office at all. You need it from the very beginning, from the first star. An office should be opened from the beginning of building a business right away.

Dilyara: It helps a lot, right?

Natalya: Business can be built very efficiently and quickly when you have premises. The structure is developing, and people are coming. Moreover, we give presentations, sometimes even twice a day – at 2 pm and 7 pm.

Dilyara: So, sometimes, you have presentations two times a day, right? Natalya: Yes, in the beginning, there were such days.
Dilyara: How many people do you call and invite?
Natalya: Do you mean how many people come to the office?

Dilyara: Yes, what is the percentage?

Natalya: You know, my percentage and the percentage of the other two partners are different. Everybody has different results. We communicate with people also non-verbally. And if a partner has some doubts or if he has not figured everything out, it can be read in his behavior. And an invited person always feels it.

Dilyara: Do people understand that their answer is “no” in such a case?

Natalya: And say: “Well, yeah, great, everything is good. I will think” or “I will come later” or “I have no time”. And only when you have examined everything fully, when you have consumed all the information, you understand where the money comes from. I usually

suggest people try to understand the reason why the company helps others to solve financial issues. That is the main aspect you need to understand. Not how the company benefits you, but how you benefit the company. And when you get the reason, then you will see the full picture.

Dilyara: Alright. Let’s cover this: do you already have the tenth star?

Natalya: Yes.

Dilyara: Congratulations! Give us a few tips on how to build a structure. For example, some people are just starting. How to achieve the tenth star? A few tips from Natalya Kitsarskaya.

Natalya: Yes. The first advice is that all money is “on the stage”. At the board, in Zoom. During the pandemic, all offices were closed, and I held meetups in Zoom twice a day. Even Doronin was laughing at me. I have had a Skype-consultation with him, and when I told him that I do Zoom presentations twice a day, he even joked about it.

Dilyara: Oh, was it when he trained you online? Exactly! It seems that the pandemic was so long ago, but in fact, it is still here.

Natalya: And that is why I advise holding Zoom meetings as often as possible. To give presentations and to publish Stories on Instagram. If you invite every single person individually, it will take so much time.

Dilyara: So, higher reach, right?

Natalya: Wide reach that allows you to convey information to the maximum number of people. Sometimes it seemed to me like I was repeating the same thing every day. But my partners said that I use different words. And it might be so that yesterday you spoke differently, but today you made a person realize something. I mean, some people find it easier to understand the information in one way and others in another. Then you are getting into the flow. When you catch this feeling…

Dilyara: Tell us what does a flow state means for you?

Natalya: When I can give a presentation to one person as if there were a hundred people in the audience. I feel pleasure showing people this opportunity. I tell them how they can accomplish their financial tasks today, how they can improve the quality of their life and just smile and enjoy life. Yes, I do not watch TV, and I do not know at all about the news. Well, I hear that something is happening. But we are all happy. I remember very well, you know, my and my partners’ first reaction. I have joined the company and bought the Index – that’s $1,000. And when we started receiving $10 per day, that was a state of joy. We’ve spent that $10 in twenty-five ways in our heads. “For $10 we can do this and that…” We came to the office, and we were so happy. Then, each of us bought two Indexes, three Indexes. Today I have one hundred Indexes, you know, but that first Index and happiness and joy it gave…

Dilyara: Do you still remember that moment?

Natalya: I keep it in my mind all the time. I always understand the emotions of people who have just entered and bought three Indexes.

Dilyara: Yes, now, it is possible to start only from three Indexes.

Natalya: They get $30 a day. I always show people how to calculate it. A little more than 2,000 rubles a day. Do you understand? Plus, of course, I want to draw everyone’s attention to our new product – the cashback service “CBS One”. That is the best product I have ever seen. Imagine that you can get a refund for any purchases, whether you pay in cash or by card, or for a loan payment… Tanya is also here, and she has just paid for the loan and uploaded receipts for petrol, groceries, and restaurant. I think she can tell herself.

Dilyara: For anything you want, and all over the world.

Natalya: For anything, all over the world, in any currency. And your cashback can be from 15% to 25%. Now, when I am telling you this, you probably are in the condition which I had last fall. You might be thinking it is some kind of fantasy. No fiction. What I like about Finiko – everything is transparent and understandable. So our cashback rate depends on the deposit. And the deposit interest is 6% per month, which is 72% per annum. Excellent interest rate. And, well, I have 25%, by the way. Today I posted it on my Stories.

Dilyara: Have you already shown it?

Natalya: Yes, I have.

Dilyara: Natalya is actively posting on Instagram, so check it out.

Natalya: Yes, for a month so far. Thanks to Olga Afonina, who told me: “Well, start posting those stories finally”. I said: “Olga, I can’t”. She said: “Listen, just post everything you see”.

Dilyara: You should show what you are doing. Natalya: Yes, different kinds of Stories.

Dilyara: People are interested in how you live and how you earn, for example, now. Cool! Well, we have covered almost everything, in my opinion: how you have built your structure, opened your office. Soon, probably on Sunday, this video will be live. Moreover, a large conference for a thousand people in Moscow is coming soon… I know that you will go there.

Natalya: Yes, I will definitely go there. We have created a chat for all partners and their guests who are going to attend.

Dilyara: Why do you invite people from your structure there?

Natalya: First of all, It affects me mentally. For example, at the end of December, I went to my first conference in Krasnodar. It gives such a paradigm shift when you see the team of Kirill in reality. You see it not through the YouTube channel, but in real life.

Dilyara: Do you feel the energy in the hall?

Natalya: You feel the energy in the hall, you feel Kirill. There we can talk to him and hug, yes. You can feel how open this person is. I also really like it when Kirill says: “We have no guarantees”, but he has personal responsibility. If people listen to his interviews carefully, they may notice that at conferences, he is talking a lot about his commitment. No one has any guarantees anywhere. It is nonsense to ask about assurance. But the responsibility of the person, responsibility for what he does, and responsibility to the country do attract. Finiko highlights the importance of paying taxes. If we live in this country, we have to pay taxes. That attracts me also, of course. That is why I recommend everyone to visit all conferences and events of the company. By the way, I can’t wait to go to Kazan. I have never been there. I want to visit it.

Dilyara: Have you never been to Kazan? Natalya: Never. I want to come.
Dilyara: We invite you.
Natalya: Yes, to the conference.

Dilyara: It is not certain yet. August was very active. Later we will have more information about all conferences. You can follow our official channels on Telegram and Instagram to catch up with the latest news. All the updates are there. And those conferences that have already passed are available on our YouTube channel. Follow us. Or check our website finiko.ru. Well, thank you for the interview. We are glad to come to Rostov-on-Don. Today we are going to film a few more cases. We will film car purchasing and the case of the already received Lexus car. Natalya, you can say goodbye to everyone or say something else if you want.

Natalya: I want to say just one thing. In six months, the turnover of Indexes in my team has been more than $3,000,000. The turnover of other programs – loan repayment, car purchase, real estate, Finiko PRODUCT, and Finiko LIFE – has been about $2,000,000. Thus, that is proof that people are solving their financial problems. Therefore, I want to suggest everyone try our cashback service. Just allocate $130. Nowadays, it is an insignificant amount of money. And look at how we work from the inside. Explore how our website operates and how our programs work. Examine everything from the inside, not from the outside. And you will understand everything. And I am happy that almost every day or even every day, I receive words of gratitude from my partners. I know that there are about 2,000 people in our team worldwide. People are grateful that now they wake up at 11 o’clock, check the account, and can finally live happily.

Dilyara: Yes, they can live fully when they know how to make money.

Natalya: Yes, yes, yes. And, of course, I would like to give advice. Do your research! Good luck. I wish all your dreams to come true, and ours come true together with Finiko.

Dilyara: Natalya, thank you very much. You will be able to watch this interview on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and like.

Natalya: Yes.
Dilyara: All right, bye-bye, everyone. Thanks for the interview.

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