13 April 2021
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Finiko top leaders’ meeting online broadcast
Finiko top leaders’ meeting online broadcast
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Kirill: Hello. Thank you for coming. There are so many of you. Let me just admire. In our cafe of financial snacks, it is nice and tasty, yes. Today, there is no particular plan, but there are certain topics I want to discuss. I want to capture not only your soul but also your money. To be honest, we have received such information that we would not have received in our life if we haven’t followed this two-year path. You all probably have watched the video where I fantasized about what would happen in the next 25 years. All that is quite real to me. Me and the partners, whom I will shortly present… I have such a state – it’s called freezing. Maybe it’s a disease, but I like it. Previously, my parents were bringing me back to my senses, but now I see it in my children when it seems that they are in a different reality. At such a moment, pictures begin to move in front of you, and you think that all that is real. And the first thought I got: “Why did you perfectly design the risks with highly profitable instruments, but do not approach other things in the same way?” That is my inner voice. It was somehow figuratively born. And why not try to make it real? Try it first, and then we’ll figure it out. And I realized that we can make these 25 years real. Yes, we may not manage to do something or do it not in 25 years but 30 years. But what difference does it make if we still have money? But we will plunge into a new world. Everything worked so that the right people began to come across. We will shortly talk with our partner, who provides a lot of our payment instruments. And I understand that we can significantly strengthen even what we have now. Once again, I want not only a soul but also money. And what benefit do I want to provide? Now we have 200 people here, as I understand. Imagine 200 people with an intention. Those are not just 200 people who came to earn money. Maybe you will not understand some things, but I am grateful to you for the trust that you show when you are ready to get involved in any adventure I offer. But then you are getting into it, each at your own speed. And this is very similar to some kind of magic. And this all turned into what we will try now. You will also have an opportunity to go on stage and talk. And also to help your partners who are not here to become the 10th stars.

We understand quite well what to do with the money now. We need to learn how to develop capital for later. We grow, develop, but it is infantilism to rely only on products, traders, etc. Develop yourself. One of the projects that I will present today is related to the development of our systems and a separate business, to a partner who will strengthen us in terms of PR. How do I propose to work? Now I will tell you about the first project that we are planning to develop in the near future. I’ll tell you about the second project, which we will start developing in a year and a half. Those are the core projects. And I’ll tell you about the mechanics of how we will invest. What are we developing? Venture funding. Venture in the traditional sense is money that you do not know when will return. We decided to create a kind of return venture model. For this, we define the projects. We have 4 projects. We will create a fund. The purpose of the fund will be to finance those ventures. I want a partner who has made money to have the opportunity to design their own future based on the same strategy of many attempts but not on existing instruments, but future ones. Again, not to invest in 2 projects, but to make it to 100. So that there is an understanding that even if 2 out of 100 succeed, they will develop rapidly. This will cover your needs and the needs of your family in 20-25 years. What projects do you think will shoot? Who knows. Therefore, I rely on something else, I rely on statistics, on the control of the team. In general, all this is divided into two parts, into two groups. Controlled: I understand what kind of teams there are, I am part of this business. Uncontrolled: I cannot control, for example, projects that are in other countries.

You can decide for yourself whether to transfer part of your venture money or not. I understand perfectly well that there are 24 hours in a day and I can not guarantee that every project will shoot. Maximum 3-4, which are under the Doronin brand. Everything else is either an IPO or like an IPO. Now I want to return to this red ball. For example, it costs 10,000,000. This fund starts financing the projects

that the user selects internally. For example, you say that you are ready to donate money to the fund. It is sent, and then you decide which projects it will go to. And that project is closed as soon as the project roadmap can be closed. What is it? There are stages in the project that need to be completed, for example, agreements with the bank. What’s the problem with a venture? It happens that they collect money, then spend it, and it turns out that lawyers have screwed something up, and the money ran out. Some of you may have participated in something like that. It does not mean that the venture is bad. We say the opposite. What we have earned goes to funding. And this is exactly the model that speeds up the process. Even if the project fails, then you always have the amount that was used to finance the venture. This model is risky because you know that there are no guarantees here either, but it is less risky than just sending your money to a venture. Accordingly, I am interested in the IPO market. We have already begun to receive many offers from various firms that are engaged in this. I am interested in IPOs, which will form the products then. Here is project number 1. Can you show the slide that I have asked for? By and large, yesterday, while discussing another project with a representative of the second team, they showed a slide called “Wealth Management”. I realized that this is what we are doing today. This is no longer a term from a book on financial literacy that seems to be something distant. We are already designing it. I want you to know that this is the central topic of today. Now project number 1. Gold. I partially talked about this project at Club 10, but the information has already changed a little. So, now I will tell everyone. Imagine a country that is located, say… I will not tell what kind of country it is yet. We have an agreement with the project manager, a public figure in the world of exchanges, both in the US and in Europe. This is a very famous person. Until we sign the papers, we are on different continents, we talk about each other in the third person. Everything this character says is real – we have checked some aspects. Therefore, I say, imagine a country similar to Qatar in terms of potential. In fact, we can get everything with a 40-50-60% discount. This is a project that implies that we can deploy our own gold mining machines. They give away plots there almost inexpensively because the project decided to become the second or third Qatar in the next 5-6 years. This means that gold, silver, platinum, oil, which are not so deep in the deposits of a given country, can be extracted with the help of companies that are professionals in this. What is our interest? We have never been professionals in this business, but we have this idea: how to make such a coin that will be equal to 1 gram of gold? I mean, to combine the very old economic theory with the newest one. But what will be the advantage? Look, one token equal to one gram of unmined gold is an opportunity to grow at the moment when it is already mined. How did I get it? Gold is mined in the form of a nugget or sand. Then it goes to where bricks or coins are made of it. Then it is certified. Then, for example, 1,000 grams of gold will be attached to all this, which is 1,000 tokens. 1,000 tokens of gold that have not yet been mined are 50-60% cheaper. This is the advantage. This creates the opportunity for growth. What do we have today? Some studies confirm that there is gold there. A beautiful story. Basically, some people say that the project is strong. What is in it for me? If we also link token purchases through FNK to this, then we can also get additional growth and interest in our own coin. The person takes upon himself how it all will work. For example, a person takes $10,000,000, and within a year it will cost $1,000,000,000.

I will learn to deal with this area. There is still an option for me to give my token a link. There is a lot of uncertainty. One thing I know: one token will be equal to one gram of gold, and then it will grow when that gold becomes real. That is what is clear. I will invest and earn 40%. Investment – return. The capacity of those mines has not been determined. I am ready to announce it when we will already have signed the contract. If we agree, the first money will go this week. I can already send mine to sign. Now Zygmunt will come out and tell you what the mechanism for determining the share is. Then you will enter. This is roughly what the first project is about. Let’s discuss it so that people who will watch the broadcast could learn from our dialogue. Where is our microphone? Is everything clear? I just don’t understand a lot. Come on.

Man 1: Do I understand correctly that our money, as VCs, goes to a pool that is 100% refundable?
Kirill: We provide return with our word, but you should understand that if all the exchanges are closed, then we will not be able to keep this word either. The risks simply go down, because we do not expect money from the venture, but we assume that if it fails, we will not return your money due to our own exchange activity.
Man 1: So we are investing in a fund that will give us 100% money back?
Kirill: That’s right. For example, you are in a business with a roadmap for six months. If you don’t like it, you can move the pool to some other project. For now, we are focused only on two projects, but then there will be more of them, and you will have the opportunity to choose.
Man 1: It turns out that if we have any doubts, we will be able to transfer funds to another project, right?
Kirill: Yes, that’s right. You will just tick another box.
Man 1: 100% refund and I have the right to transfer funds after some time when I realize that I don’t like it.
Cyril: Yes, if you stopped believing in it. If, for example, there begin to appear some promises or something else. Too many problems. Maybe even I will go out, who knows. An exit mechanism will be created.
Man 1: And you just pay for projects with the pooled income in order not to lose, right?
Kirill: That’s right.
Man 1: Well, it’s just fire.
Kirill: I would call it an opportunity to develop, well, or fire, yes. Yes, let’s talk.
Woman 1: Good evening.
Kirill: Good evening.
Woman 1: I have a question from my partners of the 8th and 9th stars. They have literally flooded me with questions.
Kirill: No, they will not have access to it for now.
Woman 1: Okay, thanks.
Kirill: Not yet. Look, I will answer the question in full detail. I’m talking about priority and respect for people who already have their status, and I give them the right to be the first to start working with this project. That is how I see it. Accordingly, if the project is not so good, then… It’s not because the 8th and 9th stars are worse. This is because you have a priority right. Next, for this right to spur you on, the entry threshold will also be significantly high. 10th stars can afford it. There will probably be some other projects where we will allow others to enter, but not lower than 7 stars. This is a hypothesis. What is the logic? I want people to feel this amount, they must have sincere intentions. I have even changed the Club’s program because of that. They will be associated with shaping the future. There will be a strong program. What do I mean? The 10th star, you can enter for $100,000. For $100,000 you will fight, you will want to return it. The level of intention is different. Let there be many more others, but I will collect the entire budget. I need to get good people. I don’t want just random people with money. That is what we have for now. Maybe everything will change.
Man 2: Good evening. My question is related to this slide. You have shown a basic minimum return that we can count on. I would like to feel and see the maximum.
Kirill: Imagine that you buy the token for, say, $1,000 with the expectation that in six months it will become $1,400. And you resell it to someone ready to wait for that $1,400. Some guys are ready to wait for gold. And you can sell it through the token. You have 10% gold futures. A certain difference in the rates of this token forms.
Man 2: Not really clear.
Kirill: Okay. Look, you have invested $1,000.

Man 2: What is the X?
Kirill: Who knows. Nobody knows. I rely on this. I suppose that we will become fashionable, can it be so? And who could predict 3 years ago that Finiko would have such growth?
Man 2: So this is growth associated with the FNK rate. When we say 40% and a 10-star’s privilege… Well, for many partners with the 1% Index, it won’t be motivating.
Kirill: This is a completely different story.
Man 2: I understand.
Kirill: Can you be sure that we will work the day after tomorrow? Nobody can be sure. If we don’t invest in projects, we won’t increase the cash turnover.
Male 2: 40% is little compared to what we have. It turns out that there is no motivation to be an investor in these ventures.
Kirill: Less than what?
Male 2: Index. I understand that these are different products. But the math is similar.
Kirill: No, it is not similar. We are talking about you investing your earned money in the same instruments. Any financial analyst will tell you this. Suddenly there will be so many players that they will not give you profitability. We cannot count on anything.
Man 2: Then, according to the shareholders, there will be certain agreements and papers not related to Finiko.
Kirill: Yes. This is a separate story. I would like you to be not just investors, but to have the right to get something for your share. This is very important to me. So that you gain legal capital. Someone likes the gold sphere. Due to this, there may be a maximum demand for these tokens. Look, oil futures and the oil itself are completely different stories. This does not mean that you cannot make money on it. You say that the profitability of not mined gold is 40%. What will have happened before that is not clear.
Man 2: Okay. About the base cost. Are there any deadlines?
Kirill: There are no deadlines. Can YOU be sure that the dollar will not depreciate? Here’s another argument, I remembered. Gold is gold. A long-term material. There is always growth. I haven’t answered the question, right?
Man 2: I guess so.
Ramis: Can I ask another question? Ramis, Kazan. Hello, everyone. Kirill, I’m ready. The question is regarding the legal basis. Will it also be legally stated that I am the owner of the money in this fund? Kirill: Yes, everything will be stated. For example, we are creating a virtual fund. This is a kind of model. It will be attached to a specific fund, already real, most likely to the Czech one. What is it for? As I will create projects, there will appear certain assets that will have to be protected. And here, the fund will own some share. 23%. Isn’t it cool to become the owner of some asset within the framework of your understanding, to return your money, and at the same time, remain in the share? Do you know what I mean? The network marketing business is great, but here you are protected because you can transfer something to your family, the heir. Gorgeous story. Focusing at 40% is not enough, but gold is gold. Ramis: One more question. Should I be IE, JSC, CJSC?
Kirill: An individual. This one already owns the fund right here. Accordingly, if the project has already grown to such an extent that it is necessary to spend additional money on it, then the shares are defined there.
Ramis: And another question. Do I understand correctly that money is for the sake of business, but you are interested in gold as a raw material for a Nano First Aid Kit?
Kirill: No, there is a lot of it anyway. No, not like this. The way we get it. There are methods that are much faster and more understandable. If you enter the whole line, melt it down, record it – it’s a long process, and I don’t know it yet.
Ramis: Then I’ll ask about Nano First Aid Kits. Where can I get all the documentation, certification?

Kirill: I’ll post everything. I have it on WhatsApp now.
Ramis: Alright, thanks. I need to study it. Thanks.
Alexander: Can I? Alexander. Vladivostok. Kirill, you have interesting projects. And how is it supposed to get information about the status of a project? From the website or will there be detailed information provided?
Kirill: Will there be a website or what?
Zygmunt: Each project will have a website where news and implementation processes will be uploaded. It will be possible to monitor it in your account and to follow the link to the website.
Alexander: So, a resource that will provide up-to-date information will be created for each project, right?
Kirill: Most likely, yes. It would be quite logical. In fact, my favorite idea is live broadcasts. It’s better to get in touch right away because people immediately feel the false. This whole story is the same.
Man 3: Hello. I have a question. Let’s say my $100 or $200, or $300 is in the fund generating profitability for the implementation of the gold project. It has been generated, gold has been earned, I have a certain amount of gold or tokens. Then, my money will continue to generate profitability in project number 2. Kirill: The mechanics can be like this.
Man 3: If so, then, for example, I have generated project 2, project 3, and so on, and then I endlessly do not take money from the fund and they generate the following projects.
Kirill: Maybe yes, maybe no, I don’t know for sure.
Man 3: This is an option that blows my mind. If it will be there.
Kirill: As with minerals.
Man 3: When there is a fund and projects are constantly continuing. Those who managed to enter, they have entered.
Kirill: Yes, if there are vacant places, then we will arrange open bidding.
Man 3: Then a question about gold. How long is the approximate implementation time?
Kirill: We are guaranteed results in the first three months. I’m not very sure, so I bet for 6 months. We have accepted the information, talked with other partners, realized that there is a desire to do it, and there are risks, yes. It’s easier to count on 6 months, but if it will be earlier, we will be happy.
Man 3: Thank you.
Man 4: I don’t have a question, I guess. Just for myself. We have known each other for more than a dozen years. I like to get involved with you in something new. What did I see here? Thank you for your honest conversation today. Even when two years ago we invited partners to use certain products, we asked them first to study it, and then accept the rules and enter. I like it that neither you, nor anyone understands where we are getting ourselves involved, but we are going there anyway.
Kirill: The rule of the first step. In its purest form.
Man 4: So, Kirill, this is another step into the unknown. I am always in when it comes to your team, even today.
Kirill: This project is not under my control. This is a new team that speaks clearly, does everything. But in general, this is a different country. If they want to return something, I will not be able to do anything. If it shoots, then it will be an awesome project to gain your capital. Nothing prevents you from starting to buy gold right now, but you can do it with a 40-50% discount. The risks are out of control, as I have said. Having formed the fund, I take on the responsibility to conduct live broadcasts once every two weeks. If we come to an agreement with a person, then the first fund will be formed. A law firm. The first live broadcast will be in the first two weeks.
Man 4: Kirill, I have a question then. When do we start?
Kirill: The day before yesterday.
Man 4: Those who didn’t make it, goodbye.

Kirill: Zygmunt, give them the mechanics. I’ll tell you everything. There will be a table. Sign in first, a drop of blood, fingerprints. Probably the table will be smart with two columns.
Woman 2: Kirill, one more question. The team that organizes everything, they have another part in this share. And what role do they play in this project?

Kirill: Investors own 23%. We work 50/50. The rest. From here, the cost is calculated and divided equally. We do not know for sure how it will actually be. Perhaps, this share will increase. It is divided proportionally. There are also hungry dudes on the other side. I want to have minimal losses. If we leave, we will at least stay with our own.
Valery: Valery Samodelkin. Krasnoyarsk region. Good evening, everyone. We have talked about ourselves. What about other partners? What do they get? The ones who have FNK, who have bought it. Kirill: It’s not about them at all. We are talking about corporatization now. We are talking with you about becoming shareholders. It does not mean that the joys of sales are not available to you. All this will be available at the second stage of the project.
Valeriy: If you go further step by step, then the connection of gold to the token looks much more important than you have just said.
Kirill: I do not agree, because if we become dependent on gold, we will begin to repeat everything that is already clear. And FNK is digital gold, not real gold. I also wanted to make another presentation. In general, the gold will end one day. And digital gold is a limitless source. Is the mechanics clear? Regarding both the first and the second project. Check-in and go about your day. It will be a table. Come on.
Denis: Kirill, I have come up with a question. Will there be a limitation on shares?
Kirill: I know that for the implementation of this project, I need 20,000,000 dollars. This is enough to finance the roadmap and not risk profitability. If this fund is formed by those who are present here, it will be closed.
Denis: Can it happen so that one person buys 10 shares?
Kirill: Oh, yes, of course.
Denis: Are there any restrictions?
Kirill: Not yet, but, in general, if a conflict situation arises, then we will reduce it from 20 to 18 for the first time. Moving on?
Viktor: Viktor. Ufa. I have a question. Here are the 10th stars that have made it here. There are still those who have not. And there are those beyond 10th stars. Can they participate?
Kirill: If they are on time. Three days and 10 stars, that is, the right of entry, right?
Zygmunt: If shares remain.
Viktor: Now I don’t understand. The project is long-term, so more 10th stars will surely appear.
Kirill: I’ll explain shortly.
Viktor: Will the new 10th stars be able to enter the same fund?
Kirill: Probably not the project fund. As I understand it. We have developed one deposit. And there are 15 of them on the site. Normal story. For example, we declare to the world that we have them. The expectations for the token will become higher. What will be the derivatives? We do not know. Can it be so that the expectation for the token will grow? Yes. How many times has this happened with oil? Accordingly, we decide to build another mine. Why not? Everything is fine. Why not do it. Those percentages will grow. Whether there will be something further or not, it is already necessary to look there.
Andrey: Kirill, hello. Andrey Novikov, Sochi. I have a question. As far as I understand, there will be one fund for all projects. Will shareholders see the amount of money in the fund?
Kirill: Yes.
Andrey: If a new project or a new partner appears, do they somehow also join?

Kirill: Either the fund or the opportunity to invest in the fund.
Andrey: Got it, thanks.
Kirill: I generally have an idea to make an automatic system. In general, I want, for example, to invest in half of the IPOs that come out within a year, and invest the other part in your conscious choice. Part of the IPO will shoot, and there will also be my own money. Everything is real. Huge experience. If a person says that he is in touch with one person and that he is in touch with another, then I understand that he can penetrate another brain. He can say something. That is why I decide that I am willing to take risks. After you go public, you can do whatever you want with these shares. The shares themselves can shoot. We are guided by the fact that all this will be useful. We’re not chasing the rate. We make goodies that automatically grow in demand.
Alexander: Hi, Kirill. Alexander, Bishkek. Will the entrance be through CFR?
Kirill: Yes.
Alexander: So we need to save up CFR.
Kirill: It was clear three years ago.
Alexander: Got it, thanks.
Dmitry: Hi, Kirill. Dmitry, Chelyabinsk. Two questions. First. You said that gold will be purchased in parts. Kirill: I said, but I was wrong. I said that this was unique, and then they showed me that there were already 5 such projects. I realized that I didn’t want to get involved in this. I’d rather deal with not mined gold. Here you can trade expectations in the market.
Dmitry: And the second question. We have already filled out a smart table once.
Kirill: Yes, yes, yes. I stopped it by myself, it was my delusion. My bad. We did it, launched it, they clarified everything to me once again, and I changed my mind. Therefore, you will have to fill it again. Dmitry: Thank you.
Kirill: Let’s move on. I will hold a Zoom meeting related to the table that I haven’t understood. I will need Marat Sabirov for that.
Man 5: Kirill, one more question. We had the previous version until February 15. One of us has already asked, will it remain in effect?
Kirill: Yes. We will shortly tell you about the concept of digital gold and the person who gave me the idea of wealth management instead of income. Sometimes, English words are more accurate than Russian ones. Guys, when you ask us what the rate will be – we don’t know. We choose randomly. It is important for us that it becomes integrated into services, which then will become sources of customers. They become interconnected. We will talk about this now.
Marat: I can tell you a trivial example. We already have a Canadian payment system that can acquire rubles, dollars, euros, and we can accept money from cards and give cryptocurrency. And this is already a real market.
Kirill: Yes, roughly speaking, the story of the emergence of this project. The people who offered us a project on gold, have contacts with powerful people, and there is also a responsible approach. Those guys demonstrate fast problem-solving. We have been working with them for the first year. When you try to integrate any service into another service, it becomes confused. Some cannot work, others do not know how to work, the number of swearings in the chat increases. And here, everyone works harmoniously. Considering that we are used to working with negative, it’s generally cool. We realized that we had to do something about it. There was a conversation on this topic, they began to ask us what we wanted to do. We are designing a lot of things now, and they serve a lot of clients, including billionaires. They know what exchanges are, they maintain a large Russian market. But at the same time, they all are so calm and simple. The level of their professionalism in solving some problems makes me delighted. The way they do everything… But we cannot take responsibility for what we don’t control. I cannot go to that country and talk about the process that is taking place. Even if I go, there is no guarantee that I will not come back with an arrow in some part of my body. Accordingly, even if I say that we should continue working, there is no guarantee that it will work. So, there are definitely risks here. And guys, imagine if we had such a fund that would finance all your desires, dreams, and you would have lots of money. So that you do not just invest and develop little by little, but do everything right here and now. It turned out that whatever exchange we would have entered… For example, you have entered an exchange, and they begin driving you out of it. Try to explain where the money came from. And while you are trying to sort it out for 5 days, what is the exchange doing?

Marat: It’s more like five months, not days.
Kirill: Do you understand what I mean? And you are protected. We also take risks, because when we have a turnover of money on other people’s exchanges, there are questionable moments. And this is an intermediary. The next is a payment system. A bank is asking about the source of money again. And we thought of making our own structure with a wallet around FNK.
Marat: This is when you have your own bank, wallet, and payment system. You are the owner of some part of the bank, some part of the stock exchange. You will even be the owner of the card we are currently making.
Kirill: Yes, and all this is done within the framework of one legal entity, one fund. And all this is also linked to FNK.
Marat: We serve ourselves.
Kirill: Gold is wonderful, but my whole focus of attention goes to this. I will talk about it. I’m going to do the worst thing right now – read the slides. You should never do that, but I have no other options now. So, this is the central slide. We are making both a wallet and a bank.
Marat: We combine cryptocurrencies.
Kirill: Zygmunt, ask the person we are going to make a call with whether he is ready to go live.
Zygmunt: He is already here, we can connect him.
Marat: Does he already hear us?
Kirill: How to connect him?
Marat: Can we say his name?
Kirill: No, he said that it is impossible.
Marat: Why this person remains anonymous.
Kiril: When he says something, I just can’t restrain myself. I understand that I will not tell you even half of the things, but this person definitely understands all this. Without pathos. We make the result. Let’s talk then. Open the next page and connect him.
Marat: Let’s start the dialogue.
Kirill: We have called it All In One, more precisely, this is its name. Can you hear us?
Speaker: Yes, I can hear you now. Hello, everyone.
Kirill: So, look. I have told you everything that we were discussing regarding gold. And now there is a smooth transition to digital gold. I want you to share your story.
Speaker: To begin with, I would make it so that the money I have belongs to me and not to the bank. Like anyone else sitting here, I guess. Therefore, we have approached the project in order to build the entire infrastructure like this.
Kirill: Tell me, please, should I turn the slides on your command or what? Do you need this slide or the next one?
Speaker: You can switch to the next one. So, on the first slide, you can see the product itself – the wallet. Each of you goes to buy bread, groceries and keeps some money in your wallet. We have already created an electronic wallet where you can store different currencies. The most interesting opportunity that we provide is the ability to exchange one currency for another in one click inside the wallet. Top up, withdraw. That’s all the wallet needs. Store, exchange, transfer, buy.

Kirill: Can you identify the main problem that you solve by creating this particular wallet?
Marat: Since I use this, it is very convenient for me that I can convert bitcoin into rubles, and then immediately withdraw it to the card.
Kirill: Does it normally take place in different services?
Marat: Usually, yes. It is necessary either to wait for a long time on the exchange or the exchanger. This is where the system provides protection. The advantage of launching our own payment system is that there will be smaller fees.
Kirill: Yes, they will shortly tell us about it. Let’s go over the slides.
Speaker: A bank card is a crypto card that allows you to store dollars, euros, and cryptocurrency, and then pay with it. This is conditional. FNK is a market token. In fact, any instrument that has a market under it can already be managed.
Kirill: What do recurring payments mean?
Speaker: This is when you can create a template within the wallet to send funds to someone regularly. To charge. So, with the help of our bank card, you can transfer, sell, pay. This feature is very handy. Marat: At the first stage, the bank card is not ours.
Speaker: Initially, we followed a simplified model.
Marat: In the future, we will already issue our own cards.
Kirill: I would like to remark on this. When the model was being created, I offered to make our own bank. I was told that the idea was cool, but we lacked competence. I will find good professionals, and then we will grow to a bank and a payment system. For me, this was another confirmation to work with these guys. So, let’s go further. Next.
Speaker: Regarding the card everything is clear. If anyone has any questions, I would like to hear them and answer. Limits? There will be no limits on the purchasing of goods.
Marat: They are asking about withdrawal.
Speaker: There will be withdrawal limits, but I’m not ready to announce them yet. It depends more on the ATM where you will receive the cash.
Marat: There is no such card where there is no limit.
Speaker: We are doing everything to make the cash go digital. When you have cryptocurrency, that is the same money that lies under your sofa.
Marat: There will be protection. Transferring between cards.
Speaker: Transfers will be carried out in cryptocurrency because it is a crypto card. There will be no limits.
Marat: It’s too early to talk about the commission. There will be three systems.
Kirill: Let’s go further, next slide. Exchange.
Speaker: Our own exchange allows us to perform conversion operations and keep liquidity under our own control. We will set commissions, and this will help us to reduce the cost of exchange and the entire structure built on this.
Marat: Now everything is built around FNK, some tokens will be added in the future. Please tell us about working with legal entities, yesterday I was also impressed.
Speaker: We are making a case when a legal entity will be able to purchase bitcoin legally. I mean, a legal entity registered in Russia. Only a company that does not work with VAT, because bitcoin is considered a monetary surrogate. In our republics.
Marat: If you have an LLC, then you can officially invest in bitcoin. As Elon Musk did, for example. Speaker: Exactly.
Man 6: Regarding the security of the cryptocurrency that will be stored. Will we have a private key? Marat: You are talking about a centralized exchange.

Speaker: That’s right. Good question. We will have a share section within the exchange, where you will be able to sign transactions with a private key.
Marat: As for the traditional exchange, you can do it privately too. When you receive an order, it is impossible to transfer through the blockchain. You have to trade at the moment. It would be not interesting to professional traders.

Man 7: Another question. As Kirill said, we convert bitcoins to CFR, deposit them in Life, pay the fund with Life, and this all is legal, right?
Kirill: Do you mean the withdrawal of bitcoin to a legal entity account? Now we first need to get involved in this story. If the case succeeds, then the refund of money will also happen. We are trading as a legal entity.

Man 7: Thank you.
Kirill: Are you here?
Speaker: Yes, excuse me, the connection was lost.
Kirill: You were talking about stock exchanges. Marat has commented on this.
Marat: A question about the exchange. Why are there private keys on traditional exchanges?
Speaker: Because the order execution time will depend on the blockchain and thus the conversion speed will decrease. This is an inapplicable tool for trading.
Man 7: Will the wallet be cold or not?
Marat: Will there be a cold wallet? We thought about it, but the funds that are stored in the wallet… Speaker: No, they are also stored on a hot operational wallet, and we are also preparing a special cold wallet for you. When you go to the store, you don’t take all the cash you have. You only take what you need. Accordingly, part of it is stored in the operational wallet, and part in the cold one.
Marat: I can explain again. Even any exchange that has cryptocurrency does not keep all of it on hot wallets. The main part is kept cold.
Kirill: Please tell us what kind of personal token is there? What did you mean?
Speaker: This is project X. Let the guys listen to us. Imagine the possibility that in a few clicks each of you can create your own token and immediately bring it to the exchange. Link your social networks there, share ideas that you want to implement. Your friends and all the people around will immediately ask you about this. If your idea seems attractive and you, as the creator of the token, seem attractive, then your token will be bought and capitalized. This will be an indicator of your success. There is no such thing in the world yet.
Marat: This is an individual’s token. Not the project’s one, but yours. It’s like blogging on Instagram. Speaker: We adhere to the philosophy that Tesla is Elon Musk. If we say Finiko, then it is Kirill, Marat, Zygmunt, Edward. There are people behind any project.
Marat: Nowadays, people follow exactly those who are behind a project.
Speaker: Not each of you can create your own token just like that.
Kirill: Moving on. Is there anything else?
Speaker: All those gateways that we connect to the bank, we also connect to the exchange, so you can safely withdraw your funds to a bank account, transfer funds. We are creating a mechanism for operating funds. We create an exchange, a wallet, and a bank that will allow you to do it in the direction you want and not limit your possibilities.
Kirill: Moving on, next slide. You have mentioned both the crypto card and the bank card. Now a slide with a crypto card. What will it be?
Speaker: The first slide will be about a bank card. Let me tell you about it first. We will have a traditional bank card. It will be issued by a foreign financial institution. This is a multi-currency debit card.
Kirill: Can any citizen use it? Are there any restrictions?
Speaker: Any citizen, except Iran, Pakistan, and others.

Kirill: Will the crypto asset be linked to the wallet or is it a separate story?
Speaker: It will also be possible to link it to a crypto wallet, but our card will have an introductory tariff. The commission that you pay each time in the store goes to the point of sale. We only have a commission of international payment systems, therefore, in order not to burden our users with extra percentages, we make the terms of use as cheap as possible.
Kirill: Okay, go on.
Woman 3: May I ask a question? Will there be an own processing center or some foreign one?
Speaker: Own.
Woman 3: And the acquiring bank too?
Speaker: Yes. We are the acquiring bank.
Woman 3: So, the next step is digital acquiring and business digitalization, right?
Speaker: That’s right. The fifth blockchain will probably be used. It will be based on it. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you all the details, but you are thinking in the right direction.
Woman 3: Thank you.
Kirill: At least one has understood. I would like to step aside from network marketing a little bit. It is better to create global stories, invest in different services. Cryptocurrency deposits – would you comment on it?
Speaker: Yes, of course. We will be able to set interest rates on deposits in cryptocurrency and we will be able to guarantee the return of those deposits because they will be inside our ecosystem. They will not go anywhere. My deposit went to someone, the person did not pay it off, the bank creates debt. A financial hole appears. But the cryptocurrency deposit will be used in our infrastructure: exchange, card, liquidity provision. Everything will be under control.
Kirill: I’m listening as a client too. This is a game between being a shareholder and making a useful product. If you like it yourself, then it’s nice.
Woman 3: Another question. Where will the liquidity platform be?
Speaker: What kind of liquidity are you talking about?
Woman 3: For a deposit. About a cryptocurrency one.
Speaker: Okay. It will be organized both within the exchange and within the wallet.
Woman 3: Of this particular ecosystem?
Speaker: Yes. The processing center will be partially linked to fiat. If we are talking about crypto, then this is all about the exchange, trading, conversion, currencies.
Marat: It’s like in a bank.
Kirill: Not to third-party services, but our own. Alright, let’s move on. Next slide, guys.
Speaker: Relatively speaking, you are the holder of some kind of digital financial asset, say, bitcoin. You currently need dollars, euros, but you do not want to sell your cryptocurrency. You pledge your cryptocurrency and receive fiat. Or you pledge bitcoin and get USDT. There are a lot of holders. I had a situation where I needed to get USDT, and I only had bitcoin, but I didn’t want to sell it. I pledged it, paid a small fee, but still earned more. Many exchangers and liquidity providers will know this.
Kirill: Cool. Is it all like a service?
Speaker: Yes.
Man 8: Can I ask? A question related to the banking sector. A bank is not in physical terms but as a payment system. Accordingly, there…
Speaker: It will be a bank, not a payment system.
Man 8: You will enter the American market anyway. Will there be any further checks or not?
Speaker: The Securities Commission deals with securities. We will be attentive to those tokens that relate to securities. Since we will most likely not be able to say all the details, either in Europe or in a country that is located on another continent. For the listing, we will take tokens that have a certificate

confirming that they are not a security. Intentionally so that we don’t have any problems. We can also restrict American users from our system so that we have no complaints.
Man 8: Will there be controllability anyway?
Speaker: Look, all transactions will be within their rules. That is, within the politics that they have. From a legal point of view, we have approached it thoroughly. Since we have been working for several years already, we know how to control risks.

Kirill: We will sell Americans everything that can be sold to them. And we will set limits on anything that is not allowed.
Speaker: Yes. If we are not able to control the centralized market, then the Americans will enter it. If we see risks, then we will restrict access.

Man 8: Thank you.
Kirill: Any more questions?
Valery: Hello, everyone. Valery, Kazan. The situation is that income is in cryptocurrency, but it is not clear how to pay tax on it. Will it become easier for us to understand how to pay tax with the appearance of this service?
Kirill: There will be a moment on this during the presentation.
Marat: We are still designing all this.
Kirill: There is a Russian company that is an agent of some central company, where every client is ready to pay tax through this agent.
Valery: Because now, many of us are worried. It would be nice to avoid all this.
Marat: We need to work out this moment to pay taxes. We do it all for ourselves.
Kirill: There are a lot of slides. Moving on.
Speaker: We accept cryptocurrency from clients. We are not talking about Russian companies, because the situation is questionable. But some companies are ready to provide their customers with the use of cryptocurrency to pay for services. With full accounting reports. A client comes, pays for services, companies receive currencies, thereby we earn a commission, and the company expands its market. Marat: Even if this is not for a Russian user, it is still the opportunities that we create for legal entities. Kirill: Next.
Speaker: If the audience is aware of where the blockchains come from, how they are distributed, then everyone should understand how the mining pool works. The mining pool finds a block, transactions are included in it, and then they go online. A user pays a commission for each transaction. If the transaction is for $1,000, then the commission is $7,000. Imagine that 50% of the commission is returned to you if you send it through our mining pool. Some kind of cashback. In cryptocurrency.
Kirill: This all is possible because we process all transactions ourselves.
Speaker: Technically it is possible. It remains only to implement.
Kirill: Moving on.
Speaker: There are mining factories, but since we all think globally, we have proposed a different name. This means taking away the entire transactional share of the entire Bitcoin network. The commission is paid for several million dollars a day. I can’t tell you exact numbers now, because the rate is jumping and the number of transactions is jumping. But all this can be viewed on the website. Since the market is growing and is currently at its peak, they consume less and spend more. We are planning to do all this in Russia because we have a lot of electricity, a lot of towers, and we have all the conditions. We have a surplus of electricity. Of course, if the Russian state does not allow us to buy energy, we will have backup options to buy it from neighboring states.
Marat: We earn money and pay cashback ourselves.
Speaker: We will also be able to host other people’s devices, where people will be offered the best service that is possible today.

Kirill: That’s it, further.
Man 8: I have a question. How can you explain in simple language how to get funds and use the details of the Bank of Russia or Kazakhstan? For example, we have a Sberbank ATM, we do everything through it.
Speaker: We will give you a payment page where you will enter your bank card details.
Man 8: What will be the limit for a transaction?
Speaker: Since it is a purchase, there are no limits. You can only be limited by the bank. If you buy a ton of milk and you are told that only 500 liters are allowed. There are difficulties with legal entities and their cards here. Unfortunately, I cannot answer.
Man 8: Thank you.
Speaker: So, here we have a slide about the intermediate stage. We hope to switch to the bank immediately. This is a payment system where you open an account, replenish, and there appears not regular money but an electronic one. When you withdraw it, you sell electronic ones and get yours. It’s faster. It’s like the analog of Tinkoff in Russia.
Marat: If there are any questions, they will ask. Here you can go through it quickly.
Kirill: What do we have next? About the bank.
Speaker: Unfortunately, the connection is a little bad. The bank itself will provide accounts for both individuals and legal entities. This is a classic bank, but since the control is carried out by a foreign bank, you will forget what currency control is. We will provide access to international businesses.
Kirill: Do we have risks as citizens of Russia?
Speaker: A citizen of Russia must declare that he has an account with a foreign bank.
Kirill: That’s it, I get it. There will be crime prevention.
Marat: This is not a call to open an account there. Some people understand.
Speaker: It’s just that the Russian market looks like 2% of the global market for us. We look more at the global market.
Woman 3: Question. Before centralization, we are also talking about the need to provide information about opening an account in a foreign bank. It turns out that this bank will report our clients, right? Speaker: Look, yes. We are currently considering several structures where this can be done. We call on everyone to be good citizens.
Woman 3: Thank you.
Man 10: Another question. Will the bank buy licenses or will it receive them again?
Speaker: We are considering the options of both creating and purchasing. At this point, we are negotiating the purchase of a share and the creation of our own. But buying is associated with a high cost of the token and risks.
Woman 3: So will it be a hybrid bank?
Speaker: Of course, it’s better to make your own.
Marat: We make our own, but it’s easier to do with someone. In parallel, we are launching our license. Woman 3: Got it. So, there might appear a Finiko ATM, right?
Speaker: We will try to do everything so that you do not think about cash anymore. You will not need it. Kirill: It sounds very ambiguous, to be honest. Next slide.
Speaker: The purpose is to allow people to invest in a project that, in our opinion, looks promising. Some people, however, do not know where to put their money. But it has to work.
Kirill: Everything is clear, we are moving on. I liked this one.
Speaker: AML. We already have experience in returning illegally blocked or seized funds. We believe that this is promising because many people are faced with this problem, but they cannot solve it themselves. It’s a difficult task, but if we know how to use it, then it’s cool.
Kirill: Each user will be protected.

Speaker: We cannot guarantee this, but there will be such a service where you can ask for help. We will do everything in our power.
Kirill: What else do we have? Cash deposit.
Speaker: This will be carried out, but in a country where the bank will be. Because even in neighboring countries, you have to go to a bank to get cash from a legal entity account. There are problems with this in Russia, but not in other countries.

Kirill: Next. Is that all? It is freezing.
Speaker: We want to do things in the field of processing and acquiring. We are already working on the first one, but the second is more difficult. This is a long process that requires both legal and financial expertise. We are currently assembling a team. We will be able to issue our own cards, which will be needed for infrastructure.
Man 8: May I ask you a question about cards? They will not be no-name, do I understand correctly? Speaker: Yes, of course. Debit cards will be issued in your name.
Man 8: How will they be controlled? I understand that the bank will buy a license.
Kirill: I don’t go deep into it. I ask how much the entrance is and plan for about 30 years. We are talking about infrastructure that can be used by different businesses. It’s cool when it is all in one
Marat: We are now talking about where we are going. No products yet.
Kirill: You will answer your questions yourself. It is difficult to answer your question.
Marat: It is necessary to understand what country we will be in.
Speaker: Repeat the question.
Man 8: Will our tax office receive reports on our cash flows?
Kirill: We have already talked about that. There are requests. But there are also countries where they do not have it. It’s too early to talk about it. Do we continue? What are you creating in general?
Speaker: WE create everything in one. The entire infrastructure is closed and works for itself. It is as independent as possible. You control your financial flow yourself.
Marat: Have you finished?
Kirill: That’s all, yes.
Speaker: Thank you very much. Have a nice evening, everyone.
Kirill: We will keep in touch. So, that’s what we have. The workshop is coming to an end. I am ready to hear some answers. How to enter, where to pay? We are planning to raise 50 million to finance the project. This person and the way he talks is like a deity level for me. I don’t understand all that well. Any questions? Let’s talk. I want a short and quick story. A year and a half maximum.
Marat: In a month, maybe there will be a wallet. Then, in four months, the bank. The whole roadmap goes next.
Kirill: We will be talking about this at the next conferences. Transactions, exchanges, differences – this is regarding a legal entity. Shareholders look at everything differently.
Woman 4: May I ask you a question? Hello. If we participate, then we take a share of 100 – is it just for one project or several of them?
Kirill: This project is 50, and this one is 100. Another question. Pass the microphone.
Man 11: Will investors of this project have 23% as in the first one?
Kirill: For now, yes.
Marat: We have taken something in between.
Kirill: We will see and adjust to the needs. We will finish everything. I want to make a real fund. There will also be a virtual one. When I understand that we have created a fund that can be financed, we will add you to the virtual one. It’s a long story. Everything must be stated. I mean that you are the owner. The legal entity that creates has a fund that is 100% owned by them. You can negotiate with someone and sell. The most important thing is that this share does not change. The share of the business.

Man 11: Do I understand correctly that 23% is 50,000,000?
Kirill: Yes, the income comes from it. We will also shortly project a returnability story. Virtual 50.000.000. It will be good if it is returnable.
Male 12: Is it also possible to suggest what the profitability of this project will be?
Kirill: I also suggested approximately then. So, no, probably not. Just imagine that everything will come little by little.
Man 12: And the second question. Do I understand correctly that now it is necessary to do everything by some date?
Kirill: I think that everything should be organized by the 20th.
Woman 6: Can I withdraw 50,000 CFR from the deposit that is working upon request?
Kirill: Do you mean CTI? I don’t think so. It has its own financial model that cannot be violated. I don’t want to go there. 90% that it is not possible.
Woman 7: Tell me, please, we had a deadline for a dollar until the 15th. Have we moved it to the 20th? Kirill: I have moved it conditionally. We have to start somewhere. There will be a virtual fund and also a transfer model.
Man 13: Kirill, as far as I understand, the volume of payments will be in CFR, right?
Kirill: Yes.
Man 13: Is it possible to organize it in bitcoins, as the amount is quite large?
Kirill: Will you be messing with it?
Marat: We will discuss this.
Kirill: If you are the shareholders of this 5%, then there are 8-3 = 5.
Marat: We will provide a mechanism today or tomorrow.
Kirill: Manual mode, as I have said.
Marat: Maybe after FNK goes public there will be something.
Kirill: Okay, let’s have some more questions. If you do not have one, thank you very much for this meeting. Thank you for your time on these projects. We can always dream of the future, but I would like us to take actions that determine the future. Thanks for your work.

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