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Finiko school. A general overview of the LocalBitcoins platform
Finiko school. A general overview of the LocalBitcoins platform
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Localbitcoins is a platform where people can exchange bitcoin, rubles, and other currencies as they like. We are currently on the main page and here are two tabs: quick buy and a quick sell.

I will tell you how this website is structured. Let’s look at the top panel. Here we can see the tabs sell ​bitcoin and buy bitcoin. Each tab has a quick buy and quick sell options. We can also post an ad instantly. We recommend reading the frequently asked questions section, which you can find at the top panel. You can enable or disable notifications. In the wallet section, you can find out your wallet address. In the profile section, you can manage your data, account security, etc. In the dashboard, you can manage your ads and check the requests and the transaction history.

Let’s move to the quick buy tab. Here you can buy bitcoin. This is the price of 1 bitcoin and so on. Below, there are columns: seller, payment method, price/BTC, and limitations. In the brackets, there is information about each seller. The first value corresponds to the number of deals. The second number is the seller’s rating or the ratio of successful deals. The rating of 98% is considered as reliable.

In the quick sales tab, we can sell bitcoins. You can act as a trader, and then people will buy from you. If we click to buy, we will purchase, and a trader will sell. When you act as traders, you will be selling. There is a sorting function for easy searching.

For example, we want to buy for 1000 RUB. The currency is rubles, we trade in the Russian Federation, and next, we choose the payment method. The most popular methods are listed at the top of the list. We select transfer “through a specific bank” and click search. We see Sberbank, Tinkoff, and so on. You can also filter the ads. You can decide how to make a purchase.

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