18 June 2021
Finiko news
Finiko news
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At the moment, users from all over the world upload more than 100,000 receipts to the cashback service every day. By the way, if you are an active user of Finiko.Life and the CBS ONE cashback service, then share your story with us by email. We will select the most interesting ones, come to the winner and film a cool video.

This Tuesday, the winners of the July promo went to Turkey. Considering my tan, you can understand that I have just arrived from Barnaul.

That was all the news for the past week. I am Yuri Bogdanchikov. Comment down below, and we will get to know everyone. Like and click on the bell.

Yuri: Hello, everyone! My name is Yuri Bogdanchikov, and this is Finiko News for the past week. Over the past seven days, we have received over 250 questions by email. The founders of the company responded to 100 of them. You can see the recording from the live broadcast on our YouTube channel. Finiko Shop – now we have sweatshirts for women: black and white. It’s black. Our promo department broadcasted the 500 CFR draw live. Mikhail Gordin became the winner. Mikhail, we congratulate you.

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