13 April 2021
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Finiko News November Promo
Finiko News November Promo
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Dilyara: Hello, everyone. My name is Dilyara, and we are starting our weekly Finiko News.

The November Promo combines the CTI Index and CBS ONE Cashback. To participate, you must make personal sales in the first line from November 6 to December 6. The main prizes are the BMW X6 and our favorite apples.

By the way, we remind you that the most convenient navigation through the cases of the company awaits you at finikoblog.ru.

The team does not sleep – business trips are in full swing. A conference in Chelyabinsk was held yesterday. Those who could not get to the conference can find out and watch all the company’s news on our YouTube channel. The next point is Yekaterinburg, already on November 14.

We want to introduce the topic “Partner Achievements”. And the good news this week is that Andrey Galuschenko has achieved the Vice President qualification. Congratulations!

CYFRON RUSSIAN WAKE AWARDS 2020 will be held in Moscow on November 21. We are nominated for the title – Event of the Year and it is important for us to get the maximum number of votes. We will be very grateful for your support. You can vote on the Instagram page @wakeweekend_official. And you can find more information in the description box below this video. Thank you.

It was Finiko News. My name is Dilyara, see you next week.

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