18 June 2021
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Finiko in Yekaterinburg. Questions and answers
Finiko in Yekaterinburg. Questions and answers
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Kirill: Good afternoon. There are many of you again, thank you. It is Sunday, there is nothing to do, so we are gathering in large halls again to support each other. It seems that today, we are continuing the series of conferences that we have started in Moscow. Those who have seen it know that we had to tell a little there, a little here. Now there will be a little repetition of the material. My name is Kirill Doronin, the Finiko space. We will talk about where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going. We will also be talking about the topics that we have prepared for an hour and a half. Then an hour and a half for questions. Today, it is a little more relaxed. Non-engagement mode. We are just talking about ourselves. We usually ask people to be critical of everything we say. The people who have chosen our products are different. Let’s go.

Our platform is called Finiko. Our central website. What we do best is making money in the stock markets and crypto markets. This is our competence. I do not want to talk much about the points that have already been covered at conferences a lot of times. We are at zero point. What products were we making two years ago? That was the Index, an investment box from which you generated income according to our risk rule. A general collaboration between our company and yours. You receive from 0.8 to 1% per day. How does it happen? Ask those who have invited you, they know exactly what they are talking about. The index works in the following way: your capital is transferred to us and starts working. And it is happening in different markets. Based on the results of our work, we divide the income into three parts. The first one goes to investors, the second – to traders, and the third one is for the company. After some time, Index 1 and 2 appeared. Index 1 is a product for professional investors who know how to take risks. Its minimum cost is 20,000 USDT. Index 2 costs from 1,000. The next project that has emerged on the basis of this is the loan repayment program. For example, the abundance of loans and the inability to deal with them speaks of underdeveloped financial thinking. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to just take the course. You have to gain experience by your own steps. We have put everything into this product. Within 10 months, your loan can be paid off. If you want to look at the cases, then everything is available online. Please, check it. The next simple product, when you have already≥ dealt with loans, is a car or an apartment for 35%. After 4 months, you have an amount in the investment box. There are a lot of stories. People buy bikes, plots of land, cars. After that, we realized the products Finiko Life and Finiko Product. Finiko Life is an opportunity to organize payment of regular expenses through the platform. For example, housing and utilities or costs associated with education of children. You can launch several projects at the same time and pay with our help. That was the era when we asked everyone to develop. In the field of entrepreneurship. It turned out that it was also necessary to add the improvement of the world to that. This is where a transitional product, the cashback service, appeared. Such a protest. Different people came to us and said that they also had such a system. They said that the users were getting points for receipts which they could later use to pay for purchases. But in fact, you had to go somewhere far away to spend them. What kind of cashback is that? This is some kind of crap. There was also an entrance fee. And I tried to make my product in such a way that it could be used anywhere, anytime. And we have launched our cashback service. You get real money off the amount you spent. Everything that is profitable, everything that can be fun is about us. You start receiving cashback from the very first day. What else would you need? But we have a restless team that will perform after me today. These are no longer just people who make projects, but people who make services. We offer solutions to enhance projects. What pushed us to generate big money is health. One of the flagship projects that we have recently launched implies that we are extending the human lifespan through engineering. Every person is made up of atoms and molecules. We have turned to the doctors to help us. We have found tools that minimize the effects of old age. First of all, the mineral balance. I won’t say much about this now. Since Finiko has become such a pool of projects, it is important for us to divide everything informationally. I’ll say briefly that this project is called Doronium. These are minerals, dietary supplements, but in their pure form. No salts, impurities, because we form them in a nano size. It is very important. It cannot even be called a dietary supplement. Due to the fact that they are in a nano size, they immediately go into the cell. This is an innovation. Now silver, gold, zinc, and magnesium work well for us. Why? Silver is just such a global antiseptic. You can simply get rid of snot, cough and other symptoms in three days. Zinc is a mineral that is essential especially for men and contains a lot of enzymes. The problem with magnesium is that whatever magnesium you will offer me today, it will be not in its pure form. It means that its portion will be very small. This all is already being generated. Our partners get it conditionally free of charge. We ship minerals to you every month for a deposit. And then, you can take your money back, but the product will no longer be supplied to you. Thus, we have made a system so that you keep your deposit with us forever, and the minerals do their job. The next block of projects that we have. What are we going to do next? Can I earn and maintain family capital for 25 years? We have made this plan, made this timeline. Now we are at zero. On the basis of new competencies, we continue research in the field of health, plus we also create financial products. For the next 2-3 years, 5-7 years. You see what is happening in the world. Sometimes, the product launch term is reduced from 20 years to 1 year. We cannot say exactly how everything will happen. We want to have certain priorities, so we have introduced a certain scale for that. Cashback will continue to develop, and it will be in other countries as well. Now, what else global have we done? Fin2Fin. This is a lending project. We are launching the generation of the formation of its capital today. The point of it is that it is a P2P platform. One person can lend to another. Next, the projects related to tokens. FNK. Marat Sabirov will tell you about this better. He is here today too. Also, pay attention to the tax component. Now the legislation is being tightened. There are some advantages emerging in terms of FNK. We have made a plan for 5 years, approximately. Many have already made money on our token. The earnings here are not even on the rate. But Marat will tell you about this better. And another of our projects is the Hi token. It allows you not only to be charitable, but also charitable in terms of capital. We support children with cerebral palsy. This story has been going on for almost two years. To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention to that, but then I realized that we were regularly providing 800 children with food, treatment, and clothing. We thought about doing it everywhere. For example, to build a sports camp. I have a personal internal request – to create courses in which they would teach what was taught at school. To improve their knowledge so that they cannot be deceived. Sometimes you talk to a person, but they simply do not understand elementary things. It would be easier for me if we did not have to explain some subjects. Let it be online courses, but everyone will be able to improve their level. Why are you a human? We have decided to measure it with this token. Three, four, five tokens. This is a breeding ground for the appearance of people who could change the world and create something. How will it work out? We’ll see. Concluding this story, it is very important to do something already here to know how we will be earning there. This is not a 100% option, because no one can do that, but you can take some measures here. We have such a thing as a venture. I’ll tell you more about it. At the last conference, we were talking about the Hi token. In three days, a lot has changed for us. We have changed some aspects, but the basic points are very clear. You can watch it. Now about the venture. What is it? Anyone will tell you that this is when you invest and do not know what will happen next. Maybe it will shoot, but maybe not. This is really so. We have decided to follow the same path as our charity project works. Imagine that all of us here have decided to start some kind of a serious airline company that could deal with increasing yields. How much are you losing if a tractor is driving across your field? That is a tractor that spreads poison for locusts, insects, and all sorts of other creatures. The machinery that is moving across the field and the machinery that is flying are two different tools. So I want us to create a company with 10 planes. No farmer can afford a private jet because they cannot maintain it. But a service company is a different thing. Imagine. For example, we need $130,000 for everything. So, we will invest, and then we will already think. When various questions arise, many people are already thinking of doing nothing. How can this effect be minimized? Everything is very simple. We are collecting money to make our planes fly. At the same time, we want to save this money in order to return it. But those planes appear according to some kind of a roadmap. And we pay not this capital but the income from it. Payment of the same money according to the roadmap but within 9-10 months. This is a sample project. Some projects can be done in less time, some in more. What do investors get? We can withdraw 25-30% of the profit from these planes and send it to the report. And each shareholder will receive interest. Here we get the full amount. We have formed an asset that is engaged also in raising money. This is where we can enter the traditional business market. It turns out to be a lot of projects. There are many industries in the world that you can pursue. The most important principle is that we are saving capital, and then it can be moved to the next project. Here’s the model. Very convenient. At the same time, if you say that you want to quit, you will simply take your share and stop making a profit on these ventures. That’s it. This is such an alternative, less risky model. Let’s take an example of airplanes. I can list everything now. The first is personal control because there are a lot of people with ideas. There are a lot of requests that we cannot even reply to. Now we are moving towards the people who can do something. So far, those are projects for which we could bear personal control, such as Fin2Fin. I think that Zygmunt will give me an answer to my question today. When will we be able to accumulate capital? One of the first markets will be the lending market. There are a lot of opportunities there. If you tell someone that there are loans that will definitely be approved, and that if you return them, you will also have cashback, then this will definitely be a client generation for you. We will raise $10,000,000. We will generate another $2,000,000 for payouts. This is 2,000 people, for example. It means that we have created a market of people who return money from their expenses and bring them into the system. What is interesting about it? 41% per annum is not enough. Firstly, this is a different market and other money, quite fast. This amount is formed monthly and is immediately reinvested. The income can be much higher. The next business we have decided to invest in is the paving business in the South of the country. We launched it a year ago. Why in the South? Because the season is longer there. The plant has already been enlarged; more materials have been purchased with the profit. The next business is aviation chemical works. The point here is that if we build those planes using a venture fund, then HI Token can pay for the works related to the protection of nature. If you look, work was regularly carried out over the forests to protect them against insects. Collaborative systems of projects that can be implemented are being born. Well, and what we have already implemented. A chain of dental clinics. I can’t say exactly what it is called, but it is the place where teeth are manufactured. It can be financed with a venture fund. We have a lot of tools. The task of each of them is to yield 3%. Even if there is a loss, then in terms of a deposit, the company will still give a result. Here we have the same thing. In the same way, we are building a large enterprise using the venture capital where there will be payments every three months and so on. Each will have a rate of return that will be paid to the holders. What is the advantage? Venture capital allows us to reach the top indicator in 5-7 years. This is our program for 25 years. That’s all from me. I’m ready to move on to the next speaker to answer the questions. Thank you. Edward. The source of money and how it appears.

Edward: Hello, everyone. My name is Edward Sabirov. I have been trading for 12 years. I will tell you approximately how I work and what rules I have for trading. The first and most important rule is the distribution of the deposit. I’m used to working in different markets, but the chart is similar everywhere. The main thing is how you analyze it. I use four exchanges: Chicago, Moscow, crypto exchange, and FOREX. But now I have begun to focus specifically on the crypto exchange. We have the largest number of instruments on the Forex exchange. Now let’s cover the rules of risk minimization. Splitting the deposit into three parts. They are almost equal. 30% is positional trades. Why are they good? Firstly, you can earn very good money on them, and secondly, it is a safety net. We do not touch the remaining 40% as it is the deposit. Then I began to think further. Two stops a day. If I get the first stop – I’ll go for a walk, get some air, come back, and try again. Then I started thinking about other traders. If they want to risk their money, then they will already do it using their savings. 25% of what they earn remains in the account using which they trade. Thus, if they decide that they are sitting out, they will already be risking their money. At the moment, 160 instruments are used on exchanges, and 150 traders are working. I want to talk a little about numbers. Do you think 12% per annum is a lot? I think no. But many banks offer it. What if I tell you that I have taught every trader to earn at least 0.5% more per day? It is 120% per annum. Simple maths. These are not such colossal numbers. Now let’s show the website itself. These are the documents related to Brokerka. Now let’s look at the website with reports and results of the guys. These are public accounts that were opened in November. This is a FOREX account. You can see the number of transactions that have been carried out. 11% were earned in a week. Next, please. Here it is already more interesting. Chicago Exchange. I don’t remember if I have shown it. We earned 1,000,000 dollars in a week. This is how it works. We will move the trading school to a better platform. Most likely, it will be a website where lessons and tests will be posted. Then, further cooperation will already be discussed. We will look at your work. That’s all from me. Thanks for your attention.

Kirill: Well, there are no questions I guess. When everything works well, that’s great. The mechanism is as follows. I control everything as an entrepreneur, but Marat deals with the rest. Now he will tell you about everything. You can go. So, he will talk about everything related to cryptocurrency.

Marat: Hello, everyone. Today, I will tell you a little about the FNK token. Why did we start this project? What is there now? Where are we going? We created the token on the 8th of December. UNISWAP was the first exchange to place it on. Now the price of the token is $16.5. We have been maintaining this level probably for the last month. 16-18 dollars. Why did we start playing this game? The first thought was born back in 2016 when there was the cryptocurrency, but it could not be used in real life. Nowadays, we cannot use it in everyday life either. Therefore, the first problem I encountered was the complexity of everyday use. What is our structure? The first thing I want to present today is a crypto card, on which you can deposit any currency, and then pay with it. The second thing is a P2P exchange. The second thing is a P2P exchange. We are creating our own one, which will generate a turnover of the token. Plus, there will be no fee if you keep a certain amount of the token. What else? We are currently considering a decentralized exchange. I think it will be more interesting and easier to use. We have already implemented purchasing of CFR through FNK. Plus, we are also developing the possibility of paying taxes through our token. We will talk about this a little later. Initially, there were no such plans, but when we decided to create the card, we overcame the annual milestone in 4 months. The first ruble card is already finished. What will it give? You will have a regular Russian bank card, but you will be able to replenish it with cryptocurrency. You can transfer money from any bank using the card number. You can convert currencies back and forth. The next step will be UnionPay. It will be in May-June. Euro cards will also be available in summer. They will work in the same way as ruble cards but in euro. Basically, that’s all. In the next two weeks, I will post information about the focus group which will be selected from among the leaders. It will be done for feedback so that it can be properly presented to you. That’s all. Thank you.

Kirill: Actually, this is not all. There is still a lot. Marat: That’s all for today.

Kirill: Thank you very much. For me, Marat has been and is a guide to the understandable world of cryptocurrencies.

Marat: I would also like to say regarding the school: a course for beginners will be recorded soon. How to buy a crypt, what it is, I’ll tell you about security. All basic lessons will be there.

Kirill: All products that work and our entire history of existence are connected with the fact that we fix problems created by the users very often. We do not absolve ourselves of responsibility, but a very large number of users could have avoided mistakes if they had used security techniques. I personally saw people who entered their details in a video and then wondered how their data disappeared. Anton will tell you how to avoid mistakes as efficiently as possible.

Anton: Can you hear me well? Great. Today, I would like to provide several recommendations that will significantly simplify not only your lives but also ours and all your sponsors’. And, in general, it will be useful for everyone who comes across our website. The first thing you will start with is registration. Here I would like to draw your attention to turning on incognito mode. What is it for? When you follow someone’s referral link, your link blocks the entry of a referral ID. Sometimes it happens that you watch some videos on the Internet, and then you have a record that you have been there. When someone gives you a link, you follow another one. When they say that it was not their mistake, then it may not be so, but it is better to log in incognito. It is advisable to double-check the email and phone number because the code comes there. You enter the password, and then once again. It is advisable to make a note somewhere so as not to forget it. Next, regarding security. I recommend that you use a separate email and phone number on the website to avoid spam. When you recommend something to other people, you are most likely showing your personal account. It is much easier to make sure that no one sees your data online. For example, a phone number. Avoid suspicious resources. Incognito mode and two-factor authentication. You should go to settings and check everything from time to time to keep your heart calm. Then it will be good. Once you’ve signed up, your next step is settings. Fill in the data, verify, turn on two-factor authentication. When uploading documents, enter what is written there. The photo must be clear and free of glare. Most of the verifications now take no more than 5 minutes. There is also another recommendation. If you had uploaded everything but did not receive a response within 48 hours, then most likely there was an error. It is better to contact support. Another moment. Sometimes it is indicated that the system cannot read the document. Get three system rejections, and then there will be a manual moderation. About the programs. It often happens that you do not create them, but they are there. Each program allows first to create a contract and then check. You can accidentally specify a different date. But in order to avoid that, you can exit, and then look at the date. Make sure to check the amount and payment dates. Concerning buying CFR. There are also a lot of errors and moments when users do not send the requested amount. You receive a receipt and this is the amount the system expects to receive. Most often, problems are associated with the platform from which you send currency. There may be a fee. Make sure to check the address. These are your assets, and it is desirable to be attentive to them. If the support is silent, most likely it is answering not you. That is why we have decided to create a resource with the most frequently asked questions. At the top, there is a box where it is written that the website is under construction. You should not write your questions there. There is a list of 300 articles that will appear there soon. Just give it a little time. If there is no answer to your question, then contact support. There are question templates here. It often happens that the operator cannot understand what the question is because there is no clarification. Accordingly, if you use the recommendations, the request will be processed faster. You can contact us by email. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you.

Kirill: So, everyone is working. Within the framework of the concept, a masterpiece is being made. How do people grow up? People find their place in the team and create a new ideology. Each of us is currently engaged in ONELINKS. Zygmunt will tell you more about it.

Zygmunt: Thank you. Yes, I would like to tell you about our school. But first, the background. How did it come about? A year ago, when the pandemic started, a lot of leaders began to shift to online and began to study various platforms independently. They started teaching online. In the wake of this pandemic, we decided to simplify the work of people who gather online. We decided to make a platform with leaders’ schools. What is ONE LINKS? First of all, it is an online work. You are a leader or a client, but you do not want to waste time going somewhere. We have realized that everything is slowly going online now, and if we do not adjust in time, we will miss the moment. It is a platform for the exchange of knowledge. How is it useful for an average user? A 24/7 access to the content of the leaders. For example, you want to develop your team, but you cannot because, for example, you work until 7 PM. You can watch the training from anywhere and at any time. You can also do it with any leader, not just the one who is higher in position than you. For example, someone is good at online conferences, and someone is good at selling products. I can watch the material I want by any leader. We have also decided to add tests and homework there in addition to watching lessons. Moreover, you will get feedback. For a leader, first of all, this is a great opportunity to work with the whole world. It was impossible to meet offline during the pandemic. And now those who have large teams are always on business trips because they arrange meetings. This may affect efficiency. And here you can study from any comfortable place. Also, some leaders make courses which they sell. On our platform, leaders can monetize content. You can make your courses either paid or free. One of the first speakers, Dina Gabdullina, created her own course. We have published it on the platform for free. There is feedback there. There is a lot of it. Therefore, you can contact the leader directly from here. There will be an application window. The next benefit for a leader is the acquisition of potential partners. We went even further. The sales automation which we have called Info packages. How does it work? For example, a person sends their partner a link to a video and then does not know whether they have watched it or not. We have made a section on the website where you can monitor this. We want to tell people about cashback, there are cases here too. To view them, you need to enter a name and phone number. A person leaves an application using which you can contact them. Candidates is the first CRM system for an MLM entrepreneur. We used to keep notes in notebooks, but now everything is automated. We can change statuses, set the date. There are reminders so that you don’t forget or lose anything. Next, I’ll tell you about the plans. What I personally really like. I used to make a list of contacts to call and tell about the product. And I had problems due to the fact that I kept forgetting the notebook. Now you can simply register on the website, upload all contacts, and then immediately work with them. No lead will be lost. This is some kind of sales automation and acceleration. We have decided to implement webinars on ONELINKS. It will be possible to open a separate room and invite people. They will leave their contact details there. But none of them will be lost. Some entrepreneurs hold meetings. But what if both the organization and the conduct will also be carried out through the platform? Everyone who visits will leave their contacts in the system. We will also work on traditional education, which someone lacked at school or university. There will be top lecturers who will talk about anatomy, economics, mathematics, physics, and so on. When we started to plan everything, we realized that all this costs a lot of money. So, what’s the catch? This is a paid service but it’s inexpensive. We will charge $4-6 a month. At the moment, the service is already running. 5,000 people have already signed up in two days. The registration is free. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you so much.

Kirill: Thank you. Now I will show you approximately about the projects’ development. When we started talking about courses, we started thinking about a centralized location. And what if we create private schools where children will be taught cool skills that are not taught in regular schools. It will be for a deposit. One of the projects that will be in venture capital is a school. A private school. With a license. There will be an educational minimum and design thinking. We say school, but it can also be a kindergarten and a university. A deposit of 300,000 for a year. We will create a fund for top teachers who both understand business and can teach. We will select the best. We can also build a university and a kindergarten using the same model. This is what forms the fund. Money is being generated. The rest of the income is formed as income for the entire school. The profit will be divided between investors and founders. We will do everything according to this model. The basic information with which I wanted to start the Q&A is the launch of the HI token. I need to know where to build everything. Such an idea was born. Many processes are interconnected. We have decided to organize the approach when we both work and develop through the men’s challenge. We announced it in Moscow. We have announced 100 places. There will be two days. On the first day, we will be riding on such a board with boots on it, riding on water. Krasnodar. In the evening we will already be working in the training room. We will analyze what mental traps are pursuing us. On the second day, we will go to a racetrack. If you have never raced, then you can learn. It is a very cool feeling. Then there will be training again. You need to develop your scale. You have to think about what you can do for others. You need to broaden your horizons. The Men’s Challenge will help you scale up. That’s all from me. Thank you very much.

Edward: No, Kirill, tell them more about the token. A move to a new domain has taken place, but even if you go to the old address, you will be transferred to a new one. And the second point. We kindly ask you to send everything to the email which will appear on the screen now. Here we have the counter of places. The answers will be only there. That’s all. There is also a purchase instruction. Now that’s all for sure.

Kirill: Now it is time for questions and answers. Hold the microphone closer. 1.5 hours. Is everyone ready? The clock is ticking.

Question 1: Where does the cashback of 25% or more come from, as you have said about Fin2Fin? Kirill: The model there is that the platform, when you withdraw for the first time, there is only a half.

Question 1: Okay, thanks. Second question. Will there be an improvement in marketing? For example, if I had signed a person up or built a structure, but then I left. Those people that I had, they will no longer be in my first line, will they?

Kirill: Do you mean the level?

Question 1: If someone leaves, will their people level up?

Zygmunt: No.

Kirill: Didn’t we do that?

Zygmunt: Technically it won’t work. If a person had built a structure of 30,000 people and then left, there would be too many recalculations.

Question 1: Very difficult, yes. Better not do that. Kirill: Thank you.

Question 2: Good afternoon. My name is Ivan. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity. Please tell me, could you make it possible to change an email address in the settings of the personal account? I understand that it can be done through support.

Anton: It will remain through the support because if suddenly someone gains access to your data, you won’t get it back.

Zygmunt: Anyway, the change will be possible through support. What do you want now?

Question 2: No, that’s it, the question has been answered. When carrying out two-factor authentication via Telegram, I have faced a problem three times already. The code comes, but the website says that it is incorrect.

Anton: The question has been heard. I recommend contacting support with a request to delete the phone number from the bot and then try again.

Question 2: Thank you very much. Kirill: Thank you.

Question 3: Hello. I am from Spain. I want to say hello to you from my team. And thank you very much, Kirill. I want to thank my sponsors.

Kirill: Thank you.

Question 4: Good afternoon, my name is Elena. I have a question about taxes.

Kirill: This year we will pay the amount in one region, most likely in Tatarstan. If you have been with us for a long time, then you already know that we have also been trying to fight this for a long time. A law that makes it easier to do this has been issued recently. We’ll tell you everything when we make the first transactions.

Question 4: This is all clear. It’s about 2021 already. Kirill: No, it’s about 2020. We remember.

Question 5: Hello, my name is Irina. I have faced such an issue for the first time. My partner has called me. She is in line to buy land via the program, but the land has already been sold. She is asking whether it is possible to switch to the car program while keeping the period that has passed?

Kirill: The question is buying a car instead of land, right? To report but on a different product.

Zygmunt: Look, there is no such algorithm, but it will probably be because there are such rare cases. Message me.

Question 5: Okay, thanks. A question for Marat. You’ve said that there will be Russian cards, but will it be possible to transfer from Kyrgyzstan to such a card?

Marat: Most likely, no. Is it possible to transfer from a Kyrgyz card to any Russian card? If yes, then it will be possible.

Question 5: Thank you.

Question 6: Good evening. Boys and girls, thank you very much. And now two questions that my partner and I have. The questions are probably for Anton about the cashback service. It has been reset to zero a month and a half ago, it was 15% and then became 0.

Kirill: That is some kind of failure.

Zygmunt: Message me, we’ll see.

Question 6: And one more question. Regarding the report. My documents and documents of my partner have been pending for a month so far, although they have been uploaded.

Zygmunt: That’s right, yes. It can be so. But you have reported. Question 6: Alright, thank you very much.

Question 7: Hello, everyone. I have a question about Doronium. Is the metal excreted from the body after consuming silver?

Kirill: Of course.

Question 7: How?

Kirill: Like everything else. In a natural way. No one would permit us to sell it if it was dangerous. Silver in nanosize is excreted just like everything else. But it also crushes viruses on its way. Why I use it regularly is because I know that something goes in and something goes out. It works like this. An internal cleaning. What you are talking about is the molecular composition.

Question 7: Thank you.

Kirill: The head of the Department of Pharmacology answers such questions. He conducts a series of clinical studies. Study it, have a look. Thank you.

Question 8: Good evening. I have a question for Zygmunt. The following situation has happened in my structure: a partner has registered, but they do not have Indexes. Another partner has registered below them and bought 20 Indexes. The first partner hasn’t received the vouchers, and we would like to know whether they are entitled to get them or not?

Zygmunt: Look, according to the existing algorithm, the partner is not eligible for a voucher, but we think this is not right. We are going to remake the format now. This is in progress for now. All people who have made sales will be credited with 3 vouchers.

Question 8: Thank you very much. And the second question. I am a primary school teacher. We are very interested in where the school will be located.

Kirill: Finding premises is a big problem. We will discuss it at the men’s challenge. Most likely, we will construct it ourselves. We have been looking for three months, but there are no really specialized places so far. It will be easier.

Question 9: Good afternoon. We are having a big problem right now because we can’t hear you in the hall. I have just told the sound technicians about that but they cannot do anything.

Kirill: What should we do? Question 9: I don’t know.

Zygmunt: We neither. I would like those who hear me well to applaud. It seems to be okay. Anyway, the sound will be good in the video, so if you do not hear some important points, you will be able to re-watch it.

Kirill: But we apologize.

Question 10: Good afternoon, my name is Ekaterina. I have a question probably for Zygmunt. Can you please tell me whether a referral commission will be paid retroactively after the merger of the Indexes? For example, my partner has registered and bought Index 2. Another girl has registered below her. She has bought 20 Indexes but did not receive 5%. Will there be retroactive payments?

Zygmunt: There won’t, because we didn’t promise that from the beginning. Even if we want to pay retroactively, it will not work, unfortunately. There are mistakes that we admit, but in this case, it’s an improvement.

Question 10: Thank you.

Question 11: Hello, everyone. A question for Kirill about the Product. Do I understand correctly that if a partner of Finiko, for example, will build a house, he can buy a plot under the Product program, and pay for the construction itself under the Life program?

Kirill: Yes, he can.

Question 11: Thank you. I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I am engaged in the construction of houses. We are specializing in wooden and glass houses. Message me on Instagram. We have designed the Tatneft Arena in Kazan. Thank you all.

Kirill: Thank you.

Question 12: Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I am a real estate investor. Contact me with questions about real estate. I want to ask you about Promo. My partner in the first line has joined and bought Indexes for $20,000. I have received vouchers. The partner entered on the 30th, and the promo starts from the 6th to the 30th. I want to enter this Promo, can I be included in it?

Zygmunt: No. What else? Kirill: I agree with Zygmunt.

Question 13: Hello. Initially, there was information that the Promo starts from the 3rd, and then they said that from the 6th.

Zygmunt: Yes, we announced it too early, and the platform had not been prepared. All claims can be sent to my profile. We will give it to all people who have been counting on Promo. We will process everything manually and account it.

Question 14: Good evening, my name is Lucia. Thank you for your work. The question is. ONELINKS greatly improves our work. But what if 99% of the population enters Finiko?

Kirill: I haven’t thought. If it happens at all, then it will no longer be Finiko, but a set of various services. I think it is hypothetically possible, but not realistic. We’ll see what we will do with it.

Question 14: Will you handle such a volume? Kirill: Yes, why not.
Question 14: Thank you.

Kirill: I would also correct your question a bit because no one will join just Finiko, as there will be many different services.

Question 15: Good afternoon. I have two questions. The first one is for Marat about the FNK card. Please tell us how the exchange between crypto and fiat and vice versa will take place.

Marat: With a button. There will be a website with a personal account where your balance will be displayed.

Zygmunt: Will it work vice versa? Marat: Yes.

Question 15: Thank you. And the second question is about the technical support. In my structure, one of the partners wants to change the sponsor.

Anton: There is direct instruction on the website.

Zygmunt: It’s possible. There is a certain algorithm.

Anton: Look, there are 4 conditions for the transition: if they are met, then we ask the consent of the superior for the transition. Note that we have to get it. If there is no consent within 10 days, then the transition occurs automatically. Ah, look, if the question is that a person under you wants to go somewhere, then most likely he will not be able to do it. If it happens within your branch, then it’s fine, but if it goes like this, it won’t work.

Question 15: Thank you very much.

Question 16: Good afternoon. A question regarding real estate. Can a relative buy out a share under the real estate program?

Zygmunt: Yes.

Question 16: Great. Can I also buy a construction contract? I have a plot, I want to build a house, I have a company that can build it. I only have to pay, right?

Zygmunt: No.

Question 16: Okay, thanks.

Zygmunt: It just won’t be possible to verify the value of the deal.

Question 16: Okay, we’ll find the way. I would also like to say thank you very much because thousands of people got out of difficult situations thanks to you.

Kirill: We are doing everything to be in balance. We build some of the projects in the social sphere to be useful and not just to make money. I believe that every third car dealership knows what Finiko is. The level of consumption has increased. We are transparent, we are here.

Question 16: I am satisfied with your answer, and I also try to behave with people in the same way. This is the dialogue of strong people, but often those who cannot do it resort to manipulation. We understand that such people are not sincere.

Kirill: It means that you simply cannot change the system. Everyone sees differently, but we have the same rules.

Question 16: Thank you. Kirill: Thank you.

Question 17: Hello, everyone. It happened so that my daughter is going to school this year. The question is. Will the school project be implemented this year?

Kirill: We were planning to start recruiting teachers this year, yes. To gather at least 100 people. What city are you from?

Question 17: Now I live in Russia, in Penza, but I am planning to move to Kazan.

Kirill: I understand. I will tell you later what the location will be because we have everything except the place where to establish it. We will comply with all standards. We’ll declare by September and try.

Question 17: Yes, I am ready to become attached to the place where the school will appear. Another question. Will it be possible to split the 300,000 deposit?

Kirill: Look, you pay for education anyway. You will be able to take this money back later. Question 17: Okay, thanks. I am grateful for the opportunity.

Question 18: Good evening, everyone. I want to express my deep gratitude to you all. The case is that I am the first star. In 2 weeks, I will get money for a car and buy a German one from the factory. I’m striving to purchase an apartment. Will there be any changes when buying a property?

Kirill: There is no point in discussing it now. If so, we will tell you, but it has not been planned yet. I suggest focusing on cars.

Question 18: Thank you. All the best, thanks.

Question 19: Hello, everyone. I would like to ask about Fin2Fin. You do not know when the launch will be, right?

Kirill: This is actually a sore point for me. We are currently testing it on a small circle of people because there are a lot of small buttons. We are planning to launch it after the venture, which will be when we move to another platform. It will be more perfect.

Question 19: My main question is whether I can negotiate with the bank to indicate Finiko as my source of income.

Kirill: I’ll tell you that for now, they will give you a minus for that. There are no such agreements.

Question 19: That’s a pity.

Kirill: You are thinking from such a point of view. You are trying to create a cash flow through a negative balance, but you can create it by attracting customers who will give this money to you. It’s just another mental habit.

Question 20: Sorry, may I add something? Will there be taxes for 2020 according to the ZFZ?

Zygmunt: Yes. We have already answered this question.

Question 21: Good evening. Thank you so much for being here again. The question is the following. Anton has already touched on the topic of depositing money. It seems that I took everything into account, but a problem arises. We have contacted technical support, but they haven’t answered. When you are a new person, it is very unnerving. This aspect needs to be modernized somehow.

Zygmunt: Look, the catch here is that it seems to you that you have taken into account all the fees. The whole algorithm is manual. Now we want to assign this job to the user. On the new platform, you will first be asked if you have entered the exact amount.

Question 21: Thank you, great. About three conferences ago, you have mentioned that it will be possible to withdraw funds from the Product or transfer them directly into the wallet. I wish it would appear.

Zygmunt: It will be on a new platform. But the wallet will be commission-free. Question 21: Thank you very much.

Question 22: Good evening. The question is. Partner A has a personal deposit and Index 2, and below him, there is Partner B who has 20 CTI Indexes. Will Partner A achieve the first star after the merger of marketing?

Zygmunt: Yes.

Question 22: Great. And is it possible to make such notifications on the platform when a new partner is registered?

Zygmunt: Cool idea. Let’s write it down and try to do it.
Question 22: Thank you. I also want to say thanks to Sergey Kanygin and my husband Evgeny. Thank you. Kirill: Thank you.

Question 23: Greetings to the Finiko team, everything is great. Many thanks to you, because we are realizing our wishes and improving lives. I have a question for Anton. There was such a case: we sent a referral to a partner, but that was the wrong link. We have contacted support, but they have answered that so far everything is under consideration by the superior. Do we just have to wait?

Zygmunt: Now, yes. But you have to pay attention to this when registering. The fact that you have sent the referral link does not guarantee that the person will register exactly under you. Because this link could move across the network and pick up someone else’s somewhere. It is necessary to approach the registration stage very carefully. Most likely, there will be a manual entry to avoid such errors. It will be on a new platform.

Question 23: I see. What should we do now? Anton: Just wait. The request was accepted. Question 23: Thank you.

Question 24: Hello everyone, my name is Dmitry. I am a beginner in the world of cryptocurrencies. I want to ask questions about the FNK card. Is it like a regular Sberbank card? Will this card have other cryptocurrencies or is it just an FNK card?

Marat: Deposit and withdrawal will be in 3-4 currencies. Actually, you can add more, but the question is in liquidity. Most likely, it will be possible to convert crypto to crypto.

Question 24: Thank you.

Question 25: Hello, guys. In general, I have two questions. So, cashback is accumulated monthly. Now you have done everything by day. Can it be lower than the previous day?

Zygmunt: Depends on the extent to which you have used up the limit.
Question 25: I haven’t fully used it. There is still a lot. The reinvestment is going on. Zygmunt: If the deposit grows…
Question 25: Can it be so that the amount is smaller than yesterday?
Anton: There are such situations, it is associated with the transition.

Zygmunt: Oh, exactly. There was a period when the accruals were not daily, but monthly. Now all monthly receipts that were uploaded 5 months ago are accruing. Now everything is a little hesitant, but it’s because of the past system.

Question 25: Yes, thank you all. The second question. Have you ever planned to make it possible to communicate with the team within the platform?

Zygmunt: There will be an internal messenger, but it’s just not a priority yet. I think we will do it this year.

Question 25: Okay. And one more little story. A year ago, users could check the company by providing access to their accounts. 3-5 days were given for that. So, I am the client who gave you access. That whole story stretched over 5 months. I liked the attitude of the company because my balance had decreased, but then I was offered a refund or to deposit it again and continue. And on March 3, they already returned me the account with a 70% profit made. I donated it to charity and bought Indexes. Now I am the 5th star. I would like to thank you, you are working well. Thank you all.

Kirill: Thank you very much.

Question 26: Friends, hello. The question is. Doronium offices are opening now. Will 1% be credited?

Zygmunt: Yes, a financial model has already been developed to encourage offices. There will be bonuses. In addition, there will also be cashback. In short, the numbers are interesting, we’ll tell you everything in early May.

Question 26: Thank you. And another question. My partner has bought Index 2. The turnover is already more than 10. So, she should have received a referral commission, but since it is not displayed, she has not received it. Will she get everything when there will be a merger?

Zygmunt: Yes. She will get status and begin to receive referral bonuses. Question 26: Thank you.

Question 27: I am very happy, thank you. Thanks for the opportunity. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the news about the nano first aid kit. I am glad that you are spreading such health values. Secondly,

availability. I liked your idea that silver is based on water, and water is life. I want to hear feedback on my project. I have sent it to Zygmunt twice. I can duplicate.

Kirill: I’ll have a look. Look, I have little time a day now. But I have a person who will check everything. I have to evaluate the project first, but I am not a competent person. I have a man who will do it – Ramis.

Zygmunt: We have found the project. Look, it will go for analysis by Ramis’s team.

Kirill: Yes, he conducts dialogues with those people who want to do something for us. We have your contacts, Ramis will contact you. Thank you.

Question 27: Thank you for your attention.

Question 28: I have the most stupid question. Why use margin trading considering there is so much money? And there is a significant imbalance in the American market.

Kirill: What is the question?
Question 28: Are you ready for the US market to collapse?

Edward: I am. I will even be glad if it collapses. I will make the most of it. We had an example of it last year. When the markets collapsed, everyone went to us. We showed you how to make deposits of +300%.

Question 28: Okay, thanks. Another question for Marat. In what currency does Finiko store money? In cryptocurrency or what? Are you ready for exchanges to collapse?

Marat: We are ready. We’ll just make more money.
Question 28: It’s just not clear in what currency the deposit of Finiko is stored. Marat: Well, it is not in one place. It is distributed.
Kirill: This is our model. We distribute everything.
Question 28: Thank you.

Question 29: Good evening. Alexander. I worked in the North for 35 years, and when I retired, I was left with nothing. Now I have improved my financial situation – I bow to you. Now a question about the card. The point is that there is very little information. Many banks restrict withdrawals. I have just received the Mars token card.

Kirill: This is not our project. Not ours. We went separate ways. Question 29: You are not connected anymore, right?
Kirill: Yes, for a month and a half, I guess.
Question 29: Okay, thanks.

Question 30: Hello, my name is Elena. Can you please tell me how things are going with the registration of US citizens? They are law-abiding.

Kirill: We are not working with them yet. It will be later when we have a license.

Marat: If they are on the territory of Russia, then it is possible. But on the territory of the United States, it is not.

Kirill: In that case, the company will be prosecuted, not a citizen. Thank you.

Question 31: Good evening. I don’t have Index 1 but there are sales. The 3rd star. Will the 3% referral work after activating the voucher?

Zygmunt: If you buy, then yes. This is when the marketing is combined.

Question 31: Thank you. The second question. My partner was half a day late under the Pay Off a Loan program. Does he have to contact the support service?

Zygmunt: No, he can just attach the documents.

Question 31: Thank you.

Question 32: Hello, Kirill and his team. My question is: there are two valid contracts in the account, the total amount of which is 1,600,000. On March 16, I bought a car for 2 million. Is it possible to combine two contracts and report?

Zygmunt: Yes. Contact support and send all the details. Have you bought a car after concluding a contract?

Question 32: Yes.
Zygmunt: You can combine them. Describe everything in detail.

Question 32: And another question. Maybe the answer has already been given. What are the release dates for the crypto card?

Marat: This year. Look, the card will be tested for 100 people soon, and then it will be released. There will be a card. Probably in the summer.

Question 32: Thank you.

Question 33: Hello. Will CFR withdrawal in USDT be implemented?

Marat: No.

Zygmunt: It was, but it won’t.

Question 33: Okay. And also, could you add a notification about when someone on the team achieves stars?

Zygmunt: What for? When you have a team of 500 people, it is already pointless, because everything will be spammed. It seemed to us useless so far. Yes, it’s fun, but it would turn into horror.

Question 33: Okay, thank you.

Question 34: Hello. Nobody has recommended your company to me – I have entered by myself and figured everything out. The only thing I don’t understand is what CFR is.

Kirill: It is a conventional unit born out of nowhere.

Question 34: If it is a conventional unit, which is equal to USDT, then why is it needed at all?

Kirill: We just like it. We liked to teach people to use CFR, so as not to explain what it was later.

Question 34: Sometimes, conventionality has a negative effect.

Marat: These are just numbers. The currency.

Kirill: There is no fundamental difference, but it’s just a brand.

Question 34: Thank you. Will products be linked to cards?

Marat: Do you mean to withdraw income to the card? Yes, it will be possible. First, it will be a website with a personal account. An application is already the next step.

Question 34: And another question my friend is interested in. What’s that face on the logo?

Kirill: When you are an entrepreneur, you have a bunch of ideas and try to implement them. In the charitable foundation, we had Mother Nature under the wing. Then we shifted to finance but kept the logo. A brand is a story behind the picture.

Question 35: Hello, I have a question about the website. Will the video about the Product program be replaced? The program duration is specified incorrectly there.

Zygmunt: Yes, it will. It has already been filmed.
Question 35: And what is the correct answer to the code on your T-shirt?

Kirill: I don’t have it yet. Actually, for some reason, people were sending the answers to me, although it was Zygmunt who had invented it.

Question 36: Hello, I am a beginner. I want to thank you for the light. Good health to you. Kirill, tell me, where will the aircraft factory be?

Kirill: In Kazan. We’ll start from the South, we need applicants. We are preparing a venture exhibition. There will be objects you can invest in. We will provide all the information.

Question 36: Thank you very much.
Question 37: Hello. Will there be an opportunity to change email or login?

Zygmunt: We have answered this question today, but it is possible only through support. Those are important login details that cannot be changed automatically.

Question 38: Thank you. Another question. A friend of mine is interested in a first aid kit, but she has questions. Silver in the solution is contained in the form of nanoparticles, but only silver cations are considered useful. And it is also known that silver can accumulate in the liver. If you are aware of these problems, how have you solved them?

Kirill: To be honest, I didn’t understand the questions.

Zygmunt: All this should be asked from the specialists who are engaged in this. We will have a separate conference on the first aid kit. This is an important question.

Kirill: It works for me, but I can’t explain how. Experts will tell you everything for sure.

Question 39: Hello. I would like to ask you if there are any plans to gather in Baku.

Kirill: If you organize it, we’ll come.

Question 39: And the second question. If the residents of Baku are withdrawing $40,000, then how can everything be done?

Zygmunt: In the same way as with $100.

Question 39: Thank you. I would also like to express gratitude to you on behalf of everyone who is sitting here.

Question 40: Hello, everyone. The question. Which organization does represent the Finiko company on the territory of the Russian Federation?

Kirill: There is no such company.
Question 40: Got it. How to get into the program for helping children with disabilities?

Zygmunt: You need to message us on Instagram, and they will send you a questionnaire, and based on it, you will receive an answer.

Question 40: Can an organization invest in Indexes and receive dividends?

Kirill: No, there is no such thing at this stage of development. It is impossible to implement this by definition.

Question 40: Another moment. We entered the real estate program on the 1st of the month, bought it on the 4th, and reported. Is it possible not to withdraw money, but invest in another product?

Anton: No, it won’t work. Question 40: Okay, thank you.

Question 41: Hello, my name is Regina. I wanted to thank you for everything you do. I have a suggestion. Is it possible to describe how the products work in a written electronic form? If it had been written down, it would have been easier.

Zygmunt: It will be on our new website in info packs. We haven’t done that on purpose so that it is more desirable.

Question 41: It will just make it easier to learn about programs, instead of going to different platforms. Zygmunt: Look, you want it to be like a description of the video. We will have it.
Question 41: I was asked to ask a question regarding the criminal case. How is it progressing?
Kirill: We do not know, we are not monitoring that. We are working.

Question 41: About cashback. When does it start to accrue?

Anton: The next day after uploading.

Question 41: Thank you.

Question 42: Good evening. Will Fin2Fin sections be licensed?

Zygmunt: Which ones?

Question 42: When I understand, I will tell you. Then another question. Is that your real name?

Kirill: It is, I’ve seen the passport. I checked before employing him.

Question 42: Thank you. Then how is personal data protected?

Zygmunt: What data?

Question 42: Passports, for example.

Zygmunt: Encryption. Standard protection. Something new is created where attacks take place.

Question 42: And I would also like to know if you yourself have accounts in Finiko.

Kirill: Should I tell you the ID? Yes, we have.

Question 42: Can I register under you?

Zygmunt: When you join without an invitation, you register under a new number in the system.

Question 42: Thank you.

Question 43: Hello, guys. Thank you very much for everything you do. I would like to ask a question about Belarus. They have no crypto tax. How can they report?

Kirill: Under the car program. The documents are the same.
Question 43: About partners from Italy and Spain. Will there be something in their language too?

Zygmunt: Yes. We have just translated everything into English, so then it will be in different languages at once.

Question 43: Thank you. Kirill: The final question.

Question 44: I have a short question. Is it possible to arrange a meeting between Kirill and the Seychelles Consul?

Kirill: Where is he?
Question 44: He can come. It is possible to arrange it in Turkey. They have asked for a meeting. Zygmunt: Message me on Instagram.
Question 44: Thank you.

Kirill: This is all possible. We just need to contact and see. What if it’s fake? Let’s move further. Dima? Where is he? Come on. Thank you so much. I’d like to talk about business now, but people who are doing it will tell you about it better. This man has bought a car in a strange color, but it is cool itself.

Dmitry: Once I set a goal for myself to perform for 2,000-3,000 people. And here I am. Set goals, friends! Hello, Yekaterinburg. It is very useful. The money spent on self-education will be returned to you in an even greater volume. Hello again, everyone. Thank you for coming. Let’s talk about how you can make money with Finiko. Many do not know how to do it. They are just clients. When many people are in the network business, they are often embarrassed to talk about it. MLM nowadays is a swear word for some reason. Some people even stopped being invited anywhere because they kept telling others what a cool business they had. Have you come across such people? The business in our company is completely different. Why have we chosen this path? In the 21st century, few people make purchases because of advertising. Usually, it happens because of other people’s examples. Now girls who use nail services will understand me. We often ask for recommendations because we cannot go just somewhere. But when you get paid for it, it feels somehow not right. When I join a company, I usually ask myself whether I will use its product if I am not paid for it. I think that many would still recommend Finiko’s products to their friends. But there is a very good advantage here because you don’t have to invest in advertising. What is Finiko ready to share with us? Today, we have discussed several products of the company. Marketing is different everywhere. We’ll start with CTIs 1 and 2 and Cashback. I will be telling you as beginners because I know that there are many of them. What are referral bonuses? It is a personal sale. If you are an Index 1 customer and have recommended this product, then you will earn 5%. If you have Index 2 and someone has purchased it too, then you will receive your 5%. We are waiting for them to unite. Everything is being tested now. Then the deposit part will be merged for us. You can also get vouchers. For Cashback, you also get 5%, but you do not need to have a deposit yourself. This is a business from scratch. This is about personal sales. We have 24 hours in a day, we physically cannot increase this number. What is good about multilevel marketing is that we can receive money also from the structure. Now, we will look at the material about the stars. What is it? A star is your title. To get the first star, you need to sell for 10,000. Let’s say, you have received 5% of 10,000, plus you start earning income from other people’s income every day. 3% of the partner’s income. If we calculate, we get up to 35 cents. 4 dollars a day. Someone will say it’s nonsense. But you will receive 80 dollars a month. Then people start to grow. Usually, a significant period for many is 5 stars. It is a turnover of 100,000 CFR. Your income per day in that period will be $100 or $3,000 per month. People already quit their jobs. On average, it takes 4-5 months to achieve this status. The total turnover is usually higher. People from the structure also begin to share information, so you usually achieve the 6th star not in 4-5 months, but 1-2 months. You can’t reach it only by making personal sales. At level 8, you should already have a team of people who have come here to work. Here, an income is from $400 to $900. Well, and the 10th star. We have a lot of them in our company. Income here is between $1,500 and $7,500. For each direction. There are such examples. As for me, if you achieve the 10th star in three years, then it is possible to reach a good income. You will not be receiving less. Only if someone wants to quit, but such cases are very rare. There is also a bonus part from products for 35%. You can also not possess those products, but get 5% for them. From every installment. For example, a partner decides to pay a 3,000,000 mortgage. After that, you start earning 1%. If it is a car, apartment, or Product, then you get 1% during 12 months. For ZK35%, 1% of the payment to the client. If Life, then we receive weekly or monthly, depending on how often the client receives payments. These products generate huge cash flow. In conclusion, I want to say that Finiko’s products are in great demand. If we look back to a year ago, there were about 100 of us, and now there are 3,000. I am sure it happened to some of you that friends or relatives found out about the products, but not from you. Someone will take this place anyway, so if you have an opportunity to take it, then go for it. Good luck.

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