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Finiko in Moscow
Finiko in Moscow
December 7, 2020    249 Views     0 Shares

So. Club 20 training. What is this event? I have decided that I want to work with a small audience of people who benefit from me. They will not have a chance to sit out in a large hall and just listen to stories. A person must realize something here and now. And to make a decision. The second condition is that training is paid. It costs, if I remember correctly, 2,000 CFR. This is the entry threshold for you to understand how the energy of money affects your development in the future. What will the training consist of? We will work in a group of 20 people. We will be analyzing the history of each person for the whole day. To analyze their strategies, we will talk about success. What is success? 1) New goals and X-goals. 2) Many people set targets, but they forget that energy is needed for any achievement. The energy and its sources. 3) We will analyze all the strategies of behavior that a person currently has and how they have been causing harm. Why it didn’t work before. A very important point. These are three aspects that we will revolve around. The process will be ruthless. The coach will force you to do something unusual, but for the result. The event will take place in Moscow. You can check out the dates under this video. And I will be glad to see you working at this event.

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