13 April 2021
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Finiko conference in Bishkek. Questions and answers
Finiko conference in Bishkek. Questions and answers
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Kirill: Wow. Hello. I was kind of forced to keep my promise and I did it. Thanks to everyone who knows how to influence others. This is another proof that if you make some efforts to develop yourself, then you can create personal agreements with anyone in the company. And we already had such an event in Kirov. We held it only because it was important for one person. So, it is the same in your case. Many thanks to that leader and Ramis for organizing all this. Thank you so much. Let’s begin. I was just trying to deal with slight anxiety associated with the number of guests. But no matter how many of you are here, the rules are the same. This is a business meeting. We are trying to talk not only about things prepared in advance but also to answer questions here and now. There are many people, and many of you will ask similar questions. Therefore, the task is to communicate live. We will share our plans. In the age of the Internet, there is usually no hot news, but you will hear some interesting aspects, note something. Most likely, you are here because you have heard the word “Finiko”. We will talk about it, and not only about it. You’ve probably already seen everything. My task is to update you on everything that we are currently doing. So, Finiko. It is a platform we are based on. Everything we will tell you is optional. All our conferences are held in the following format: we tell something, and if you like it, you can try. If you have any objections, we can discuss them constructively. Three years ago we were speaking of Finiko as a simple project. And now, it is an operating business built on certain algorithms and technologies. Since I am in your country for the first time, it would be nice to discuss the ideology in the framework of which the business someone has invited you into or told you about is built. The most important rule that we have adopted was based on the following question: “Where can we get the money?” Everyone thinks about it. And in general, this question consists of three components: where to get it now, tomorrow, and in 20-30 years. These questions became relevant to me. Everyone comes to them with some kind of background, thoughts, habits, experience. I understood that there was no business that could exactly tell how to make money. It is kind of a changing environment all the time. By and large, money is dynamics. People who catch it have the money. Those who are waiting for dynamics are still sitting without it. And how can one guess which dynamics of money they should get into? In general, a person is always looking for opportunities to earn money. However, they do not know what exactly will shoot and what will not. Thus, if one wants to get guaranteed money, he does not receive it. No matter how they were convincing me that there were some schemes for making money, the pandemic has shown that entrepreneurs who have had liquid assets have lost their money. If we make the term of the word guarantee more elastic, then we will look at the world more broadly than if we just count on some kind of guaranteed money. Practice shows that even a guaranteed salary may be not paid if the company is not having very good times. So, we have formulated a lack of guarantees for ourselves. But I still had to cope with such an internal conflict inside myself as I wanted stability. I did not want to think and make an effort. But then, when you dissolve and begin to live as you really declare, you begin to observe the dynamics of money in an amazing way. You are looking at it and starting to get involved. For example, you didn’t succeed in something, but you are looking for something new and doing it. The next rule follows from this: we should get involved in uncertainty. There is usually no information and opportunities where you understand everything. And here, you start doing something that you have never done before. And we get involved in stories we do not understand so that a completely new world opens up to us. What is human nature? They say they want something vague. But we cannot imagine that something. We have to go into a new reality with our eyes closed because we will not enter it with our eyes open. Therefore, uncertainty as a norm has become the second rule for us. If we believed only in one product 100%, we would not have grown so fast, we would not have created such a wave. Third point. We realized that we needed to grab opportunities. There is a saying: “Trim the sails to the wind.” Basically, it means to grasp the dynamics of money. To find out where the money is. Three years ago we were looking for where to make money. And the first thing I did was pay attention to bitcoin. It used to be a dirty word for me. But in the end, it turned out to be one of the main tools with which we were creating profit and assets. We created a school that was teaching people how to make money together with Marat. There was buying and selling of bitcoin which was bringing huge profits. It seemed mind-blowing to me. After that, people who asked us to trade by ourselves had appeared, and the model of Index was born. The concept is that we are trading on different instruments with it. If you trade on one, you always risk 50/50. The risks are reduced by adding more and more each time. For example, you have $1,000. There is an option of doing nothing, but then there will be inflation. There is an option to do something – for example, invest in something. Any decisions you make involve risks. When you create these consequences 50/50 every time, you reduce the risks. Index CTI yields 0.8 to 1%, and Index 2 – 0.5 to 0.8%. How does it work? There are a million videos on the Internet. You can just hold the Index without inviting anyone. We are a product-oriented company. Basically, now I’m trying to tell how we have come to everything, and what our plan is for the next 25 years. So, imagine that after we finalized this Index, we began to think about how to make people more financially literate. When you want to be such a person, that’s very good. Someone participated in training, someone took courses, someone learned how to calculate costs. In the end, all the same, everyone came to investing. That all is very hard to master like everything new. You can’t do everything with the snap of a finger. This is a process. It is the same here. You can’t just go and get rich. You have to create some kind of reactions that will lead you to wealth. We have developed a rule when you have zero, i.e. income is equal to expenses. There is a minus and a plus. And our company is a very good financial plan with which you can go from minus to zero, and then to plus. We have a product using which you can pay off your debts for 35%. We have hundreds of thousands of such cases. You can check them out on our channel. After you have dealt with loans, you have the opportunity to work with Indexes. Indexes are an opportunity to create income using our skills and your money. When you begin to live more or less stable, then there is already a need for a bigger apartment, an apartment for children, a bigger car. We also have programs focused on that. I am not focusing on it because that’s already a two-year history. And now, what next? How can we avoid becoming limited only to those products? And the biggest fear is to lose the sense of opportunities as we have to constantly look for them. And we have created a plan that answers the question of what to do with money in the future. If you are old enough, then this is an urgent question for your children. If you are young, then it is also an urgent issue. I decided to look at my path, but the question has not changed. And a new question has arisen: can I be useful not only to myself? The focus of attention is already shifting to other people. We have developed such a concept of real wealth which is already underway. Hope you’ll enjoy it. It’s called 25 years. We have drawn up plans for 25 years and divided them into three parts. Products. Fin2Fin is already working – we are already testing it. This is what will work in the coming year. The purpose of this product is that it will be possible to take out a loan and repay it within a year on this website. An average rate will be from 40% per annum. The platform guarantees a return. It will allow you not only to receive and pay off a loan, but also to get cashback later. This is a unique model that will start working very soon. There are a lot of nuances that we are finalizing. The next point is copy trading. The number of traders, the licensing framework we currently have, allows us to make a product that people can use. Here, it will be possible to earn even more than on CTI. Edward will talk about it later. The point is that the prospect is very cool. The next product is the CBS ONE cashback service. This is not only tomorrow’s product but also the day after tomorrow’s, because this is what allows anyone to get involved. If you’re a partner, then this is a cool way to talk to anyone about anything. Everyone wants to refuel 25% cheaper, and the cashback service helps to do it. Savings of 15 to 25%. Every mother would like to save some amount because a lot of money is spent on food and clothes. The number of cases and customers who do not use other products but use cashback is growing every day. These are the products we have. How else does the company operate? A lot of people have realized that there are no guarantees. This is one of the opportunities to try something new. We went further and realized that this model lacked plans for 10-15 years. Everyone understands that the scale is an estimation because everything changes in life. So we have introduced the concept of venture. What is it? Venture investments are investments that are invested in some startups and projects with a very unpredictable result. In other words, that’s when you invest in some company but do not understand whether they will succeed in growing or not. We decided to combine our management skills with the concept of venture but in such a way that startups are funded not with capital but with capital income. How is it usually done? Let’s assume that I have $1,000 and would like to invest in the future. What should I invest in? Basically, venture is synonymous with no return. Whatever you invest in, there is no guarantee that you will succeed. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in 50-100 projects, but not everyone can afford it. So, we have created such a thing as a returnable venture. What is it? You enter a fund that generates money for projects that may exist. That income in its turn is spent to finance some startups. Which startups? For instance, Fin2Fin. You can invest in lending. Imagine that the fund you have is generating income that can be lent. Yes, it will yield less than Index but that is a different market. The next project will be different. There are many of them. Now look. The fund is working, and if suddenly, for example, someone does not return money on Fin2Fin, then this money remains. And this one shoots. And it brings a lot of money. And we will have many projects but only a few of them will shoot. I do not know how to choose three from all these. But there is a possibility of such a model. But we have realized that you need good health for this. And here comes the question: how to live forever? It made us invest in another project. We have entered the health market. What is the concept of the project? We have implemented the idea of scientists who are able to generate minerals for human’s vital functions in a nano size. Again. We have implemented the idea of scientists who have been working on this thing for 20 years. What is good about nano size? We have introduced such a term as a Nano First Aid Kit. This is a nano-sized first aid kit. Do we have any pictures? These are ordinary bottles with silver, magnesium, zinc. The good thing about the nano size is that it immediately enters the cells. We have been working so hard as the product is really breakthrough. I will not talk much about it because we have already had one conference on March 6. Everything was described in detail there. What makes this product different? All dietary supplements usually consist of salts or alkalis. And when they enter the body, they first need to be divided, and it requires time and effort. Therefore, manufacturers often write on the packages that it is necessary to take breaks from treatment. And this is a completely different story – it immediately enters the cells. If you want to make sure that this will definitely help you, then I have an interview with a doctor who answers exactly how useful all this was in her practice. Accordingly, I will sum up. Realizing that we are going from the past to the future, our task was to provide ourselves with money now, tomorrow, and in 25 years. Health is the most important thing. It seemed to be an ideal scheme. But a week – a week and a half ago, I held a broadcast on Instagram with a person who has been helping children with cerebral palsy for 2 years. And we realized that we needed to introduce charity as another element of our system. And here, everything is 30%. But we have introduced the concept of another 10%. I suppose that in order for you to grow, you should give 10% to charity. But at the same time, not the one that generates dependency, but the one that creates jobs and development. And this cycle must involve people who also want to do something. The name of the project is Humanity. We hope to use it to teach people to be more humane. It is like a protest against gadgets. So, this is the model of the plan that we have now. We are becoming an aggregator of opportunities. And I am extremely happy to realize and understand it. And I am grateful for the opportunity to tell you this now in your city. Thank you very much. At this point, I would like to move on. And now, the first speaker, without whom I would not have succeeded, will appear on the stage. In fact, this is how the competence has developed.

Edward: Hello, everyone. My name is Edward Sabirov. I have been trading for 12 years. And what can I say about it? It is very nerve-racking. Very stressful, seriously. And you constantly have to learn something new. Let me tell you how exactly I have managed to start trading so well. To begin with, it is the distribution of funds in the market. Many people were texting me and asking how exactly to learn how to trade cryptocurrency. For me, it makes no difference what to trade because the analysis is important here. You should analyze the chart, look at the volumes, and then make a decision. I have chosen 4 markets for myself: crypto exchanges because there are a lot of trades in cryptocurrency, Moscow exchanges, and CME. You should use a lot of tools to minimize risks, so the day will be productive anyway. Everyone has heard about Forex. There are mostly high-volatility pairs traded on Forex. Let’s go further. The rules and risk minimization. As I have said, it implies a division into different instruments. When you have already deposited on the exchange, you should minimize the risks there as well. What do I do for that? I divide the deposit into three parts. 30% goes to making deals during the day. 30% goes to position trading – those trades can last for a week or more. But you still keep it running because it is positive. Positional trades help you be in the black. And 40% is the untouchable deposit balance. If there is some kind of collapse in the market, it is possible to gain up to 100% back having exactly this amount. You can make up to 100% having 40%. Then, I began to think about a large number of trades during the day. I realized that a large number was cutting the percentage of my earnings. I was thinking about how to reduce the number of transactions. I came to the conclusion that I was ready to get two stops with a minimum drawdown. For example, if I got a stop, I left the computer to clear my head. After that, I returned and made a decision to enter another trade. If it did not work out either, then I left and did not trade anymore. Next, the risk of stops at the expense of traders. What is being accepted now? Basically, in a company where traders work with other people’s accounts, all risks lie on a client. It works like this everywhere. But I thought, “Why not keep a part of the trader’s profit on the account he trades with?” Therefore, if he goes into the red, he will already be risking his money. At the moment, we are using about 150 instruments and have the same number of traders. As for the numbers… Probably, no one is interested in all this chatter about traders but the numbers are more interesting. We have deposited certain amounts into two accounts simultaneously. It was 1,000,000 dollars. Every week, we publish a report so that a person who is versed in everything could look at it all. Here, we earned 21%. Here you can see the deals and so on. What about the idea itself? Yes, money is interesting. What do we need it for? This all is done to create our own brokerage house. We are on our way to achieving it. We have established a company called Brokerka. Now I will show you a draft of the website. It’s just a prototype of the page where personal accounts will be. Soon it will become clickable. Can you open the account page? Let’s enter a username and password. This is a finished test page. Wallet, exchange, transfer. Kirill has talked about copy trading. Many people have asked when it will work but I have decided to launch it together with Brokerka. Let’s choose the platform. You can find everything here. Here you can open an account and all transactions will be copied. That’s all from me. Thank you.

Kirill: This is how complicated everything is. I don’t understand how the guys manage to cope with all the technical difficulties they face. Now we will discuss how to lighten the load of requests. Anton, please.

Anton: So, the topic is security. Can you hear me well? Today, I will tell you about simple safety rules. They are really simple, even elementary. They will not only secure your sessions on our platform but will also be useful with other websites too. One of the biggest risks is the loss of access to your personal account. This is when someone has accidentally or intentionally used your personal account. There is a chance that they will withdraw your funds or use them for their own purposes. What are the possible reasons? When people make money and try to teach others, they often like to do it by showing their experience. Accordingly, they present their personal accounts, and during the process, they accidentally

show the access details. The data can be remembered and used by other people. There is another aspect which is also important. This is when you use the same password on all websites. What is the vulnerability here? Not all platforms guarantee the safety of your data, so a leak may occur somewhere. If they gain access to your data, they will also be able to access this platform too. So, one and the same username or password. The third reason is the so-called phishing sites. What is it? You probably know such websites where you can watch TV shows and movies for free, and something else like that. And people need to somehow maintain such free platforms. What do they do? Usually, they leak the information. You visit a website of questionable or free content and thereby leave a footprint. There is also a fourth point, but I forgot it. Also, many people forget their passwords, so they save them in the browser. What is the risk here? Let’s say, you log into your account on a different device to explain how it works. You can accidentally save your data there. You can take pictures of this. Now, I will tell you how you can avoid such situations. Speaking of showing the data, I think it’s clear that you can hide it. For the second reason, I would recommend using some resources. Ideally, you can use a separate phone number or email address to avoid phishing. There are password managers for saving passwords. You remember the password only for entering this system, and it already generates complex passwords for other services. Another method that is used on our website is two-factor authentication. This is the second key to opening an account. A specially generated code that is very difficult to recognize. It is sent to your phone number. Thus, you can protect yourself so that no one can log into your account. I think that’s all I wanted to tell. Those things are quite simple but very useful. Thank you.

Kirill: No matter how we propagandize security, you must understand that this is always common work. Not only technologies but also you must follow all the rules in a disciplined manner. Now I would like to move on to our usual Q&A section. In principle, that’s all. But before that, I would like to share some more plans with you. You think a lot about trading, yes. About how you can build an income on it. Here we have come to the point where we put a lot of things together. It is important for me to teach and learn. The first direction I started to think about was education. A large number of questions could disappear if a person had a good basic education in the field of economics. And I have an idea of how I can create such a top training in economics. Imagine if you have already earned. But everyone has gaps in knowledge. And if you could fill them not for money but for a deposit? Kind of take a course. And I have such a request: make your own list of what you would like to learn. Little by little. You don’t have to read a lot of books at once. This was the end of our presentation part. It’s time for questions and answers for an hour and a half. We have assistants with microphones. There are two of them. Let’s go one by one. If you have any questions, here’s a microphone. I’m not the only one who will answer. Everything that we have prepared is cool, but there are usually a lot of questions.

Question 1: Thank you for coming. Very cool conference. There are a lot of young people working with startups now, and you have said you accept them.

Edward: Where the startups are being accepted? All applications can be sent to the BusinessIncubator.com website. You should make a request, and then they will contact you.

Question 1: Can you check it now?

Edward: No, it is the responsibility of special people, a separate team. Precisely the electronic applications.

Kirill: We already have about 15 finished projects which we are not ashamed to release now. Most likely, there will be a separate venture conference because today, everything was a bit chaotic.

Question 2: Good afternoon. Is it possible for a resident of Turkey to use just an ID instead of a foreign passport?

Anton: Yes, now they have a special card. If you cannot register, then you can select the country Kazakhstan and load two fields.

Question 2: Won’t they have problems then? They are Turkish citizens. Anton: Choose your country anyway to load two values.
Question 2: Thank you.

Question 3: Hi, guys. The conference is cool, thank you. My name is Alina. I have two questions. My partner asked me to ask you the first question. Will there be transfers between personal accounts so that, for example, I could make a transfer to my friend?

Edward: No.

Question 3: No? Okay. The Nano First Aid Kit is really cool. But if the ecology continues to deteriorate, there will be no sense in it. This is my point of view. I do not want to argue with anyone. But are you planning any projects in the field of ecology? If you are, where can I sign up? I just want to do it. If there are no such ideas, then please accept me to the team, I will do it.

Kirill: In addition to ideas, I need active people. I mean, psychos who will be working hard no matter what. Even if everything does not go according to plan. If you are ready to enroll, then we will find you a place.

Alina: Yes, I want to.

Kirill: It means that I will not tell you what to do, but I will demand a lot.

Alina: I’m ready.

Kirill: Well, you’re ready, okay. I do not know what to do. But you do. Therefore, you need people with a plan and a team to fully immerse in the project.

Alina: Well, how can I contact you?

Kirill: There are leaders who have my contact details. You can text them. If you find my contact, text me.

Alina: We can discuss my ideas first.

Kirill: Why am I telling you to contact me? You’re crazy, aren’t you?

Alina: Well, I just need a clear answer because I can’t get through to you on Instagram. But I know that if you said, you will keep your word.

Kirill: A person who wants to contact me will do it.

Question 4: Hello. Actually, I have two requests. The first one is regarding verification. Is it possible to make the process faster?

Kirill: Okay, we will do it.

Question 4: And the second question. This is a request to make a travel product. Like the car and real estate programs but for traveling.

Kirill: Finiko Product is the same. Just save up for the trip using that program.

Question 4: No, Finiko Product is when you invest, and then after 4 months you receive the money. Is that what you mean? But the interest rate is higher there.

Kirill: And the confirmation documents are required, as well as photos near the sun lounger. Question 4: Sure, I will report back.

Kirill: It seems to me that now the platform provides plenty of products that can accomplish your financial goals. There is no such task that our products cannot solve. Look, I am thinking like an entrepreneur. There are far fewer people who want to travel than those who want a car or an apartment. Moreover, there are not many places to travel to nowadays.

Question 4: I don’t know. I would go somewhere and invest in it. That’s why I’m asking.

Zygmunt: About verification. Now it takes 2-3 days. But we have signed a contract with a company that will do verification in an hour.

Question 5: Hello, thank you for coming. I am a partner from Kazakhstan. I have two questions: about Doronium and about a new marketing plan. The first question is from my partners. Is there delivery of First Aid Kits to Kazakhstan and, if not, when to expect it?

Zygmunt: Kazakhstan is not working yet. We are currently thinking about creating some kind of logistics center, where you could come and pick up your box. Because not everyone maintains a proper temperature regime. You are not able to select a country for now. The issue is being resolved.

Question 5: At the conference in January, it was said that CTI and CTI2 were merged…

Zygmunt: This task is still in progress. This all will be ready at the end of next week. It will be possible to buy CFR for FNK. As soon as we test everything, a new marketing plan will be published.

Marat: The advantage of FNK is that the commission will be 1-1.5%.

Question 5: Those who made Index 2 sales expected 5% referrals. They asked if there would be an accrual.

Zygmunt: Probably not, because no logging is stored. And they won’t get vouchers either. But those who have already made sales will be awarded three vouchers.

Question 5: Thank you very much.

Question 6: Hello, everyone. I have a short question. My sister is currently on vacation in the Maldives. She wanted to register a partner from there, but there is no Republic of the Maldives in the system.

Zygmunt: Okay, what’s the question?
Question 6: There are no Maldives in the registration window. Zygmunt: Oh, okay, we’ll see and if it is not there, we’ll add.

Question 7: Hello. My name is Tatyana. I am from Rostov-on-Don. I am very grateful to you for being so sincere and open. Thank you for what you are doing for all of us. My team also says hi to you. Thanks.

Question 8: Kirill, guys, hello. My name is Ruslan. I am from Bishkek. From here. I’m local. My question, probably, worries everyone. It is about the withdrawal of money. Especially in bitcoin. When you withdraw money, it takes a 3% fee. Is it possible to do it in USDT?

Marat: It can be done, but it must be purchased somewhere in such a volume.

Zygmunt: That is the first reason. Secondly: we have already had such an option, but the number of transaction errors and user anger was greater. We do not want to make this mistake once again.

Question 8: Thank you.

Question 9: Hi, my name is Nikolay. I am from Bishkek, and I have a question about the charity section. Now you have a lot of regions in your company. When we donate funds to charity, you plan to do it by region.

Kirill: No. This is exactly what I wanted to get away from: “I want to help these people, but do not want to help those”. This is your personal feeling that you want to help. And you understand that it works for the benefit of everyone. What thought have we come across? When I figured out how many shelters we would distribute the money to, I got an idea to build my own rehabilitation center. But you just want to be useful. It does not depend on the region. It depends on kindness.

Question 9: Thank you.

Question 10: Kirill, hello. My name is Vladimir, the Bishkek city. I have a question about the first aid kit. When will there be delivery to Kyrgyzstan?

Kirill: In terms of delivery, we are dependent on logistics companies. We need a certain temperature regime, so if there is any company that will agree to store it, we will supply it.

Zygmunt: That is the first option. The second one is that we produce temperature boxes by ourselves.

Kirill: We are still negotiating to open production in Kazakhstan to eliminate the need for delivery. So, we have the technology, but we are still only at the start. But in terms of sales, we still need some documents.

Question 10: So, then we will be waiting. And the second question. When will the slider appear in the CTI 2 FNK account?

Zygmunt: We are in the process of making it as well. I think we will first implement purchasing for FNK, and then a slider will appear.

Question 10: Okay, thanks.

Question 11: Hello. As I understood, you have said that there will be delivery to Kazakhstan later. And what about Kyrgyzstan?

Kirill: I have already answered this question.

Question 11: You know, young people know how to use Finiko, how to enter or set a password. And the older ones don’t. They are afraid. Could you organize a course for people so that they could attend it?

Marat: Yes, we are already working on it.

Anton: Yes, the videos are currently being recorded. Some of them are already on the website. It will be like a course.

Question 11: Thank you.

Question 12: Salam Alaikum, Kirill and his team. I welcome you to our land. I am one of the youngest people in my structure. I have two questions. Marat, why was FNK based on the Ethereum blockchain and not on its own?

Marat: Well, it would have taken us about another two years. It is long and dreary.

Question 12: Okay, okay, you’ve convinced me. I have already forgotten the second question. I will send it by email. Thank you.

Question 13: Hello, everyone. I’m a little worried too. I can’t deposit CFR in the account for two days already. We have miscalculated it a little bit. I tried to contact the support service but did not receive any answer.

Zygmunt: When, for example, it is a little more or a little less, the accrual algorithm does not work. All such operations are considered erroneous. And in order for the transaction to take place, everything must be done manually. There, you have to confirm the amount you wanted to credit. But it will not happen automatically, you need a manager. Anton, what is the term?

Anton: 5 days.

Question 13: I have been waiting for two days.

Anton: Saturday and Sunday do not count.

Question 13: The second question. If such an error occurs and we contact support, will everything be fine?

Zygmunt: If you have sent money to the wallet that was in the account, then yes. It’s just a matter of time.

Question 14: Salam Alaikum, dear viewers. Hello, everyone. From the very beginning, I wanted to say that Finiko provides an opportunity. I sell Swiss watches. I will give everyone from Finiko a discount. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Question 15: Hello. My name is Gaukhar. I am from Almaty.

Kirill: I am sorry, I want to say. Does an offer work with an unprepared audience? The opportunity he took would have worked better if he had asked a question and then offered something. It’s like when someone gives you a brochure and you throw it away. It just entertains you if there is a picture. Therefore, I’d give you 5 points for the attempt and 3 for the content.

Question 15: Actually, I am very worried. I have specific questions about the December Promo.

Zygmunt: Look, there were problems. Therefore, we took a break in March. In terms of a gift delivery, we have to finish it soon.

Question 15: Okay. And one more question. Probably, to Marat. Regarding the semi-liquidity of FNK on Uniswap. I cannot replenish it, it does not open at all. No further action.

Marat: I can’t say anything now when I don’t see an error. Question 15: Let’s look at it.
Marat: Well, everything works for me, so I can’t say for sure. Question 15: Where should I write?

Marat: Try changing your device.
Question 15: I tried but it still didn’t work. Okay, the question remains open.

Question 16: I did not introduce myself. I have remembered my question. Kirill, during one of your speeches or webinars you said that such a day would come, and you would say about it. When someone comes up to you with a request to exchange bitcoin. And for some reason, I didn’t hear about it today. What about this question?

Kirill: Are you asking about the exchanger?

Question 16: If people come to us and say that they want to exchange for bitcoin.

Zygmunt: It will be a commission-free exchanger. Approximately at the end of April.

Question 16: Thank you.

Question 17: Good evening. I’m Timur from Kyrgyzstan. I have a simple question. I’m going to be the bad cop. What will happen when everyone is frauded? When will it all collapse?

Kirill: We do not have it in plans.

Question 17: Why won’t this happen?

Marat: We are not planning this. Why would we need to close?

Kirill: We work in the legal field. You should study economic theory. In order for the company not to fall, it is always necessary to develop and come up with new projects. We are creating new cycles of growth.

Question 17: Second question. Why do you think you have the best traders and tools?

Kirill: Because it is a fact. I am an entrepreneur, I do not look at other courses. I really like the actual size of the deposit that I am observing.

Question 18: Hello. Stanislav, Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. Can I give you a letter? Kirill: What’s this?

Question 18: A letter. Thank you. We have just seen that we can buy CFR with tokens. And is it possible the other way around?

Marat: We didn’t want to connect.
Question 18: Let it be like with a commission.

Marat: Why?

Question 18: Well, what if I want to buy tokens suddenly? With my CFR.

Marat: There are exchanges and exchangers.

Question 18: Is it possible to organize, for example, some schools with experts in Kazan?

Marat: But there are simple video tutorials.

Kirill: What’s missing in the videos?

Marat: You can write right under the video, what is missing, and we will add. If you need an office, you can establish it yourself.

Kirill: I am absolutely sure that if you get to the bottom of it yourself, you will be very competent and will be able to make money on it.

Question 19: Good afternoon, Zygmunt, Kirill, Edward, Marat, Anton. I have no questions, I just wanted to say thank you for everything.

Question 20: Hello. Before this conference, I did not know about Finiko. And if I type the name of the company into a search engine, there will be a lot of negativity. What can you say about it?

Kirill: What can I explain?
Question 20: There is just a lot of negativity. What would you say about it? Kirill: Can you give a specific example?
Question 20: I have not read it personally.

Kirill: And what is the subject of the conversation? Are we dressing the wrong way? Well, yes. One is taller, and another one is shorter? Yes, very suspicious. Therefore, when someone says something to you, ask a specific question. What do you consider negative? What’s distorted? I believe that we are just a PR-opportunity for someone.

Question 21: Hello, my name is Ramilya. Thank you for the meeting. I have recently become a partner of Finiko and really want to buy the Index but they say the price will rise soon. So, when will it happen so that I know exactly when to buy it?

Marat: When will it be?

Kirill: I don’t know. Everything suits me so far. But I think there will be an increase. In general, I want everyone to use different opportunities. I will notify you when we decide to raise the price. There is no plan. If you are afraid of an increase, then you should take advantage of the present before it happens. We must live here and now. We will notify you. Now, we are working. Thank you.

Question 21: Greetings to everyone here in Bishkek. We have been waiting for a very long time. I want to give an answer to the question about negativity. It is necessary to build an opinion on facts, and not listen to other people. I have a question for Zygmunt. I have recently bought a car for 35%. It was in February. I uploaded the documents but they are still under consideration. I would like to clarify how long I have to wait.

Zygmunt: If you have uploaded everything correctly, then don’t worry. Even if there is an error, we will tell you about it. Nothing will be blocked for you.

Question 21: Thank you.

Question 22: Hello. We are extremely glad that we are the first from Central Asia to meet you. And now a question about the company’s reputation. Several offices have their own policy. They offer apartments not in 4 months but to move in straight away. Is it possible to manage all those processes somehow? Thank you so much.

Zygmunt: What’s the question?

Question 22: They offer apartments not in 4 months, as stated in the policy, but right away. At the same time, you have to continue paying.

Marat: You can refuse. What is the problem?

Question 22: We can, yes. But it ruins the reputation of the company. So, is it possible for this to be supervised by someone?

Zygmunt: Well, this is unrealistic.

Anton: I think there are clients who also offer their own conditions using the mechanisms of programs. They spoil their reputation in the guise of Finiko. Will we control this? I think no. Because those are just some customers who create a market around themselves.

Kirill: If I understood the question correctly, we have our own mathematical model, which we rely on.

Marat: The question is, are we going to control this? Probably not.

Question 22: It’s just that people are falling for it. Maybe it will end badly.

Kirill: Are clients being deceived? If yes, then we have to handle it. On the other hand, we must understand that such proposals are not from us but from those people.

Question 22: They have their own offices.
Kirill: I understand. The damage will be caused by the person who offers it.

Question 23: Sorry, hello. I have also heard about this issue. There is such a system among the partners that they offer to pay 15-20% of the cost but they provide finished apartments. And they are multiplying that money in your company for a year. They know how they can double or triple that amount, but they take more from a person.

Marat: And what is the deception? They just use the tools.

Question 22: Look, they do not include all this in the documentation, but simply offer apartments on behalf of the company for 15%. They provide apartments and move people in.

Zygmunt: Do people get apartments? Are they the owners? Question 22: No, they are paying off the cost during the year.

Kirill: What is Finiko’s responsibility here? This is the same as saying that someone has seen a criminal in Adidas clothes. It does not mean that the company has encouraged it.

Edward: The profile is registered as Finiko.
Kirill: Okay, we will discuss it. Because it works like a company office. We need to handle it, Anton.

Anton: For now, you can email the support service and inform them about it. And then, we will check the information.

Kirill: We will take a look. Thank you.

Question 24: Hello. The question is that the payment freezes. Is it possible to enable some small notification saying that a certain amount of CFR has been received? So that I do not bother the support service every time.

Marat: We’ll take note of it.
Question 24: We usually send an email to the support and then wait a few more days. Zygmunt: Well, that’s right, because we take consent. As for the notification, we will think.

Question 25: Hello. I have a question for Kirill. I have three degrees in medicine. And I know that a child with cerebral palsy in the early stages can be rehabilitated. I just have three to five minutes. I can offer my services.

Kirill: What do you want from me? I just can’t look through it now, we’re leaving in an hour. Can I read it somehow?

Question 25: Yes, I can send it to you. This is the distribution of knowledge.

Kirill: I can’t answer right now. But contact me.

Question 26: Hello, guys. I am from Bishkek. I live in Turkey, in Antalya. I liked your training idea, I represent my own accelerated language learning center myself. You can see how we worked with children with cerebral palsy. We can share our technology.

Kirill: I have heard you. You have your own programs. What do you want? Question 26: I want to offer you my services.
Kirill: Okay, what’s the goal?
Question 26: I just wanted to help you.

Kirill: To begin with, we can try to work together. But I need to understand your future goals in the long term. We have just talked with you, and I see that you have something to offer. But what exactly do you want?

Question 26: I would like to just make it all available to everyone and increase the audience, yes.

Kirill: Do you communicate with them individually? Or do you have some kind of question-and-answer system?

Question 26: No, no, we have our own training system. Kirill: I get it. Is there any methodology?

Question 26: Yes, everything is there. We have it in English, French. For everybody. I would just like to collaborate with you.

Kirill: Collaboration is good, but the subject should come from your benefit. So, we can work. You can contact us, thanks.

Question 27: Good evening, my name is Vitalina. I have only two questions. Tell me, please, does the Finiko company have some kind of organizational and legal form? And if so, does it have some kind of authorized capital to protect creditors and investors?

Zygmunt: Yes. There is a large section with documents on our website. There are licenses. Everything is broken down by tabs.

Question 27: And the second question. Considering that you do not currently have a hedge fund, please tell me how investments are insured.

Edward: And how are they insured in banks? Are they insured there somehow at all?

Question 27: Well, there are certain funds where the money is deposited in case of bankruptcy.

Edward: Are there any guarantees? There are none – we are risking all together. No, seriously.

Kirill: Can you repeat the question?

Edward: They are asking about money insurance.

Kirill: Ah, there is no insurance.

Question 27: I’m talking about some kind of fund that would secure investments

Kirill: We don’t practice that. What we have said before is a different product. There is no structure to secure the business, only as a functional.

Question 27: Okay, thanks a lot.

Question 28: Hello, the team of Finiko and everyone here. I’m wondering, it turns out that there is a certain system of money. Do you have any ideas of high income and low risks?

Kirill: Well, yes, charity. But what do you mean by low risk and high returns? If the question was concretized, it would be more interesting.

Question 28: Okay, next question.
Kirill: Won’t you concretize?
Question 28: I won’t. I do not have enough knowledge for that.
Kirill: Okay, but for the future: you have the ability to grab attention, but it is not clear how to apply it.

Question 28: I will work on it, thanks. The second question is about security. Why is there no way to delete my personal account?

Anton: There is.

Zygmunt: Because there must be a manual removal mechanic. For example, you have lost access and it has been automatically deleted with all your data. And then, it would be impossible to restore access, because there would be no data in the account.

Question 28: Is it possible to freeze the data?
Zygmunt: If the user wants to delete the data, then it can no longer be frozen or copied. Question 28: No, I mean, if a user himself will delete an account at will.

Zygmunt: How will we understand that? For example, someone could log into your account, click the delete button and erase all data. Two days later, you will come and say that someone stole your data, but you did not delete your account.

Question 28: Okay, but you automate the data using the verification system.

Zygmunt: We do. But if a user asks to delete the data then it is deleted completely. We cannot compare who had logged into the account before or anything like that. Therefore, we ask people to confirm that they want to delete the data.

Question 28: Thank you, I have heard the answer to my question. And the last question I have is for Kirill, I guess. Why are people missing out on so many opportunities? I am really interested in this. No one has given me a specific answer.

Kirill: Who, for example?
Question 28: For example, the people I know, to whom I provide the opportunity to earn.

Kirill: Well, you are so cool and have condescended to them, but they are stupid and do not hear you. Probably, because you think so.

Question 28: Perhaps. Thanks a lot for the answers.

Kirill: The smartest sale is when a person guesses. And when you position yourself below them, the sale works out great. But when you are arrogant, it all can be seen in your behavior. Plus, considering your age, people want to punish you. If you respect other people’s fears, accept them, then they will begin to trust you. It’s just that you think that they are fools since they do not want to. So, no one trusts you.

Question 28: So, do I need to make them trust me?

Question 29: Sorry, people are asking to hurry up. Kirill, you are super. Very positive and stylish team. I have only one question. A month and a half ago, we sent the documents to the office in Kazan, we are still waiting for the answer. But soon, we will get a car. So, where should we go to hand over the documents? Or will the support service pay attention to us?

Zygmunt: Do you need to change the office address?
Question 29: Yes, we have been waiting for a month and a half.
Zygmunt: Has the application been generated?
Question 29: Yes, but now we are waiting for the car. Should we report here in Bishkek or in Kazan?

Zygmunt: You only need to report in your personal account. You will have a section inside your personal account where you upload the vehicle license and the vehicle registration certificate. You don’t need to go anywhere.

Question 29: Thank you very much. You are very nice guys.

Question 30. Hello. My question is probably for Marat. When we withdraw money to a personal address, is it fundamentally important to enter each address, or is it possible to enter one so that funds come there? For one family.

Zygmunt: This is not a matter of adherence to principles, but of safety and convenience. For example, if you form applications for one bitcoin wallet from three personal accounts, then, most likely, not three transactions will take place, but one, because that is how the system thinks. And then you will be figuring out what is whose. And also, if you lose access to the wallet, then there will already be a 100% loss. And if everyone has their own wallet, it will reduce the risks.

Question 30: Oh, thanks. And another question. If a person enters the Product program, but suddenly, the circumstances change – can the contract be extended to 5 or 7 months?

Anton: Look, when you choose 4 months, you have the option to extend it for 4 weeks. That’s all. You won’t be able to choose another tariff.

Zygmunt: But you can just start over the deal later. Question 30: Okay. My partners were asking about it.

Anton: If the contract has been created recently, then you can cancel it and create a new one for 7 months.

Question 30: When you are buying a car, there is a section with an option to contribute 15%. When can I add them?

Anton: You can add them until 115 days have passed. The contract will be extended for 4 weeks. You don’t deposit anything. The program will generate an extra 15% on top of the amount that you have planned.

Question 30: A question for Marat about the cashback exchanger. Will those who do not have a deposit pay a commission as well?

Marat: They won’t.

Question 30: Next. An heir. If we have logged into the account but have not registered the heir – when can we indicate them there?

Zygmunt: At any moment before death.

Question 30: Regarding the Nano First Aid Kit. Is the $3,000 deposit final or will the amount become smaller?

Kirill: It won’t be cheaper, it can become more expensive. We were discussing an option of ordering not 12 but 6 bottles, but it would make no sense. If it is not yet valuable to you, then you can return to it when it becomes important. Thank you so much.

Question 30: Thank you.

Question 31: Good afternoon. I have been living in Almaty since 2003, although I am a citizen of the Russian Federation. You have stated that if we do not provide a tax report, then after April 30, accounts will be blocked.

Zygmunt: No, this is not up-to-date information. As the law has been enacted, there is no correct algorithm yet.

Question 31: Will there be accounts blocking? Kirill: Not in this form.

Question 31: Great. You also have given a presentation about the Finiko Bank opening in the near future. When will it be?

Kirill: Not really a bank. We are building the whole payment structure, including the banking system. What are you interested in?

Question 31: In a card.

Marat: There already are the crypto cards, but we are testing them. They will be in rubles, and then in dollars.

Question 31: Thank you.

Question 32: Hello, my name is Marina. I have a question for you. Will Fin2Fin work in Kyrgyzstan or only in Russia?

Kirill: It will work all over the world. It is currently being tested. All those people are investors anyway. We can create a new excise tax using crypto. We will launch Fin2Fin at some big conference as well.

Question 32: So, will it work for us? Kirill: Everything will work.

Question 33: Good afternoon, I have such a situation. My junior children already have their own income. They are interested in whether it will be possible to open an account under someone’s responsibility?

Zygmunt: Only from 18 years old. We are not planning anything like that in the future. Question 33: Thank you.

Question 34: Kirill, I have seen your interview on the Rossiya24 channel. Is it true that you have earned 860% per annum?

Marat: 860% is not that much.
Kirill: If you look at it from different angles, then it is not so much.
Question 34: Then, another question. Why raise the Index price if Finiko has such great indicators?

Kirill: Because we also look at other projects. And it is not only about money but also about people. People who create. Imagine the transmission of ideas to people that have shared your ideology. We are working on creating future markets.

Question 34: There is an opinion that Finiko will close after some time. When will it happen? Will it be in 25 years?

Kirill: I want you to look at this sentence. “There is an opinion”. Who said that? What did they say? But it sounds good. There is no answer here. You can name a hypothetical date, and I will answer you. So either ask a question or don’t.

Question 34: I don’t wish that to anyone because your project is mind-blowing. Thank you.

Question 35: A question about CFR. My partner was depositing $1,000 but a smaller amount came to the wallet because of the commission. We have texted the support service, but there is no answer and no money either. Why did we receive less?

Zygmunt: Was there an extra commission?

Question 35: Yes. We did it through another person.

Zygmunt: At what time did he send the money? After buying an order?

Question 35: He sent…

Zygmunt: How do you know if he has met all the conditions? Maybe he has sent it 8 minutes later.

Question 35: Thank you.

Zygmunt: In general, what you are talking about might happen. But often, it depends not on us, but on the platform, rate, or a third party. Anyway, we’ll sort it out.

Question 36: Greetings to the team. Hello, everyone. I have my own office. I would like to take a moment and say that you can come to my training. I conduct webinars and courses.

Kirill: Thank you. Our bulletin board is moving on.

Question 37: Hello, I have questions for everyone. Are you planning a conference in Almaty? Everyone is waiting very much.

Kirill: We tried. But they gave us permission for a hall for 3,000 people, and only 60 could be accommodated there.

Question 37: As soon as they permit, it will take place. Thank you. The second question is from my partner. Is there a possibility that some of the eight programs will not work in the future?

Kirill: Now, there is no point to discuss anything that will or will not work. I am satisfied with everything so far. I’ll make an announcement later if something changes.

Question 27: I guess my question is for Marat. Will there be a withdrawal in FNK?

Marat: If we do so, it will become even more volatile. Hence, there will be even more negativity than with Bitcoin. We are not considering this for now.

Question 37: A question for Anton. We do not see the names of people who are not verified. Is it possible to mark the verified ones somehow? With color or something else?

Anton: We can add a checkmark. Zygmunt: Yes, it’s in the process. Question 37: Thank you.

Question 38: Hello, dear Zygmunt, Marat, Kirill, and Anton. I just wanted to thank you very much. I just want to express my emotions about the organization. As a pensioner, I can say that you give us the opportunity to feel like normal people again. Now, we give an opportunity not only to our grandchildren but also to children.

Kirill: I have always said that those who are inside the process are much better presenters than we are. Thank you so much.

Question 39: Hello. I have no questions for you, only words of gratitude. Thank you very much for making it possible for our plans to come true. We live and enjoy life. Thank you.

Kirill: Thank you.

Question 40: Hello, my name is Serafima. I want to thank you for the work you are doing to make our world a better place. Many thanks. The question is the following. My partner has written a message to the support service to cancel the Product contract. And they have canceled the wrong contract.

Zygmunt: Send me a direct message on Instagram. I have to see it by myself.

Anton: Most likely, the issue has already been resolved.

Question 40: And another question. My partner has registered and indicated the number incorrectly. He has put six instead of a three. The support team has contacted us to find that partner and ask him to fix it.

Anton: No, you should not look for him. But we are requesting permission from your superior.

Zygmunt: The system itself asks for a connection. If you have not purchased the product, then you can simply re-register.

Question 40: Thank you.

Question 41: Hello, thank you all. I would like the Sabirovs to answer my question. How normal is it for us Muslims to do this? How Halal?

Edward: Halal? I don’t know…

Kirill: I understand the question. The company does not belong to any religion. We have partners who are very religious. They have their own evidence for using the programs. We are talking about accruals, and people calculate the interest themselves. Therefore, I see such people, and we all exist together. We are not planning to make some kind of certificate on purpose. We are not dependent on religion. You will make your own decision on whether you can or cannot use our services.

Question 42: Hello, I have a question for Edward. I want to express my respect to you, guys. I respect all of you. You say that it will be possible to use a trader’s services on Copytrade. But how will we know whom to choose?

Edward: It will be inside the platform. Of course, there will be no rating system. There will be some specific instruments that he will be trading.

Question 42: There will be 150 of them. How will we choose?

Edward: As you wish.

Question 42: And what about their trading results? Achievements?

Edward: There will be some statistics inside. But there will be no statistics about the trader. We cannot say for sure yet.

Kirill: Sorry, I know there are still many questions, but time is up. Please. We are already out of schedule. Thank you very much.

Edward: Thank you.
Zygmunt: Thank you very much.

Alexander: Wait, please. Who wants to hear about the marketing plan? Return to your seats then. Galina.

Galina: Hello, everyone. My name is Galina.
Alexander: My name is Alexander. We are partners from Bishkek.
Galina: We would like to talk about the Finiko marketing plan. Are they asking for a 5-minute break?

Alexander: We will try to tell everything quickly. Of course, today, you have heard about different instruments. You can get a car or an apartment with the help of some of them. And also, you can earn rewards by recommending them to others. Probably, you already know how to use them. Let’s imagine that you have a friend who wants a car. He saves money, but it doesn’t work out. Under the AT35 program, he will contribute only 35% of the cost of the car. And you, as an invitee, will automatically receive 5% of that amount. Imagine that you have several friends like him. It turns out that you will earn a lot.

Galina: This is an option of how to make money from scratch. You can recommend it to your friends, relatives, close circle, and the company will reward you.

Alexander: The same can be done with real estate. And that’s not it. There are also additional rewards in the form of 1% monthly from the same amount. 1% of the contribution amount. $35 monthly.

Galina: I believe there are such people in our hall. Great. Who has bought an apartment? Cool. I know for sure that people have earned very decent bonuses that way. The question is: do you want to solve your financial problems yourself? Are there such people here? Great. What is needed for this? Correctly. I’ve heard someone shout “money”. And what if you do not have it? You can earn it in the company through a referral bonus of 5%. What else do we have?

Alexander: This also applies to Finiko Product. And today, there was a question about traveling. You can use the Product program. Yes, you will have to wait longer, but that’s okay. But that is not all. The coolest thing we have is the cashback service. Have you heard about it? Yes? Those people who go shopping and fill up their car with purchases every day have probably heard about it. Everyone wants to get a discount. You all pay attention to red price tags. But now, we can buy whatever we want using the cashback service. Yes, we will spend a little more, but now, we know that there will be a discount starting from 15%. So, the cashback service also has a reward system. Imagine that you have recommended your friend to save on their expenses every month. But it is necessary to make a deposit for that. And you will also earn 5% for that. 72% per year. An impressive percentage. Also, the deposits made yield 6%, so you get 3%. This percentage is accrued daily. Thus, you can simply start from scratch without contributing a single penny. You can simply register using the invitation link. You can also contact the offices of the company. We have about 13-15 of them in Bishkek. You can find the addresses on the Internet. All offices are open. Visit them. We will leave our contact details.

Galina: And there is also the Finiko Life program. Who has heard about it? For example, if you have a monthly school tutor, daycare, or similar costs. How cool is it if the company pays for you? You know your estimated monthly costs. You need to deposit only 35% of that amount. You will be paid the amount you spend every month. The same compensation plan applies here. 5% of the deposit amount and 1% monthly. You don’t even need to make your deposit. You can even achieve your first star this way.

Alexander: Let’s stop here and talk about the career ladder. You need to have your personal deposit of 1,000 to reach the first star. In addition to that thousand, the deposit of your partners must be 10,000. Then, you will start receiving 3% of their income.

Galina: 3% every day.

Alexander: The income will be even higher at other levels. This is a very decent amount of money, and it is possible.

Galina: Everyone wants to reach 10 stars.

Alexander: This is regarding the personal deposit. You need to have a deposit of 1,000 in the cashback service to get 3% referrals in that program. And then increase the level.

Galina: 1,000 minimum, yes. When you reach level 5 on Index 2, you will start receiving not 3% but 5%. And then it gets even better. I think now Olga Malkova will tell you about our new product – a Nano First Aid Kit. About the marketing plan. Thank you.

Olga: The most curious ones are still here. What can I say? We have been using colloidal silver for a long time. It is a natural antibiotic. But no one has ever proposed such a method of acquiring as Finiko did. It was possible to buy it for money. But to make a deposit, receive the medications monthly, and then also return the deposit… This was not possible. Imagine that you have bought the First Aid Kit. What will you get? 5% of the income of your partners invited to the first line, 1% once a month, and you will also get a voucher when summing up. I think this is a wonderful offer that you cannot refuse. Well, that’s all. Thank you. So, 5% for personal sales in the first line. You can get a voucher for making sales. You already know the accrual schemes. Here’s the slide. Buy, acquire, improve your health. Do you have any questions? I think no. Thank you.

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