18 June 2021
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Finiko and Svyataya. Kirill Doronin and Rustam
Finiko and Svyataya. Kirill Doronin and Rustam
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Good afternoon. I haven’t managed to get to the office on time. Today’s meeting is unusual. We have started thinking about creating our own production. Of course, we have no experience, but we do have connections. They make excellent quality. So I would like to talk to them today. I also want to involve the person so that he becomes a part of Finiko. Not only as an investor but also as a partner who would provide an opportunity to invest in clothing stores where the Finiko clothes will be sold. His name is Rustam. Let’s go.

-I am calling first of all to introduce you to the audience. I want you to share your ideas. Live meeting. I want to talk to you, as with a person who will use CBS to buy raw materials, or maybe you will come up with something else. That is why we are on the air.
-Great. I will introduce myself. My name is Rustam. I am a co-owner of the Svyataya brand. We have recently started the production of clothes for different business models like Finiko. One of our first attempts is a collaboration with you. We have started working on T-shirts. I like the style of Kirill.
-Yes, I have seen your capacity. I thought I better let it be more expensive, but I will wear what I want.
-Yes, we have made 4 samples of T-shirts. We have already started to put them into circulation. We are producing 1200 T-shirts for Finiko. At the moment, we are making approximately the same number of sweatshirts.
-I always confuse a hoodie with a sweatshirt. What does have a hood and what doesn’t? -You know, for me it is always the same. We have decided to make sweatshirts with a zipper. And next, we will be releasing pants and sexy leggings. We like to present girls from the proper side.

-And what should older people do?
-There will be a modification. “Small” is a skinny size. There also will be oversize. Everything is negotiable. We are working on T-shirts, the next project is a hoodie.
– When are you planning to start sales?
-On Monday or Sunday. Kirill, everyone really wants to take pictures of you. Everything has already been selected. Now we have not the most difficult task.
-I mostly wear size M.
-We will make an individual fit.
-Got it, when will you start releasing it?
-I think, somewhere at the beginning of June we will release up to 500 pieces. And then, we will sell everything out by June 10. We will also deliver to other cities. We have been planning to implement it through our logistics system.
-What sizes do you have?
-There will be S, M, and L.
-Okay, we have all sizes and 200 pieces to sample.
-Do you know why I liked this idea? I have seen so many companies with one-off T-shirts, in which they later either dig the manure or sleep. I really wanted a T-shirt with the Finiko logo. Not with a direct logo, but indirect and with meaning.

-Yes, so that they can even wear it for the evening. To be stylish. We have T-shirts with the text “sexsexsex”. You can wear it anywhere. We can think about it. We can write “money is a must”. I think we will be able to express this idea.
-Will there be XXL and XL?

-We’ll see according to the situation. If necessary, we will do it, that is not a problem.
-Then let’s create the Finiko shop.
-Yes, great. We will adjust the demand.
-One more thing, I like it when my son and I are dressed alike. T-shirt or sneakers.
-Yes. Regina has a son, and now we are integrating children’s clothing into her life. Her son will be dressed like a “saint” according to our logic, and we will show it soon. We can incorporate the same adaptive model into your logic. We have already worked out everything.

– Cool. What regions do you work in?
– Our geography is almost the entire country. We have pick-up points. Almost everywhere.
– Do you have retail?
– Yes, there has been a franchise story in Cheboksary. In Kazan we have our own store; In Yekaterinburg, we also own a large market.
– Taking into account the fact that now people stop visiting shops, do you have any vision on this matter?
-I think sales will drop in the first two months. Then we’ll see what the policy will be with the coronavirus. Maybe then sales will increase again. People are already used to online shopping. In Kazan, we have delivery men in our showroom. We want to implement this model in all locations.
-Will the website be ours or yours?
-Look, we have an Instagram profile and a website. I think many people are familiar with our clothes.
-Do you have any vision to build stores of a new format? There is such a policy called multiple growth. How would you like to grow in the coming year?
-You know, your imagination works on a cosmic scale. In short, I can be doubled or tripled. More effort is needed. We need to work.
-Imagine that potential customers are watching us right now.
-Well, I’m always looking forward to new clients. But I mostly focus on people who have already purchased from me. They are more loyal customers. We want new clients to get in touch with us.
-How much money do you need to open a new store? If you keep controlling, and we finance everything. How much money would you need?
-$40,000 is needed in the regions. The establishment of a store takes 2 months. At the moment, we can open 3 stores in a short time. Moscow and St. Petersburg will be slightly more expensive.
-If I say on my Instagram Stories that I want to invest $4,000 in a store and find 10 more interested people, we can count on something.
-Well, you see how Kirill’s brain works.
-I think it’s cool.
-In general, this is a good idea. The main thing is to distinguish between what we desire and what we can sell. We can also sell Finiko clothes. We have pick-up points. We have “Svyataya” and “Svyataya naked”. Those are two different products, but we will be selling them in one showroom. Previously, we would have called it “two franchises,” but it is not.

-Are you ready to discuss such things in general? How many years have you been working? -We have been working since 2014.
-6 years?
-Well, it turns out, yes.

-How do you compete with China?
-Well, the Chinese use our label in their collections. We are not fighting against that, because that is a kind of advertising.
-Got it, then I’ll ask you to be a partner. And to strengthen yourself and the partners. We are waiting for the first T-shirts. Thank you very much. Let’s do another live broadcast if you have time.
-Oh, sure.
This is an example of how I will broadcast. We will occasionally have live streams with brands and business partners. I’ll upload a separate post on the Telegram channel. We will discuss different businesses.
Thanks for the live stream, bye.

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