26 January 2021
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Feedback on the purchase of Volvo XC60 with Finiko
Feedback on the purchase of Volvo XC60 with Finiko
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Dilyara: Hello, everyone! We are in Moscow, and today, we are shooting a video about the Volvo XC60 car.

Svetlana: I used to work in construction and investment. Now we have a non-profit association – the sports and leisure center “Everest”. We are involved in the development of children, and it is both a sports-oriented club and a leisure club.

Dilyara: Why are you interested in Finiko? Who told you? How did it happen that you ended up in this company?

Svetlana: My old friends who have already been collaborating with this company, told me about Finiko and offered to take a closer look at the product that they were offering at that time. It was in February. At first, at first glance, everything seemed very suspicious. They offered too high-interest rates and too sweet conditions. But after taking a closer look, and most importantly, in February, we made it to the conference held by Kirill Doronin with his team.

Dilyara: So, you attended the conference, right?

Svetlana: Yes, I attended the conference, and I got a deeper understanding of the idea that they were broadcasting.

Dilyara: The reason I am asking you is that there are many people who are still hesitating as you did in your time. So, you heard somewhere but got the core information at the conference, right?

Svetlana: Yes, and it seems to me that it is crucial to go to conferences. Personal contact is very important. To feel the atmosphere, to feel the energy that comes from people. And I decided to try several products that the company was offering. Almost everything available at that time.

Dilyara: And what products did you use then?

Svetlana: I immediately took out a loan for $13,000.

Dilyara: Wait, did you take out a loan and used the Loan Repayment program?

Svetlana: “Loan repayment”, right on the same day I signed an agreement with the company to repay the loan, and I deposited the rest of the amount in the “Buy a car for 35%” program.

Dilyara: Then, let’s cover the amounts since we have already started with this. You took out $13,000, you had a loan.

Svetlana: $4,700, it turns out a little more. Dilyara: Well, is it 35% + 1%?

Svetlana: It is for repayment, and the company fulfills its conditions right to a tee. Dilyara: How many months have you been repaying the loan?
Svetlana: 5 months so far.
Dilyara: 5 months at the moment?

Svetlana: Yes, that is, 42% of my loan has already been repaid. Every month, on a certain day, I receive an amount to pay off the loan. Honestly, I pay only with that amount.

Dilyara: That is, you pay off the loan and get the interest on top? And you also put a part on early repayment, right?

Svetlana: On early repayment, yes, yes, yes. Dilyara: How much money do you get every month?

Svetlana: 1,620 CFR (110,000 rubles). And I have calculations for 10 months. Finiko will repay the loan in 10 months.

Dilyara: The loan will be repaid within 10 months. And if you had not used the program? Svetlana: Three years.
Dilyara: You would repay the loan for three years, and how much would you pay? Svetlana. Yes, with a huge interest. I had to pay $17,700.

Dilyara: No, no, every month?

Svetlana: $570.

Dilyara: $570. So, roughly speaking, every month, you save that $570, right?

Svetlana: I save a lot on the fact that in 10 months, I will pay off the interest that I would be paying off for three years.

Dilyara: Already a much smaller amount. Okay, you took $13,000. Did you have $4,700 left to start repaying?

Svetlana: $8,800 left, and I added a little. I added around 3,000 CFR to enter this program. For the amount I needed.

Dilyara: Did you want exactly Volvo? I mean, did you need a car of a higher class, or just?

Svetlana: No, I wanted a car of the same class that I had. I had a Volvo XC90, but it was already 10 years old. And we decided that it was time to change.

Dilyara: It’s so interesting, we have Mercedes fans, and I see how they change the cars one by one. You are Volvo fans, now we know. Today, we have also filmed Audi, by the way.

Svetlana: Honestly, I tried to change the car for another one, and in all car services they say, “Do you have a Volvo? Don’t even try, you will go back to your Volvo anyway.” “We say that Volvo fans never switched from Volvo to Audi.” I looked at Audi, Mercedes, Infinitу, looked at Murano Nissan, but it still happened that I found my car.

Dilyara: How much does this car cost?

Svetlana: Oh, it happened so that I have changed my car with a surcharge.

Dilyara: Was it Trade-in?

Svetlana: Yes, it was Trade-in. If we consider the program I have entered, then I had a surcharge of $3,500. That is, I changed my car to a new car.

Dilyara: How much did you receive as a result? Svetlana: 40,000, 39,000 and something. Dilyara: $39,000?
Svetlana: Dollars, yes. CFR.

Dilyara: Okay, you wanted a car, you got a certain amount from Finiko, you said that. You changed your car using Trade-in, added extra money, and purchased this car, right? What was its cost as a result? I’m just wondering how much such a car costs. In general, how much did you buy it for?

Svetlana: Its price at a car dealership is around $61,000. Plus, currently, Volvo offers very good discounts for trade-in. And as a result, it was about $47,000.

Dilyara: About $47,000, but in fact? I’m trying to ask this. Svetlana: How much did I pay in fact?
Dilyara: Yes, how much did you pay yourself?
Svetlana: Considering Finiko program?

Dilyara: Yes, of course.
Svetlana: With Finiko program, it was $43,500.

Dilyara: So, it turns out, you have contributed $43,500, added from there, and bought this car? Okay, you say that you have used many products: you have a loan, a car purchase, what else?

Svetlana: Yes, I have Finiko.PRODUCT – the teenagers really liked it, my children enjoyed the program.

Dilyara: Yes, by the way, tell us more about this program. It’s pretty fresh, let’s say. We have very few cases with it. I think people will be interested.

Svetlana: We were very impressed. Even a teenager can figure it out, the children themselves cannot participate in the program, so they have to ask their parents. Nevertheless, if a child, for example, needs, he chose a new chair. The armchair is gorgeous, but I say, “No dear, I cannot afford such an armchair.” He says: “Okay, then please give me a certain amount, I will wait 3-4 months and get a different amount.”

Dilyara: Where did he study the program? On our website?

Svetlana: On the website, yes. They are children. Everything is available there. All the information is accessible.

Dilyara: Yes, everything can even be calculated on a calculator right away. Svetlana: Yes, yes, and he also immediately…
Dilyara: Finiko.ru – we are talking about this website.

Svetlana: Since teenagers cannot wait six months, he said right away, “I understand that six months is more profitable, but I will wait four months.” And so he selected 4 months, a little lower interest, but he could wait.

Dilyara: Wait for the car. Oh Lord, what car, an armchair, chair! Okay, he is waiting. Alright, it turns out that your children use Finiko.PRODUCT, right?

Svetlana: Children, and we also often use it for some household needs.
Dilyara: We have also recently launched the cashback service. What do you think?

Svetlana: A very useful program, the cashback service is a very useful one. I like Finiko.LIFE very much, because for me it is also important. Again, there are also utilities for which we pay constantly, there are children’s educational programs that have to be paid constantly, and you are always looking for some funds.

Dilyara: And how do you use Finiko.LIFE for yourself? Or how would you use it?

Svetlana: I haven’t used it yet, but I would like to pay for utilities and all regular expenses through this program.

Dilyara: Can you tell us how you would use this program? For those who don’t understand Finiko.LIFE yet.

Svetlana: Let’s say if we consider kids’ lessons. I know that I have such and such additional services that cost a certain sum. Around the beginning of the year, I already know the cost for the entire year. If I pay 35% of the total cost at once, then during the year, Finiko will pay monthly for those services for me. So, emotionally, it is much easier for me. Not to think that I’m paying big money for this, this, and that course. And not to look for some sources of money to be able to pay. And when it is regular, stable, then for me and many others it is much more convenient.

Dilyara: Well, yes, I think those who have children, understand everything perfectly.

Svetlana: Also, utilities. One summer, it is necessary, for example…

Dilyara: So, some kind of regular spending. This is a convenient program, I agree.

Svetlana: It is convenient and good that it is regular. I like that Finiko pays right in time. It’s all very convenient.

Dilyara: Well, and the last question: we are currently having a conference, we are delaying Svetlana a little. She says: “I am very interested, I will go out for a while.” I say: “Well, please, you have such a car, and we came to Moscow.” Why did you come to the conference today?

Svetlana: Because I follow this company. I am sincerely interested in the development of this company, I like their movement, I like that they are progressing, and this can be seen in their speeches and arrangements. I love the way their website is changing, I love that they are in motion all the time. And I wanted to feel the energy changes, the atmosphere, what had changed, to feel them. Re-energize a little more. And, of course, I am interested in new products, what’s new, what’s promising.

Dilyara: Want to know more?

Svetlana: Yes. And they encourage me to think about Kirill’s phrase that he was thinking about – what to do, what kind of business will bring him income in 20 years. It has been sitting in my head for 3 months.

Dilyara: So what, by the way?

Svetlana: I started thinking about the topic of biohacking and biotechnology. It is very, very interesting. And most importantly, proposals in this direction are coming from all sides, and they are very interesting.

Dilyara: I hope that in 30 years, we will be watching all that. Svetlana: I hope, a bit earlier. We will get ahead a little.

Dilyara: I think, yes. I am also wondering what the result will be in 20 years. Because I think the scale will be huge. Thank you very much for the interview, if you have something to say…

Svetlana: As Kirill says: “Earn as you want, but money is a must”.

Dilyara: Do what you want, but money is a must!

Svetlana: It is important. In short, you have to do something.

Dilyara: Do whatever you want, drive your favorite car, live as you want.

Svetlana: Do something with a positive attitude and look a little ahead.

Dilyara: Yes, okay, we will let you go to the conference. Thank you very much for the interview. Cool car! I wish you good roads.

Svetlana: Thank you. Dilyara: Bye-bye.

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