26 January 2021
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Feedback on buying a Mazda 5 car
Feedback on buying a Mazda 5 car
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Irina: Hello, dear friends! My name is Irina Avdus. I am the head of the office in the city of Krasnoyarsk at the address: Karl Marx street 95\1. And today, we came to the Mazda-center to meet Daria, who will receive a car today. Let’s go and get to know this girl who has bought a car for 35% of its value today. Dasha, hello! Could you please tell me who you are? What do you do? And how did you know about the “Buy a car” program?

Daria: My name is Daria, I work in a bookmaker’s office. I learned about the program when Doronin came to Krasnoyarsk for an event, arranged it for us. He said: “We have new services in our company that will allow you to buy a car for 35%”. And also real estate.

Irina: Real estate too, so. Please tell me, how quickly did you decide to buy a car for 35%?

Daria: Not fast, of course. At first, I wanted a car for $6,800, then I went to look at Mazda 3 and Toyota. My parents persuaded me to take the Mazda 5.

Irina: It turns out, Mazda 5 is your parents’ choice, not yours, right? Did you want another car?

Daria: Well, yes, a bit cheaper.

Irina: Well, should we change it?

Daria: No!

Irina: Please tell me again, how much does your car cost? And how much did you pay for it?

Daria: My car costs $36,200, plus additional features for it – $38,100 in total. I paid the company $12,680 – it is a part of the cost of the car.

Irina: So, is it 35%? Is $12,680 35% of the car’s value? Daria: Yes
Irina: And you have paid something else, right?
Daria: Well, I have paid extra.

Irina: And also paid extra to the manager, right? And a 1% office fee? So, in general, you have a car, you have paid about $15,000 to the company, right? Around $13,200? And what is the price of your car?

Daria: So, in total, $38,100.

Irina: $38,100. Please, tell me how the procedure in the company went. I mean, how long did you wait to buy a car?

Daria: Three months, but since they called me and said that the car was postponed until August due to quarantine, I decided to choose another one – a little more expensive, well, the volume. So, we have been waiting for three months.

Irina: You have been waiting for three months, and today, you are receiving the car. How did the company contact you? Tell about the procedure itself, because people who might want to buy a car will be interested in how it happens.

Daria: They called from the company, the manager asked me how to transfer the money, plus, I signed a receipt when I received the money. I sent everything, all the data, formalized everything – all the contracts, sent everything, and received the transfer – $36,200.

Irina: So, do I understand correctly that the transfer was on time? And then, you have already agreed to pick the car up, right?

Daria: Yes, everything was on time.

Irina: Tell me please, how did your friends and acquaintances react to the fact that you buy a car for $12,200, but it costs $38,100?

Daria: Nobody believed until I showed them that the money had come and that I was going to pick up the car. So, now, everyone already believes. Friends are also planning to buy a car.

Irina: So, are your friends already planning to choose cars? Well, someone – an apartment, and someone – a car. I know that you also use another service of the company, right? Please, tell us about it.

Daria: I have bitcoin in my wallet. That is, it turns out, I get interest for it. Irina: Well, you have CFR, right?
Daria: Yes, CFR. Thus, I earn every day.
Irina: You earn?

Daria: I mean, the company makes money, and I get the money.

Irina: Yes, thus, you receive passive income and spend it. It is the traders who make money. So, tell me, please, what other product of the company do you want to use in the near future, or maybe you have already used it?

Daria: We were going to buy an apartment for ourselves.
Irina: How much will your apartment cost?
Daria: It turns out, $156,600, and I will deposit around $54,400 in the company.

Irina: Well, a little over $50,000, right?

Daria: Yes.

Irina: And you are going to conclude a contract in early June? Do I get it right?

Daria: Yes.

Irina: And you also forgot about Product, but I know that…

Daria: Garage?

Irina: Garage! Because when you get a car, then, accordingly, you need a place where to keep your beauty. Did I understand correctly?

Daria: A garage will be in June. I will receive money for the garage in full in June.

Irina: So, you use the company’s products. Are you satisfied in general?

Daria: Yes.

Irina: And you will recommend it to your friends so that they, perhaps, solve some of their financial tasks with the help of the program.

Daria: I tell my friends and always suggest. So, now I have a lot of people who want to pay off a loan for 35% as well. Some of them want to buy an apartment. It’s real. I have known Doronin for a long time, and I know that Doronin does real things.

Irina: So, you had no doubts at all?

Daria: No, not at all.

Irina: But how did these three months go?

Daria: Fast.

Irina: Was it fast? I mean, was that time fast for you? That is, didn’t you count the days, didn’t you worry?

Daria: When you want a car for 5 years, and then you get a car like this – I would never afford such a car without Finiko.

Irina: I think, probably you would, but at the moment, but at the moment, I guess you could only think and dream about the car.

Daria: I would be saving for 20 years.
Irina: Could you please tell me, was Mazda initially the car of your dreams?

Daria: Well, I wanted a Mazda 3.

Irina: Well, exactly Mazda. Mazda brand in any case; it had to be Mazda. And you had a test drive and then finally decided that that’s it, right?

Daria: My parents insisted on Mazda 5. They said I had to go further, think about the future, live somehow differently.

Irina: Well, I think you have agreed to it and do not regret it, right?

Daria: Mom chose the color, dad – the package. I just had to get behind the wheel.

Irina: So, I want to refer to people who will watch this video – contact the person who has sent you this video, because if you are interested in buying a car for 35% of the cost and getting a great car. Maybe it will be Mazda, maybe it will be a different car, maybe it will be a second-hand car – it doesn’t matter. But if you also want to buy a car, apartment or something else – contact those people. They will tell you everything and show you everything. Subscribe to the official channels of the Finiko company, turn on the bell so that you do not miss any news. And watch us, watch the people who receive and use the services. And welcome to our company!

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