18 June 2021
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Fast loan and mortgage repayment
Fast loan and mortgage repayment
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Dilyara: Hello, everyone! We are currently holding a conference in Samara. Sergey, you can say hello to everyone.

Sergey: Good afternoon!
Dilyara: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where do you live, what is your occupation?

Sergey: I live in Samara, and I am the head of the regional public organization, Federation of water skiing of the Samara region.

Dilyara: Could you repeat what sport is it? Skiing? Sergey: Water skiing.
Dilyara: Ah, water skiing, I see.
Sergey: Summer-sports, including wakeboarding. Dilyara: Wait, is it a wake park?

Sergey: Wake park Magnetic, yes.

Dilyara: Many people in Finiko are into wakeboarding, including Kirill Doronin, as almost everybody knows already.

Sergey: He was wakeboarding at our park yesterday.

Dilyara: Really? Actually, maybe we will also drop by. Yes, we all enjoy wakeboarding, too, almost the whole team. Okay, Sergey, you have this kind of occupation. How have you heard about the Finiko company?

Sergey: I have a lot of friends in Kazan. Last September, one of them told me that there is such an interesting tool for solving different kinds of situations.

Dilyara: Do you mean that it is possible to solve financial issues and so on? Or any kind of problem?

Sergey: Yes, he said: “The spectrum is very broad, it is possible to use different algorithms and so on”.

Dilyara: Okay, you had learned about the company, and what was next? Sergey: Then I went to Thailand for a month.
Dilyara: For a vacation?

Sergey: Well, I went there, because there was a training camp with athletes. If I had examined everything more deeply, I would probably have made a decision before the trip. Because the money I spent in Thailand could actually be working for me on the deposit and generating good income.

Dilyara: Yes, it could be making a profit for you. You would stay in Thailand for even longer. Sergey: Yes, probably. But it was time for my kids to go to school and I came back.

Dilyara: Fine, let’s skip these details and discuss the tasks you are accomplishing with the Finiko company.

Sergey: Well, I have the Indexes.

Dilyara: So, do you receive income from Indexes?

Sergey: Yes, exactly. I don’t want to tell you how many Indexes I have, but I think it is…

Dilyara: Is there a lot?

Sergey: Quite enough.

Dilyara: That is why you do not want to tell. When there are a few – people usually tell.

Sergey: I have purchased a car for 35% of the cost.

Dilyara: What car?

Sergey: Hyundai H-1.

Dilyara: We have already filmed a video about it.

Sergey: I bought this car on the 1st of June in the dealer center in Kazan.

Dilyara: What was the price of the car, by the way?

Sergey: $32,850, but we agreed with the dealer for $30,200.

Dilyara: Did they provide a discount?

Sergey: Yes, they made a discount. I came there one month in advance, chose the car, and booked it. They tinted it, laid the rugs, prepared everything.

Dilyara: Did you buy it for 35% of the cost?
Sergey: Yes.
Dilyara: For $30,200. And how much is 35% of this sum?

Sergey: It is $10,500 + 1% service fee and $130 for the consulting services. Dilyara: Okay, you have bought Indexes and a car. Is there anything else?

Sergey: I also have, let’s say, a debenture. It was a rather unpleasant story if you go into details.

Dilyara: Tell us at least shortly, please. Since this is not a loan. Usually, our people repay bank loans.

Dilyara: $3,500.

The end result was a court decision and a debt of $3,500. Was it your dept of $3,500?
Yes, I had to repay it.
To someone, right? Okay, we won’t cover this.

To a particular company that has won the trial.
Okay, well, it is not pleasant at all when you are invited to court. You have lost

Sergei: I won the first two trials, but there was a regional court, which I did not know about. And the court decision has already been shown to me. We have concluded a settlement agreement with the opponents for ten months.

Dilyara: Interesting, why for ten months?

Sergey: Why ten? Because the company Finiko allows solving such issues in nine or ten months.

Dilyara: Did you decide to solve this problem with the help of Finiko? Okay, the debt was $3,500. You had to deposit 35% plus commission. How much was that?

Sergey: Well, I do not remember already, but somewhere around $1,300.

Dilyara: You know, interviewing men is quite interesting. When I ask a woman – she knows the numbers with 100% accuracy. When I ask men, they are like: “Well, approximately, something like that”. Okay, how much time has passed since you deposited 35% to close the debt?

Sergey: 6 months.
Dilyara: So, there are still 4 months left. Is that all? Sergey: Yes, the issue will be resolved.

Dilyara: So, you have conducted a settlement agreement with that company, and now you pay them the money. How is it organized, by the way? Our clients usually repay bank loans, and in those cases everything is clear, they follow loan agreements, do early repayments – everything is good. And what about your case? Do you pay a certain amount to the company? What is it per month by the way?

Sergey: $354.
Dilyara: Do you bring $354 every month right to the company’s office?
Sergey: I do not bring it, I just do a transfer from my bank card, and that’s enough. Dilyara: Is it somehow indicated how much you have repaid?

Sergey: Of course. I mean, we revise the sum monthly and they give me a balance sheet stating how much I have paid and how much is left. I scan it, send it to Finiko, confirm the next payment, and get the right to receive the next payment from Finiko to close this debt.

Dilyara: Sergey, thank you very much! We will go back to the conference. Do you have anything to say in a conclusion? Make sure to come to the wake park, go in for sports!

Sergey: Yes, 100%. Apart from that, I want to say that wakeboarding is power, and so is Finiko. Make the right decisions. Those who invite you to this company really provide you an opportunity. They tell you about an opportunity to reach your goals and dreams, to repay your debts – let it be a mortgage, a loan, a receipt, and so on. This company has a lot more to offer.

Dilyara: Sergey knows that for sure, as he has used almost all of our services. Are you going to buy an apartment also?

Sergey: I have an apartment, thank God. I want to buy one more car in the near future. I will enter the program once again.

Dilyara: What kind of car do you want to buy? Sergey: Cadillac Escalade.

Dilyara: Wow! Well, okay, we will definitely come back. Wait, are you in…Ah, you live in Samara.

Sergey: I will definitely buy a Cadillac from Kazan. Because they already know me at the dealership where I have bought my first car. I will purchase a Cadillac from the same center.

Dilyara: Cool, that’s great! Let’s say bye to everyone, as it’s time to go. Bye-bye!

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