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Edward Sabirov about the Finiko company
Edward Sabirov about the Finiko company
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My name is Edward Sabirov, and I have been trading for 11 years. I have already bored everyone with this story. I usually showed how my day goes and how and what I do. I have recently realized that it is not interesting to anyone.

“I can prove to you that I earn that kind of money”. One day, I made ten thousand dollars. The next day, we made twenty thousand dollars on deals. That is more interesting, right?

Show the slide. That was in Ufa. I received the money. Here we need to make an hour shift. I decided to show how to do it. During my work, while Kirill was speaking, I made 12 percent. But then, a man came out and said it’s not enough.

The second slide shows the result of the next day. Another trader caught a stop and then made a series of deals – that is how he earned 12 percent in an hour. Then he did not work until the end of the day.

The money is distributed across four exchanges. Each trader uses a tool that is convenient for him. A trader starts working daily. We have introduced some rules, according to which we distribute the deposit.

For the company, the maximum drawdown per trader is 1,5%. Each trader may catch no more than two stops. Every month I try to introduce a new tool for a trader. Every trader risks his money when making deals for the company. Although we communicate with each other, each trader still makes his own decisions.

For those who are versed in, we posted reports on our social media channels. Moreover, you can create accounts on exchanges, provide us with details, and we will work with it. You can check trades and analyze them. Also, you can send your expert to communicate with our traders or managers.

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