24 July 2021
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Ecosystem from Finiko
Ecosystem from Finiko
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Hello, everyone. Those who join us have the opportunity to increase their income.

You can ask your questions while others are connecting. I already see some interesting questions. If you have any questions, ask. I’ll take a look now. Hello from Holland, our goal is to erase any boundaries. We are focusing on the Russian-speaking market first. Then the English-speaking market and the whole world. Hello from Dimitrovgrad, Kazakhstan, Sochi, Barnaul. Well done.

From the moment it launches. From that moment, it can be mined. China alone spends a large amount of electricity on mining. The mining is moving away, as it is less environmentally friendly.

The topics covered at the last seminar by the speaker of the company Dmitry Ivchenko are: The partner of Finiko – CBS Ecosystem (CashBack Service)
A reactive multicurrency wallet and an exchange
The CashBack Service tokens

Own blockchain

I hope everyone is in a good mood and has a good day. Write to the chat if you can hear me. If you can see and hear well, plus in the chat. If the sound is weak, then send a minus. This way, I will understand if the connection is good. You can also send your questions. Ask what interests you and we will discuss those issues. Today you will also understand who needs the CBS token and why.

Today we will analyze why it is profitable to acquire the token now. I will tell you about the benefits and income you can get. This meeting will be very useful for the leaders who develop within the Finiko company. For those who improve their skills and grow to a rating of 7, 8, 9, and 10 stars. For sevens, this will be the motivation to become eights. For eights – to become nines, and so on. Where does cashback come from?

This information will be explained to you in detail tomorrow at the conference “How to make money?”. Let me tell you briefly. The money goes into trading, then this department uses a risk management system. Then your, let’s say, $1,000 is split into 20.

And each part goes to the system, which gives 3.5% at the output. We have gone through everything from simple to complex. And now we are adding more information. I assume you have already watched one or two webinars. Then you should already have some knowledge, understanding.

The CBS Service provides you with:
1) The cost of the loyalty card is 500CFR, of which 100CFR remains on the deposit

2) 250 CFR available for expenditure
3) Delivery of the card to any city (free of charge, at the expense of the company) 4) Up to 25% cashback on all purchases
5) Monthly deposit interest of 6%
6) The card works all over the world, where MasterCard is accepted
7) The service fee is zero
8) The ability to earn from the affiliate program
9) Receiving 0.15% percent of purchases of affiliates from 10 levels

The CBS wallet functionality: 50+ cryptocurrencies, 7 fiat currencies, storage, exchange, transfers, and payment for goods using a CBS card. Visa and MasterCard replenishment. MasterCard is the Finiko partner.

The CBS Ecosystem is the CashBack System.

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