24 July 2021
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Good afternoon. We have a meeting. Dmitry is on the air. Dmitry, I can see you. -Hello, Dmitry.
-Hello. We have very little time today. We should compress the information. -So, what’s up?

-We are moving forward.
-Well, as usual. What is our “forward?
-We make money in all senses.
-Are we at the home stretch now?
-We are launching on the seventh. “A man does as he says” is our motto.

-I decided to make a giveaway today. I want to upgrade my Instagram up to a million followers. Every week I will give away 1,000 dollars. There will be a competition on achieving the first star, the third, and the fourth one. I decided to try it.
-We can make a great battle for the tokens. I do not know where to direct a large flow of people. I think we should make a top 100 or top 10 to understand to whom we can forward clients. Make the criteria.
-Dmitry, could you come up with a simple question related to the results of our work? I would hand out another $12 between those who will stay until the end of the broadcast. Money is energy, energy is love. It is a simple equation.
-Those who listen to us attentively are already familiar with the vocabulary. You can give $12 to a person who will provide brief and correct definitions. I will continue the topic of money. There is a lot of money in the world, but there is no currency that would pay you. I mean, if you put some yuans into your wallet, tomorrow there will be the same amount. Our task is to create the money that will be generating income while it is in your wallet.

-Roughly speaking, be your own bank. The thing is that we are talking about the new format. -Yes, you will have an airbag. You invest in your life independently, and you are free to take your money back at any time. Besides, your funds are not just on balance. They make more money. The profit may be even 10% or more. You can also receive interest from your affiliates’ income.

-I have been talking to a respected man recently. He was asking me to recommend something to read about blockchain and bitcoin. What would you advise to people who want to study the topic?
-We will provide material describing all our economical models. Moreover, we have invited a new speaker. He has not accepted the offer yet, but I think he will. He has written twenty-five books. Those materials describe the entire industry very well. I’ll prepare everything for the next broadcast.
-Okay. The thing is that we often talk about that, and it would be great to provide the audience with some source of new knowledge. I would recommend everyone to explore the field of the new money. I believe that the advantage of blockchain is the minimal cost compared to traditional currencies. Blockchain would fit into the economy perfectly. But to make it happen, you need to study the industry, whether you want it or not.
-Yes, it comes to our lives. I need help before the launch. I have the opportunity to work more than usual. But there are several things that the developers have to put aside. I need

them to focus on my tasks, which are important to complete before the launch. It will take about three to four days. That is what I am asking for.
-Is Zygmunt here?
-Zygmunt is not here. We will have a meeting with him at 8 pm. Now we need to focus on the launch.

-Will it be possible to implement those mechanisms into a messenger? So that we will have a trading messenger?
-Yes, we can! That is a very cool solution. Sending money will be as easy as sharing images.

-And can we also connect the marketplace to the messenger?
-Yes. In the long run, we will allow all our leaders to connect their businesses. So that such a leader could be earning interest from the turnover. My goal for this year is to implement it.
-I have one more idea. It is a store integrator that is served by CBS. We can sell products for fifty percent of the cost. We will transfer the money in three to four months. Then we will have a site with fifty percent discounts. I mean, we need to speak CBS language.
-I agree. I have recently hosted a webinar where I have covered all the definitions. Soon there will be another webinar where I will give some tips for partners. We will discuss how to expand the network of cold contacts. I will provide people with working tools.

-I see. And then I will make a giveaway.
-How long will it take you?
-I will be doing it for the first time. I am ready to screw up. I will do the top ten first, then the top five. Then I will choose one of the five. Why is it necessary to have the eighth or ninth level? Could a newbie do business like this?
-It can be anyone who provides a powerful computer and database.
-Should they send applications to you?
-In the webinar on the seventh of this month, we will publish all instructions. Then everyone will be able to join.
-Ask the audience a question. The first to give a correct answer will receive $12.
-Look, Elena is here. She is writing the terms. So, the question is: what is the maximum income a person can get using CBS tokens? How much interest can he get per month and per annum? Here, 466 is an interesting number. Evgeniy answers 6% and 72%. We have 10% and 120%. If a person has the tenth level. Whom will we give $12?
– I don’t know. I have not seen the right answer, either.
-Okay, let’s formulate the question differently. Now you will have to do maths. Assume that you are on the 10th level, and you have 300 slots. You can accept 300 deposits. An average deposit is 35,000 CBS tokens. You set your interest. What will be your monthly income? I will even check it with a calculator.
-We are waiting.
-I see the first correct number. Albina, 105,000 dollars. You will receive $12. The second person will also get $12. Okay, I am off to prepare for the webinar. Have a nice day.
-Thank you. The giveaway is coming soon.

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